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Gwen taylor biz plan


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practice with G2

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Gwen taylor biz plan

  1. 1. Prepared For: Eric Pakurar, Executive Director of Strategic Planning Prepared By: Gwen Taylor November 9, 2011
  2. 2. My PlanIn order to beeffective on “DayOne” in my new roleas Manager, StrategicPlanning and be ontarget, I haveformulated a plan ofaction and would liketo share it with youand solicit your input.
  3. 3. •Write and/or meet Clients •Identify Top (80/20) areas •Attend 2-Week Training • Develop a Tracking system •Learn G2 Systems •Meet vendors who affect our •Master Subject Matter deliverables •Gain understanding of all Catagories: •Identify new opportunities with Relationship Marketing, Interactive current clients Marketing, Shopper Marketing, •Find new business opportunities for Experiential/Promotional Marketing, either my department or pass on to Branding & Design, Data Analytics, Training Clients a peer. Communications Planning Orientation Competition•Get to know my team- details •Learn G2 Competitive Advantages -•Meet other Managers & Executives specifics•Understand G2 Culture and how best to •Identify Competitors and their support collaboration advantages•Meet with Eric Pakurar and decide on my •Begin Tracking System of Top 10 deliverables and timeframe Competitiors•Find mentors: Branding expertise & Agency Strategic Planning XXXXXXXXX
  4. 4. •Finish Meeting Client & other departments leadership •Join a team within the company to•Continue to monitor potential issues help on an ad hoc project•Gather additional analytics regarding •Join a professional association my areas of responsibility & share with •Add Value to position team •Be a mentor to an employee•Be the SME for Clients Strategy •Make my boss, Eric Pankurar look•Master all G2 Catagories and how great to Executives, Clients and Staff they compliment one another Continue & Build via excellent execution and my contribution•SWOT and I/P Matrix Complete Reputation Projects My 80/20•Determine my teams best 20% of Ownership •Lead Brand Strategy productivity, innovation, etc. •Find where my expertise can contribute•Commit to identifying how I can increase to a "stuck" project revenue and decrease costs then spend •Begin a project that will make a 80% of my time focused there difference in profitability or efficiency•Identify what 20% of my time is least •Follow up and Follow through on productive and develop new procedures responsibilities - both assigned and self- created
  5. 5. •Master pros, cons, limitations and benefits of each technology •Find new ways to advance G2 Brand•Contribute to new technology decisions •Personally take responsibility for managing G2 reputation•Stay current on new technology providers/vendors •Know major stockholders concerns•Regularly meet with other Thought •Write a newsletter article as the basis Leaders on technology contribution to for a white paper or conference pre-determined measurements session presentation Technolgy Steward Innovation P&L Adaptation Ownership•Measurable •Be a Rain Maker by bringing in new•User Experience business opportunities •Attend a conference •Negotiate and win Contracts •Develop Strategic Alliances to advance Global Growth
  6. 6. I wrote this ebook in Q1& Q2, 2011. It is a how-tofree gift I wrote forindividuals and coupleswho feel their financialsituation is on theprecipice and I want tohelp the come “BackFrom the FinancialBrink”.You can download ithere:
  7. 7. Corporate Client Consultations / Programs–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––40+ Countries on 5 Continents | including 400+ Programs &Seminars / Keynotes with up to 1400+ AttendeesAccenture | Booz Allen Hamilton | Ernst & Young | Brown Brothers HarrimanHarvard University | MIT | University of Maryland | University of CaliforniaUnited States – DOJ, EPA, IRS, SSA, FDA, DOT, State Department | US Army / Navy / Air Force /Coast GuardFidelity | Citicorp | Invesco | Prudential | Standard & Poors | Washington Mutual | MorganStanley |Aruba Bank | Bank of America | Franklin Templeton | RBTT Bank of JamaicaAT&T | Coca-Cola | Agfa Monotype | CSX | Kraft | DuPont | Kellogg Company | Home Depot |McGraw-Hill | Sony Welch’s | Siemens Kenneth Cole | Porsche | Pfizer | Nokia | Owens Corning |Volvo | Bosch | BellSouth | StarbucksMicrosoft | PeopleSoft | Deltek Software | Northrup-Grumman | Orbital Sciences Corporation |Hewlett-Packard