Operations Excellence - Focus Areas


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Operations Excellence - Focus Areas

  1. 1. Our Approach to Operational Excellence “The primary purpose of Operational Excellence is to protect and increase shareholder value through assisting clients to make better use of their physical and human assets.” Gary Westerdale Operations Excellence Manager Civil Construction & Mining
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. • 47,000 people • 330 offices in 34 countries • Financial strength – Market capitalisation – $3.4 billion – 2009 revenue – $9.4 billion – 2009 net income – $260-275 million • Fortune 500 Company for 2009 (#264) • URS’ Dry Valley Mine earned 2008 NMA Sentinel of Safety Award; awarded to the mines with the best safety records in the country • URS Named One of America’s Safest Companies by Occupational Hazards Magazine • Number 8 on Fortune Magazine’s 2007 Top Companies for Leaders 3
  4. 4. Experience with Large Projects Quadra Mining Ltd. Robinson Copper Mine Westmoreland Resources Nevada, USA Absaloka Coal Mine 80 million tpy ore/waste Montana, USA 7 million tpy coal MIBRAG 30 million tpy overburden Profen, Schleenhain, Zwenkau Lignite Mines, Germany 20 million tpy lignite 75 million tpy overburden 4
  5. 5. Experience with Large Projects BHP Copper, Inc. Carbones del Guasare Pinto Valley Paso Diablo Coal Mine Copper Mine Venezuela Arizona, USA 7.4 million tpy coal 33 million tpy ore/waste Apex Silver Mines Ltd. San Cristóbal Silver/Zinc Mine Bolivia 40 million tpy ore/waste 5
  6. 6. MIBRAG—Ten Years of MIBRAG—Ten Achievement • People – Reduced number of employees from 3,608 to 1,876 – No work stoppages – Increased productivity of remaining workforce • Community Relations – Successful relocation of three communities – Earned many reclamation and community awards • Safety – Safety (LTA Incidence Ratio) 1.32 0.14 – MIBRAG is five times safer than the other major mining companies in Europe today 6
  7. 7. What Our Experience Tells Us….. Us….. • All operations do some things well – Identify what this is, understand why it works, and understand how to transfer this success to other areas. • Discipline around planning and scheduling work is critical and establishes the basis for organizational change • Improvements in Quality, Planning and Scheduling, Utilization of Capital and Operational Efficiency provides the quickest and most sustainable improvements • Key Ingredients for Change are REQUIRED – Management must fully support the effort and provide the workers with the tools to succeed. 7
  8. 8. Current Focus Areas For Operations Excellence (2010) •Quality –Quality Assurance –Quality Control –Inspections •Project Controls –Internal Reporting –Daily, Weekly, Monthly •Operations Excellence –Business Process Improvement –Processes, Procedures, Training –Performance Measures 8
  9. 9. Quality This is our quality manual The “execution plan” which determines how establishes the procedures will be executed minimum requirements for execution 9
  10. 10. Project Controls 10 •
  11. 11. Operations Excellence MEAN TIME BETWEEN FAILURE vs. MEAN TIME TO REPAIR (FAILURE RATE) (REPAIR TIME) Haul Truck Fleet Goal is to operate assets in the Target Operating Range MTBF: Mean Time Between Failure Actual Utilized Time / Number of Breakdown Loss Events (Hours) MTTR: Mean Time To Repair Down Time / Down Events Availability: Equipment (Calendar Time - Donwtime) / Calendar Time What does it take to operate in the “Target Operating Range”? 11
  12. 12. Operations Excellence Weekly Progress Report 1 URS' goal is consistency Operate in the Green Zone 0.8 %Schedule Compliance: Number % Scheduled Compliance of Completed "Scheduled" Work Orders Last Week / Number of "Scheduled" Work Orders 0.6 % Resource Schedule: Actual Resource Hours "Scheduled" / Actual Resource Hours Available 0.4 0.2 0 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 % Resources Scheduled “Work Management is a start” 12