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VOIspeed Soft-Client


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Presentation of VOIspeed soft-client.

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VOIspeed Soft-Client

  1. 1. VOIce Client PRONTO
  2. 2. Two Styles • Multiple functions at a mouse click • Superior design • 7 Sub-Menus: Phone, Dialled Calls, Received Calls, Contacts, Vocal Box and Messages
  3. 3. USER STATUS Online Offline Pause / Do not disturb SIMPLE TEXT MESSAGING Line engaged • Make and receive phone calls on ISDN, VoIP or analogue lines • Easy access to user status • Free internal calls and text messaging • Phone calls at a click • Remote access: no VPN required!
  4. 4. User friendly graphical interface: • All details displayed on each call • Adjust volume • Transfer, hold, divert phone calls • Two way recording • Conference calls • Broadcast calls • …and much more! Pause mode Vocal-box mode: people can leave you a voicemail message when you are not available Divert all calls to a specified number
  5. 5. Remote Login Your office Outside your office using your laptop/PC • You can work remotely from anywhere • Access the same functionalities as if you were in the office!
  6. 6. Integration with Outlook Integration with Microsoft Outlook: • Call from your contact list by simply right- clicking on any Outlook contact • New contacts are automatically generated on each incoming call (if not already present) • The system creates new Journal entries to enter notes on individual conversations
  7. 7. Call reports Dialled calls Received calls You can see details* on all inbound and outbound calls at any point in time. * recipient, date/time, duration, network, outcome, carrier used
  8. 8. Contacts • Create your own contact list • Share contacts with others • Call directly from the contact list • Search contacts using multiple options
  9. 9. Vocal Box • Record your own welcome message • List your voice mail messages • Retrieve, Play and Save messages • Ring back the caller or send a text message at a single click • All files are standard .WAV files
  10. 10. Messages • View all sent and received messages • Details on sender or recipient, date/time and content
  11. 11. Tasks • You can setup new tasks to: – “make a new call” – “send a text message” – “send an email” – Include notes • Particularly useful when you are trying to contact someone whose line is engaged or who is temporarily unavailable.
  12. 12. Interested? Download the FREE demo NOW