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Making Mobile the Default


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Mobile design needs to stop being an afterthought and start being the default. In this presentation, web developers Brent Swisher and Daniel Slaughter will cover why and how Grand Valley State University implemented their in-house responsive Content Management System. The developers will discuss some of the ways the CMS was structured to make mobile-friendly sites the new standard at GVSU. Major design concepts will be covered, including the decision to break website content into “chunks” that can scale between desktop, tablet, and mobile. They will also discuss some of the challenges encountered when working with the university as a whole, and how they helped GVSU shift from a desktop-only to mobile-friendly approach.

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Making Mobile the Default

  1. 1. Making Mobile the Default Brent Swisher and Daniel Slaughter Grand Valley State University
  2. 2. The Web Team
  3. 3. CMS 3++
  4. 4. Brainstormed
  5. 5. ● Pre-Built Content Templates ● Easier way to layout content ● Save pages as Draft ● More flexibility in header images ● Automatic Photo Resizing ● And 65 other things... What They Wanted
  6. 6. ● Mobile Friendly ● Force usability best practices ○ Navigation Items ○ Content Hierarchy ● Maintain Similar URLs for SEO ● Easier for developers (us!) to write custom forms What We Wanted
  7. 7. Go!
  8. 8. Content Chunks (Admin) DEMO
  9. 9. Content Chunks (Public) DEMO
  10. 10. Navigation ● Looked at CMS 3 to see number of items ● Attempted to limit based on usability guidelines ● Horizontal vs. Vertical Navigation ● How we helped out users ○ Card Sorts ○
  11. 11. ● Automatic image resizing ● Tags, not folders ● Multiple image sizes for different resolutions File Assets
  12. 12. Involvement
  13. 13. Alumni Relations CMS ● Their old website had a custom layout ● They were using custom functionality we needed to account for
  14. 14. Alumni Relations CMS ● Using the default CMS4 template, their new website was bold, had showcased features up front, and was mobile friendly
  15. 15. ● 6 Initial Seminars ● Helped us see people’s feedback immediately ● Created a YouTube video Training Sessions
  16. 16. Adoption Statistics
  17. 17. Difficulties
  18. 18. That’s Neat!
  19. 19. ● User driven Q&A ● Anyone can ask questions or answer them ● Web Team can promote answers CMS Help
  20. 20. ● On every page ● Allows anyone to report an issue ● Automatically contacts the site’s administrators Report a Problem
  21. 21. Helpful Tools ● ● ○ Datepicker ● Bootstrap ● Responsive Image Gallery ● Google Analytics ● Reinvigorate
  22. 22. Questions?
  23. 23. Thank You Brent Swisher @brentswisher Daniel Slaughter @danielslaughter