Sales And Marketing


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Sales And Marketing

  1. 1. Sales AndMarketingMarketing Consultant
  2. 2. Marketing is one of the best way to increaseyour sales but marketing a business doesnthave to cost a lot if you just use all the tools available to you. Depending on your sales field, you can find that having theknowledge you need behind the sale is what is going to drive you to the sales goals you have.
  3. 3. So in order to increase yoursales and to drive the successof your business, here are some techniques:
  4. 4. 1) After your customer buy your product,you can put that customer on different listsand follow up them with auto responder.You could follow up right away with thankyou message for purchasing your productand put recommended note promotingaffiliate program you would like to in theend of your message. Since they’re still inbuying mood, there’ll be a good chance to atleast check out your recommendation.
  5. 5. 2) When theyre at your order page youcould offer another extra product for a fewextra bucks with their original order. Statedthat its cheaper rather than if they buy oneby one.3) In follow up message after they buy yourproduct you can state your affiliateprogram. Tell them the opportunity to makeextra income joining your affiliate program.Using this technique you can gather yoursales army without spending one cent onadvertising.
  6. 6. 4) You can add more money with sellingreprint rights to your product. Reprintrights is the rights to sell your product andkeep 100% of the profits. Now while itcould frightening you at first but the truly ithas potential to bring you money more thanif you sell the actual product.
  7. 7. Lets take a look at this scenario...Customerarrived at your site and bought your $29ebook, inside your ebook you mentionsomething about the reprint rights of yourproduct for $200 (that’s the beauty thing no1 : you can charge more for reprint rights ofthe product rather than the actual product).Your customer bought the product andselling it to another people.
  8. 8. They keep 100% of the profits. But theymentioned something similar inside theebook the chance to have the reprint rightsof the ebook. In the end of the day you’vegot $400 from just 2 customers. (thats thebeauty thing no 2 : the product promoteitself without you need to do anything).
  9. 9. 5) Tell your customer that they will receivethe product for free if they refer 3customers to you, in case if the 3 customersall buy your product.6) Let say youre an expert on hypnotist,you can give special discount to yourprevious customers to attend your $997seminar. Do this technique work? You’ll besurprised to know how people will hand you$997 for something they have interest for.
  10. 10. 7) You can buy reprint rights of otherpeoples product and put that with youroriginal product. For instance, you couldsell your ebook along with 2 or 3 reports inone deal. The results people will see morevalue from your product, thus, you cancharge more.
  11. 11. Many sales problems can be solved byimproved marketing. So keep finding waysand strategies to improve your market and manage your sales wisely. Act now andmake productive use of your time by turning your ideas into actionable plans and working the action plans. Hopefully by taking these no cost marketing techniques will produce greater results. Marketing Consultant