Elements of drama


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Elements of Drama

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Elements of drama

  1. 1. DRAMA
  2. 2. WHAT WILL I LEARN TODAY? • Elements of Drama in its Literature and Theatre form
  3. 3. DRAMA Drama is a composition in prose form that presents a story entirely told in dialogue and action and written with the intention of its eventual performance before an audience.
  4. 4. Drama has a two-fold nature: LITERATURE and THEATRE.
  5. 5. ELEMENTS OF DRAMA Drama in Literature
  6. 6. SETTING Setting identifies the: 1. time and place 2. historical period, the moment, day and season in which the incidents take place 3. It also includes the sceneries in the performance which are usually found in the preliminary descriptions.
  7. 7. CHARACTERS Characters are the people in the play and thus considered as the principal material in a drama.
  8. 8. PLOT Plot lays out the series of events that form the entirety of the play. It serves as a structural framework which brings the events to a cohesive form and sense.
  9. 9. THEME Theme is considered as the unifying element that defines the dramatized idea of the play. It is the over-all sense or implication of the action.
  10. 10. STYLE Style refers to the mode of expression or presentation of the play which points out the playwright’s position or viewpoint in life.
  11. 11. QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ 1. This refers to the time and place which the story took place. a. SETTINGS b. STYLE c. THEME d. NONE
  12. 12. QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ 2. The most important material/element in a drama. a. SETTINGS b. STYLE c. THEME d. NONE
  13. 13. QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ 3. The way how the author expressed the material either realistically such as The High School Musical or unrealistically such as The Lion King. a. SETTINGS b. STYLE c. THEME d. NONE
  14. 14. QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ 4. Beginning, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and End are parts of this element. a. SETTINGS b. STYLE c. THEME d. NONE
  15. 15. QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ 5. It is the unifying or main idea of the material. a. SETTINGS b. STYLE c. THEME d. NONE
  16. 16. ELEMENTS OF DRAMA Drama in Theatre
  17. 17. SCENERY (set) These are theatrical equipment, such as curtains, flats, backdrops, or platforms, used in a dramatic production to communicate surroundings.
  18. 18. Lion king
  19. 19. Romeo and Juliet
  20. 20. COSTUMES clothings, masks and accessories worn by actors to portray character and period.
  21. 21. PROPS short for properties; any article, except costume or scenery, used as part of a dramatic production; any moveable object that appears on stage during a performance, from a telephone to a train.
  22. 22. LIGHTS the placement, intensity, and color of lights to help communicate environment, mood, or feeling
  23. 23. SOUNDS the effects an audience hears during performance to communicate character, context, or environment