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Quant Overledger for Mobility, IOT and Automotive sectors - MOBI 20190220 v1


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Quant Overledger for Mobility, IOT and Automotive sectors.

How Overledger solves interoperability in the Mobility and Automotive sectors, removing the barriers to adoption and allowing for integration with just 3 lines of code.

Included is a tutorial to develop a d-commerce multi-chain application to transact across 3 blockchains (bitcoin, ripple and ethereum).

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Quant Overledger for Mobility, IOT and Automotive sectors - MOBI 20190220 v1

  1. 1. Quant Overledger Connecting the world’s networks to blockchain – 20th February 2019
  2. 2. Blockchain Challenges for Enterprise • Barrier to get started is high • Limitations with existing DLTs and lock-in • Complex infrastructure to integrate • Lack of technical resources and skills • Security challenges with P2P networks • High cost
  3. 3. Implementing DLT in Enterprise today Concept Mobilization Business case Project team Financial approvals External support Strategy Vendor selection RFI / RFP Delivery Change boards Infrastructure Security Pilot / PoC Testing Pilot review Go-No-Go Phase 2 Business case 2 Infrastructure Security Pilot / PoC 2 Testing 2 Pilot review 2 Go-No-Go 2 Go Live • To get started can be challenging • It could take up-to 8 months • And potentially a significant investment of about £3m
  4. 4. Connect any system with any protocol, to any blockchain using any technology. “The way to solve Enterprise Blockchain challenges is to use an Operating System.”
  5. 5. An OS overlay to interconnect blockchains and networks • Openness through open-source SDKs and connectors • Interoperable by connecting any network to any network without overhead or limits • Utilize and create an ecosystem to foster innovation Ripple Stellar Bitcoin Ethereum Hyperledger AION Polkadot Cosmos ICON ARC 1st Generation of Blockchains Nth Generation of Blockchains Other Blockchains NEO IOTA Cardano CORDA Existing Networks JPMQUORUM
  6. 6. With Overledger - You Can • Start using Blockchain with just 3 lines of code • Have Choice, flexibility and not be locked-in • Avoid buying additional infrastructure • Comply to security and regulation • Use existing technical skills and resources • Start in less than 8 minutes
  7. 7. The Journey of Multichain Development 7
  8. 8. Environment(s) • Development • Recreate one or more local blockchains if corporate build allows • Alternatively connect to one or more public testnets • Request test ‘coins’ from public faucets • Duplicate for Test and Production environments • Networking, Support, Updates etc
  9. 9. bitcoin ripple ethereum common services Typical Enterprise Environment
  10. 10. bitcoin ripple ethereum common services Typical Enterprise Environment Typical Enterprise Production Environment Dev bitcoin ripple ethereum common services Typical Enterprise Environment Test bitcoin ripple ethereum common services Typical Enterprise Environment Staging bitcoin ripple ethereum common services Typical Enterprise Environment Production
  11. 11. Quorum Quorum OS Components Blockchain Programming Interface (BPI) Handles core read/write across chains Provides faucets to ease development/test More complex services – queuing, routing, consolidation Java Java Script Bitcoin Ethereum Software Development Kits (SDKs) DLT Connectors Ripple Hyper- Ledger Built out per market demand Built out per market demand IOTA Quorum Middleware Multi-chain Applications Multi-chain Applications Multi-chain Applications
  12. 12. Our SDKs:
  13. 13. Overledger: Just 3 Lines of Code
  14. 14. Developer Portal • Developer & Organisation registration • mApp registration • Quant token verification • Generate Overledger access keys • Publish mApps on Marketplace • Community forums
  15. 15. 101 Dream Cars A worked example
  16. 16. 101 Dream Cars • A one stop shop for dCommerce • In a single transaction a buyer can • Purchase a car using Bitcoin • Register a car using Ripple • Insure a car using Ethereum
  17. 17. Application Flow / Outline • Setup the shop methods • Create/Fund addresses • Check balances • Create the car buyer methods • Create/Store/Fund bitcoin address • Check balance • Buy a car • Continue shop methods • Get transactions by Tx • Register and insure a bought vehicle • Create/Sign/Send multi-chain transaction • Get transactions by MappId
  18. 18. High level overview
  19. 19. Let’s go •