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Earthmovers powerpoint presentation


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Published in: Technology
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Earthmovers powerpoint presentation

  2. 2. Fran, Cher, Hilary, Mike, Rob and John at recent group meeting
  3. 3. Wey Valley Solar Schools Energy Co-operative Logo designed by Ruth Ewing, a Godalming 6th Form College student
  4. 4. County School, Guildford during construction
  6. 6. “this is going to be a particular delight to Chris Huhne, the climate change secretary
  7. 7. The Wey Valley Solar share offer
  8. 8. Rodborough School, Science Block
  9. 9. Rodborough School, Main Hall
  10. 10. Godalming 6th Form College
  11. 11. Broadwater School
  12. 12. Broadwater School, main block
  13. 13. Some of the panels installed at Woolmer Hill School
  14. 14. Results ........• Co-op members have invested nearly £625,000• Solar arrays on 6 state secondary schools with a combined total of 238kw• To date the panels have generated 143,700 kWh of green electricity.
  15. 15. Investors• A members co-operative rather than a bencom – every member has a vote• Members should get a fair return of 5% per annum which will increase over time• When the returns reach 6% any income over 6% will be split 50:50 with the schools
  16. 16. Benefits for SchoolsSchools get• 50% of the electricity generated free of charge• if they use more than 50% they get it at wholesale price• educational benefits in the form of display screens, web links and data feeds which the co-op paid for• schools are also members of the co-op and have invested nearly 14K so they get an income from their investments
  17. 17. “Run for the Sun” 23 June 2011 On 23 June 2011 1500 children from two schools took part in a “Run for the Sun” sponsored mini marathon so their schools could invest in the co-op – they raised nearly £10,000
  18. 18. The Waverley Council House solar arraysBecause not everybody in Surrey has a big house and lots of money ..........
  19. 19. Outcome........ Nearly 500 arraysinstalledTenants get freeelectricity, councilgets a roof rentIt would have been1500 arrays if ithadn’t been for thefast track FIT review
  20. 20. And now for a bit of biodiversity Himalayan Balsam eradication project- providing support to Surrey Wildlife Trust
  21. 21. Hilary in ‘pulling’ mode
  22. 22.