Strategic Business Plan - Starting A Small Business


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Strategic Business Plan - Starting A Small Business

  1. 1. StrategicBusiness Plan -Starting A Small Business Marketing Consultant
  2. 2. It is not an easy decision to start a business because you are not sure if you will be succeed or not. But dont get discourage because a true entrepreneur is a positive thinker and increasing your chances ofsuccess begins with preparation and also it takes a lot of hard work and persistence to be success in business.
  3. 3. Because success doesnt happen without work. So plan the work and work the plan. A strategic business plan aims at higherlevels of target and does not deal much with dates and deadlines and it is more of future and growth oriented and focuses less on facts of the company.
  4. 4. Here are some strategic business plan:
  5. 5. A) Outsource, outsource, outsource! - Smallbusinesses don’t have the capital to devoteto entire payroll departments, legaldepartments, etc. Outsource to independentcontractors whenever possible. In the longrun it is cheaper and is definitely a smartbusiness decision.
  6. 6. B) Network as much as you can - Joinnetworking groups comprised of individualswho are entrepreneurs or small businessowners. Not only might you find someprofessionals that will help you develop andgrow your business, it is also an excellentway to spread the word about yourcompany. Local networking groups usuallylimit the membership to one person perindustry, so you will not be competing withanyone else for referrals.
  7. 7. C) Budget your expenses wisely - If you caninitially work from home, do so. Save themoney you would spend renting or leasingan office space and invest in a decentcomputer system or advertising. Cut yourcosts wherever you can and take advantageof less well-known but dependable serviceproviders, i.e. Vonage phone systems and
  8. 8. D) Find a good publicist/virtual assistant -It’s important to get the word out aboutyour new business. Hiring a Public Relationsfirm is pricey and not always worth themoney. Go online and search for a VirtualAssistant and publicist.
  9. 9. Many will offer you a three month retainerat a lower cost than a fancy PR firm and theresults can be extremely advantageous.Check out their references first and go withsomeone who has a proven track record.After the initial three months many VA’s willoffer you an hourly or monthly rate.
  10. 10. E) Develop your negotiating skills -Knowing how to talk to advertisers andgetting the best deals you can will pay offbig-time, especially when it comes toadvertising. Ask your sales representativeto tell you about any special rate packagesthey offer. Quite often, you will not knowunless you ask.
  11. 11. Tell vendors you are a new business and askif you can pay for big projects (like aprofessional website) with monthlypayments. If you are dealing with smallbusiness professionals, most of them havebeen in your shoes and will be happy toextend a monthly payment plan to you.
  12. 12. A strong business strategy is the base ingredient for a success in business.However, there are many different kinds of business strategies. The best business strategy should be able to guide your company into a direction wherein theexpected internal pressure due to business continuity meets the great demand of the fast changing world for the revolutionary business plans. Marketing Consultant