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Life Passages Intro


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A client\'s perspective on her 7-day Life Passages coach certification intensive

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Life Passages Intro

  1. 1. LIFE PASSAGES ...invitations to growth Impressions of Jane Rabb BizzMatch …you think it, I write it
  2. 2. This slide show presents my impressions of experiencing the Life Passages program …step #1 on a 3-step process to become a certified Life Transition Coach. I own and operate Bizz Match …you think it, I write it , a service for business owners who need to have quality brochure, white paper, and web content written for their businesses. Although I have a Ph.D. in Psychology, am a certified NLP Trainer and a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I was looking for a coaching process that pressed the limits of my Self understanding and provided me with a holistic and flexible approach to coaching my clients.
  3. 3. ...SO, How Is Life Working For You? Gwen McCauley, OUICoach™ - Life Passages Facilitator
  4. 4. BOY, …did my definition change!!!
  5. 5. Darn those Rules!
  6. 6. Balance as a flat line – YOU DON’T SAY!
  7. 7. I GOT MY INVITATION, want yours?
  8. 8. LOOK - it really does all connect!
  10. 10. Anyone Mention Change?
  11. 11. BURRRRRR....
  12. 12. The Time for Change is Now... How Big do YOU want to Go?...
  13. 13. Which Do I Choose?
  14. 14. Self-Ish/Self-Less – If Not Me, WHO?
  15. 15. Am I In Free Fall?
  16. 16. I Always Knew We Viewed the World Differently!
  17. 17. WOW! So this is how fractals work!
  18. 18. ASTOUNDING!
  19. 19. Why doesn’t NLP teach it this way?
  20. 20. Have You Fired Your Parents Yet?
  21. 21. Did You Know That NEWTON Was Also An ALCHEMIST?
  22. 22. You Mean I Picked My Parents?
  23. 23. Dancing With My Signals!
  24. 24. WHO ME...Predictable?
  25. 25. QUANTUM TLC™ – Here We Come!
  26. 26. SO MUCH TO LEARN!
  27. 27. Check the VAK...
  28. 28. The Times They Are A Changin’...
  29. 29. YES! This Makes Sense
  30. 30. Anyone Left On Your Stage?
  31. 31. What used to be the whole story …is now only part of the story
  32. 32. Let’s Head Right on the Continuum!
  33. 33. Did We REALLY Cover All This… in 7 short days?
  34. 34. ROCK THE WORLD!
  35. 35. 1.800.913.2203 613.864.4557 Is it time to take your own Life Passage?