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How To Avoid Those Uncomfortable Silences When Chatting Up Cute Girls


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Most guys dread those moments when you don't know what to say. Here's how to prepare for that inevitability.

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How To Avoid Those Uncomfortable Silences When Chatting Up Cute Girls

  1. 1. There's two pretty diverse schools of thought when it comes to talking to girls, especially the first time.
  2. 2. One is to simply be yourself.
  3. 3. This is much more honest, organic, real and spontaneous.
  4. 4. If it works, there's nothing better than two people spontaneously exchanging that magical conversational energy flow.
  5. 5. On the other hand, it can be pretty terrifying.
  6. 6. If you ever get to those uncomfortable silences, when nobody knows what to say, it's a real rally-killer, as they say in baseball.
  7. 7. To combat this fear, many guys try memorized lines, and stories.
  8. 8. Even the entire conversation is kind of like a stand up comedian doing his bit for the thousandth time in front of a laughing crowd.
  9. 9. Now, if you do this with girls, it can work and work well.
  10. 10. Sure, the first few times you may stumble, but once you've got your rap down, it's pretty repeatable.
  11. 11. Walk up, spit out your ten minute set of patterns, and get her fired up to jump on your junk.
  12. 12. Of course, later on, she may wonder what the heck happened.
  13. 13. That guy she met BEFORE having sex was super fluent and articulate, and now she's wondering why you don't talk with such energy, enthusiasm, or sentence structure.
  14. 14. If all you want is a string of one night stands, then Bob's your uncle.
  15. 15. But if you want something more, more natural is more better.
  16. 16. Less memorized and more spontaneous.
  17. 17. But then you may run into those uncomfortable silences.
  18. 18. What do you do then?
  19. 19. The easiest way is to simply practice talking to people, wherever you go.
  20. 20. But instead of just talking about the weather or why the bus is late or why the local sports team sucks, see yourself as a treasure hunter.
  21. 21. Make it a point to try and find something interesting about everybody you talk to.
  22. 22. This will do three very helpful things.
  23. 23. The first is it will make talking to people a lot easier.
  24. 24. Since you've got a specific intention in mind, you won't worry about trying to keep the conversation going.
  25. 25. Two is it will give you a lot of experience with a lot of people, especially in feeling with those random pauses that WILL come up.
  26. 26. And when you're talking to some random dude or old lady in line at the supermarket, those random pauses won't bother you so much.
  27. 27. Three is it will give you a lot of experience to draw from, especially when you find some interesting stories.
  28. 28. You may think that woman in front of you in the supermarket is the most boring stay at home mom ever, based on her clothes and the items in her cart.
  29. 29. But she might have been stuck on a cruise ship for three weeks without power, or gotten lost in a foreign country, or something else totally random AND amazing.
  30. 30. What do you do with these stories?
  31. 31. Whenever you're talking to a cute girl, and you come up to one of those pauses, just whip out a story of one of your discovered treasures.
  32. 32. "Hey, that reminds me. I was talking this lady at the supermarket the other day, and she went on a cruise too, only her ship sunk and she was rescued by a Russian submarine!"
  33. 33. This will not only give you something interesting to talk about, you'll come across as a cool guy who can talk to anybody, anywhere, any time.
  34. 34. Something that's very attractive.