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Multi channel retailing


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Multi channel retailing

  1. 1. Multichannel Retailing
  2. 2. Retail Channels for Interacting with Customers Store Non-store However, most retailers are are now using more than one channel to reach their customers Multichannel Retailers are those retailers that sell their merchandise or services through more than one channel Q. Which is the largest multi-channel retailer in the country??
  3. 3. Store Channel Stores offer a number of benefits to customers that they cannot get when shopping through catalogues or the internet Comprehensive Browsing Touch & Feel Personal Service Cash Payment Entertainment & Social Experience Immediate Gratification Risk Reduction
  4. 4. Catalogue Channel Catalogue channel provides some benefits to customers that are not available from the store or the internet channel Convenience Safety Quality of visual presentations
  5. 5. Catalogue Channel
  6. 6. Catalogue Channel
  7. 7. Internet Channel Shopping over the internet provides the convenience and safety benefits offered by catalogs and other home-based non-store formats. However, the internet channel has the following advantages over store and catalogue channels: Broader Selection More information to evaluate merchandise Personalization  Personalised Customer Service  Personalised Offering Selling merchandise with “touch & feel” attributes
  8. 8. Perceived Risks in Electronic Shopping The two critical perceived risks in electronic shopping are:   Security of card transactions Potential privacy violations
  9. 9. Evolution towards Multichannel Retailing Overcoming limitations of an existing format Stores ----- Internet enabled kiosks ------ Better service, better sales Expanding Market Presence Increasing share of wallet Insight into customer shopping behaviour
  10. 10. Capabilities needed for Multichannel Retailing Capabilities Store based retailers Non-store retailers Develop assortments and manage inventory High High Manage People in remote locations High Low Efficiently distribute merchandise to stores High Low Present merchandise effectively in a printed format and distribute catalogues Medium High Present merchandise effectively on a website Medium High Process orders from individual customers, electronically Medium High Efficiently distribute merchandise to homes and accept returns Medium High Integrate information systems to provide a seamless customer experience Low High
  11. 11. Issues in Multichannel Retailing Integrated shopping experience Brand image Merchandise assortment Pricing