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Bharti airtel


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Bharti airtel

  1. 1. BHARTI AIRTEL Bharti Airtel,ndia's I largest mobile telephony player, gottowhere has itistoday largely ntheback o ofits ruralgrowth. haskeptitsleadership It position intact ince2005. nitially, s I Airtel aced f several hurdles. Thebiggest problem, however, wasthenegligible presence ofhandset manufacturers inruralmarkets. Airtelentered intoa crucial artnership p withNokia bundle to handsets ithconnections w andother alliances fordistribution.helped It thatboth AirtelandNokia hadthesame,mmensely i popular brand ambassador, Rukh Shah Khan. Therightmixofproduct andpricing, strengthened byavast ndunique a network fover o 25,000centresoserve t customers, formed thebackbone oftheAirtel trategy. s Airtel's rechargeatescamedown, ventuallyulminating "lifetime r e c in validity" connections aslittleas for INR 99andmicro-recharges whereconsumers couldtopupasrequired, multiples f INR10.To in o increaseeach r anddistribution justforinitialconsumer (not acquisition, butforrechargendservice a requirements), created Airtel atwo-tiered structure ithruralsuper-stockists w anddistributors under them.Airtelservice centres helped widenservice, nda roaming to a distributor elped acquire h to consumers. Airtelalsocreated service options targeted ruralconsumers, at suchasservice inthe village, MS-basedystems, S s vernacular systems, IVR etc.,through effectivelyutsourced o systems liketheAirtel ervice s centres. Itcreated acost-effective, young entrepreneur-led distribution channel. It effectively worked around theissue handset of manufacturers nothaving therelevant distribution networks. Inadditionothefreedom t tocommunicate, consumers rural arealso provided ithsupport w to theirlivelihood through jobalerts, eather ndprice-related w a information. distributors Rural were effectively young entrepreneurs (around0,000at lastcount), 3 whowereallocated territories round a afewmobile towers andwereresponsible forconsumer acquisition. also Airtel entered intoalliances with IFFCO, whichhelped to sell connections it through 35,000agricultural societies. builtan It enabling ystem s thatallowed 700,000 ruralretailoutlets sellrecharges to through mobile a device. Thepenetration ruralIndiahasincreased anifold, in m giventhattwo outof threenetsubscriber additions inIndia today come fromitsvillages.