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High Risk Deployments & E-Collar Seminar


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This seminar will take place over 3 days and cover training for common high risk deployment scenarios as well as integration of e-technology into the training and deployment strategies.

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High Risk Deployments & E-Collar Seminar

  1. 1. High Risk Deployments & E-Technology for Police K9 San Angelo PD K9 Unit San Angelo, TX March 20-22, 2019 This class will take place over 3 working days, 24 hours of instruction, and be open to Law Enforcement K- 9 handlers and supervisors. The class will be open to up to 15 handler/dog teams. Spectators, including supervisors are welcome to attend. The class will comprise both classroom instruction and practical street work. Classroom work will cover tactical approaches, deployments, and apprehensions, using trained police dogs in building/area searches and felony vehicle stops. K9 teams will run through scenario-based problems in these areas. Instruction will also cover the integration of K9 patrol teams with tactical teams in these scenarios. Additional instruction will cover proper decoy techniques, including proper use of bite suit, hidden sleeve and muzzle. The methods taught in this seminar allow for safer approaches to high risk deployments, easier integration into tactical units, and significantly reduced liability exposure. Additionally we will cover progressive use of e-technology for distance control of K9s both in training and under deployment. Explanations of how to train with e-collars, and integrate them into the functions of your K9 unit will be covered in detail. Participants will: • Learn progressive methods for deploying in high risk scenarios • Deploy in building search, area search, and felony vehicle stop scenarios. • Learn how to achieve fundamental training goals while practicing common high risk scenarios. • Learn integration of K9 Patrol Teams with Tactical teams: Both Entry and Perimeter Usages. • Learn proper decoy technique for training these high risk scenarios • Learn progressive use of e-technology for distance control and deployment. Jerry Bradshaw, Training Director Tarheel Canine Training, Inc. Sanford, NC Tel. 919-774-4152 Fax. 919-776-3151 Cell. 919-244-8044 (Sales & Scheduling)
  2. 2. “Innovating the future of dog training” Registration Form Please send this in to register for the seminar. A schedule of events will be provided upon receipt of the registration. Payment can also be made by Faxing in this form 919-776- 3151 or emailing to and calling Amy Maxwell, Office Manager, Tarheel Canine at 919-774-4152 and paying with a credit card. Municipal PO also accepted for payment. Send to: Tarheel Canine Training, Inc. PO Box 1694, Sanford, NC 27330. Name _________________________________________________________________ Agency Affiliation _______________________________________________________ Yes, I am bringing a patrol K9 _______ No, I am unable to bring a patrol K9 ______. K9 Certified with ________________________________________ (Agency or Organization) Address ___________________________________ State__________ Zip ____________ Tel # ____________________ (C) ____________________ (W) E-Mail________________ Handler participating $400. Spectator participating $200, shall not be pro-rated. $_______ is enclosed. Make Checks Payable to Tarheel Canine Training, Inc. This release is intended to discharge Tarheel Canine Training, Inc. and their owners, officers, employees, agents, and sponsors, and the San Angelo PD, and the City of San Angelo TX, from and against any and all liability arising out of or in connection with my participation in any of the seminar events for which I am registered or in which I am participating. I understand that serious accidents can occur during police dog training, events, and other dog-related activities. Participation in such activities may occasionally result in serious personal injury and/or property damages. Knowing and appreciating such risks, nevertheless, I hereby agree to assume those risks and full responsibility for the actions of my dog(s) and myself. By signing below I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to this hold harmless agreement. _____________________________ __________ Applicant’s Signature Date
  3. 3. Local Contact Information Joel Fincher, cell: 325-212-3348 or Sgt Brian Gesch , Office: 325-234-9391 Class Location (First Morning 8:00am Meeting) McNease Convention Center @ 501 Rio Concho. Hotel: Red Lion Hotel, (325) 658-2828,