Stop Selling + Start Serving


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For Non-Sales people who need to grow their business, this course was designed for you. A new twist to growing your business by serving with the gifts and talents you have - not selling

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Stop Selling + Start Serving

  1. 1. Stop Selling +Start ServingA Radical Approach To Growing Your Business with George Weyrauch II
  2. 2. How Many Here Believe ThatYou Are Pretty Good At What You Do?
  3. 3. How Many Of You LOVESelling Your Services and/or Products?
  4. 4. REJECTION!
  5. 5. If you really take a look at your day, you are selling all the time...your ideas, yourproducts all for the betterment of a client! ...Your spouse, kids, friends.
  6. 6. Focus Today• Change Of Attitude from Selling to Serving• Refocus from thinking less about you, to sharing the GOD given talents you have and thinking more about others...and getting paid• How To Be a Rainmaker - Tactics
  7. 7. Attitude Adjustment
  8. 8. Attitude Adjustment• Nobody likes negative people - Smile, Be Positive, Be the Light in someones day• Moody people don’t draw a lot of friends or customers• Be a solution, not a commodity or vendor• Be That Person people call for help - servants heart
  9. 9. Brand You• Be confident in the GOD Given Gifts and Talents you have• Be Passionate Be Energetic - Your prospects will feed off of it• Provide the Right Solution - You may NOT Be the Solution today - Be a Resource• Be Real -Be Honest with who you are
  10. 10. Sell Yourself First• You Are The Product - Why should I buy from you?• Do people listen to your opinions?• Do people Trust you?• Are you Knowledgeable about your industry?• Do You have your customers best interest at Heart?
  11. 11. Most customers think allsalespeople want is to SELLthem something they don’t need or want to get their money...How Do We Separate Ourselves From This?
  12. 12. People Like To Buy,They Don’t Like To Be Sold!
  13. 13. Your Prospects and Clients actually likeSalespeople - They want us to call + rely on us to help them.
  14. 14. Refocus
  15. 15. The Appointment• Introduction and “brief” description of your company• Learning and understanding your prospect’s company - do your homework• Seeing if there may be a good fit - May Not - Ask relevant questions• Close the Sale or Schedule next step*
  16. 16. *Every Appointment Should Have A Close. It May be a Mini-Close - May Just Be A Next Step.
  17. 17. It’s Not About You• Ask Questions about your Customer’s needs - You are there to Help them• Listen, Listen, Listen• Provide Ideas, Potential Solutions - Even if it is not you
  18. 18. Whose Side Are You ON?• Don’t try to overcome prospect Objections - Consider all options• Be there for your prospect to review all options - Considerations• If your prospect is talking with you that means you are on the Same Side Of The Table
  19. 19. Sometimes,Your Product orService Is Not Going To Be The Right Solution. This Time They Will Remember You Because Of Your Honesty And Willingness To Help.
  20. 20. Be A Rainmaker That Serves
  21. 21. Rainmaking - Target?• Who is your Audience - Industry, Company, Decision Maker• Do your homework - Research your target audience• Why should they buy from you?• Why do I want to help them? How can I Serve them?
  22. 22. Rainmaking Tactics• Dialing and Smiling - Never Cold Call• Organic Growth - Ask your client how you can help - Bring Ideas• Referrals from clients• Networking• Social Media (LinkedIn, Blogging, POV)• E-Mail Marketing
  23. 23. Rainmaking - The Hunt• Set an appointment everyday to prospect • Treat Yourself as a Client • No excuses
  24. 24. Rainmaking Tools• Keep a Database ACT (PC), FileMaker Pro (Mac)• Laptop, iPad with Portfolio• Business Cards w/cell + office, e-mail• Your Voice - ASK
  25. 25. Recommended Reading• The Sales Professionals Playbook - Nathan Jamail• Sell Yourself First - Thomas Freese• The Invisible Touch - Harry Beckwith• How To Become A Rainmaker - Jeffrey Fox• Little Red Book of Selling - Jeffrey Gitomer
  26. 26. Thank You... Now Go ServeSomeone and Grow Your Business