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Social media tools for second careers public


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How to use such tools as LinkedIn, Twitter, BlogTalkRadio and Blogging to enhance career development

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Social media tools for second careers public

  1. 1. Social Media Tools for Your “Second Act” by Gary Vaughan* Senior IT and Knowledge Management Advisor, IRM/eDiplomacy, State Department May 9, 2013 Resume* | LinkedIn Profile* | “40 Plus” Presentation - Blog* | Web Radio Show * How interactive online tools can launch and sustain new careers
  2. 2. Real World Basics • Draft Resume: Goal, summary, 2 pp • Produce Content (tips, slides – old/new) • Tap Contacts at State, contractors, friends • Join Associations, groups…volunteer! • Attend Job fairs, trade shows, conferences • Get Training, certifications, degree  Example: Leveraging my State contacts upon USAID retirement
  3. 3. Online Strategy –Publish Expertise (advertising) –Expand Your Network (community) –Collect Business Intelligence (learning) –Pinpoint jobs (also Search, Job Boards) –Build “info system” for this job… and next Caution: You are in a Public “Fishbowl”!
  4. 4. Tools: LinkedIn Demo • A centerpiece for my Social Media (SM) • Profile – Display of key work, bio, video (“Slideshare” ) • “Connections” (your Rolladex) – Individual Messages, Updates, Tags – Group Discussions  Example: finding USAID and Mitre Colleagues
  5. 5. Tools: Twitter Demo • A “micro-blogging” application • I have about 180 followers/following • Way for me to “push”, or “consume” info • Quick to use and scan (Smartphone!) • Value: news, links, discussions (“hashtags”) Example: Harvard Business Review Mentoring Podcast (“consumed” for mentoring at State)
  6. 6. Tools: TypePad Blog: Demo • Doubles as blog and web site • Content: web radio shows, events, tips • Reference links, my work, consulting page • Alternative blog tools: – WordPress, Other blog software options  Use as online archive for me and others
  7. 7. Using SM Tools for Job Search • Jobs in LI, Twitter updates, discussions • Follow companies, agencies • Check LI job boards (scoping, salaries) • Leverage LI connections (filters, tags, rec’s) Join communities: GovLoop (gov’t), Devex (dev’t), PMI-DC (proj mgt), AIIM (IT)
  8. 8. Added Job Hunt Tips • SM can enrich your “brand”! (multimedia) • ”Re-broadcasting” of your online content • “Rifle-shot” contacts via firms, individuals • SM complements “Basics”:…resume, etc. • Real-Online feedback loops Example: A colleague’s offer to share my links across PwC Communities of Practice
  9. 9. Just for fun: BlogTalkRadio Demo • A live web radio and podcasting “network” • Simple interface, phone connections • Need interviewer skills, script • Experts happy to be interviewed! BTR Value: – Learning from key experts in field – Partnering for the future – Promoting your expertise (by “basking in the glow”…e.g. LemonZest Marketing Radio)
  10. 10. Getting Started with SM • Expand profile, photo on Linkedin • Experiment with Twitter – quick and easy! • Try a simple blogging site • Start small, then build (LI contacts, groups) • Try State SM Tools: Blogs, Corridor, Diplopedia bio Define your own SM “system”!
  11. 11. SM Results for Professionals • Keep current in field; feed a “living resume” • Show credibility using latest tools • ID “hidden” job opp’ties, hiring managers • Tap expertise to solve problems • Sharpen your job and career goals • Network with your peers (in/out) Example: Tapping former contractor expertise
  12. 12. Sample Social Media Sites in Review • LinkedIn Profile: Digital Resume - Rolladex • Typepad Blog: Electronic News, Web Page • Twitter Profile: Quick Bio, Notes, Links • BlogTalkRadio Shows: Expert Interviews • Other examples: – Another State colleague’s profile: Bob Watts – Karen Cruse, auto social media… video! – Leadership Lessons from My favorite Movies (via “Delicious” links hosting service) – Link TBD
  13. 13. We can do it! We all already have… The Skill, The Connections, The Experience, Then why not dramatically and dynamically EXPAND ALL THAT KNOWLEDGE via….. Social Media!
  14. 14. “Homework” • Join class discussion on Twitter: #_____ • Questions for you: – Job Goal (one sentence)… – Job Hunt “Basics” (checklist)… – Relevant SM Tools… – Expected Results… – Next Steps (phasing!)… Online Coaching Clinic at FSI: time/place TBD
  15. 15. Value of Social Media? • What statistics tell us….. – 93% organizations actively use SM to recruit (esp LI) – 37% of employers use SM to research candidates – 28% of users with > 150 contacts find jobs using SM (esp FB) • Infographic re SM statistics, tips for job search • Are Resumes Obsolete? (“farming” vs “hunting”) LI and other social media are cost effective direct and indirect job-generating tools for job hunters!