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How to Manage Social Media for the Busy Professional - TechLeap [short]


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A slide presentation on how to best mix usage of social media such as LinkedIn, BlogTalkRadio, and others for professional networking and career development. Presented at 40 Plus of Washington D.C. late 2011.

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How to Manage Social Media for the Busy Professional - TechLeap [short]

  1. 1. [FINAL]How to Manage Social Media for the Busy IT Professional by Gary Vaughan SharePoint Governance Advisor Worldwide Information Network Services, Inc. TechLeap, Montgomery College August 31, 2011TechLeap Video| Twitter Hashtag: #smtechleap831 | Box Doc:
  2. 2. Presentation Outline1. Need systematic social media (SM) approach2. Based on my use of SM for new IT career3. Management of a few mainstream SM tools4. Some practical examples, job search5. Issues (time, spam, privacy)6. Tips on resourcesBuild on resume and personal networking!
  3. 3. SM Goals for IT Professionals• Keep current in IT field• Feed a “living resume”• Show IT credibility using tools• Identify job opportunities or hiring managers• Tap expertise to solve IT problems• Sharpen your job and career goals• Network with your peers (in/out)Need good PC, 4G Smartphone…tablet
  4. 4. Practical SM Benefits• Assemble your global team – LinkedIn Connections• Tap business intelligence – Twitter links• Strengthen partnerships – BlogTalkRadio interviews• Continue learning – LinkedIn, Govloop group discussions• Access info and interact on the move – SmartPhone• Find a job – All Social Media Tools! A Competitive Edge!
  5. 5. My Background• Career as USAID Project Manager…IT, KM.• MBA and MS in Computer Administration• Retired USAID, contract State’s eDiplomacy Office.• Active volunteer with SharePoint Users Groups• Evolving SharePoint expertise (SM helps!)• Obtained PMP and ECM Certificate 2010-2011• Active use of SM tools over past 12 months.• An energetic traditional networker!
  6. 6. My Social Media “System” Web Radio media Blog LinkedIn Twitter record context speed GovLoop communityManagement: Email alerts, cross-posts, Tweetdeck, “Delicious” web links archive
  7. 7. Example 1: NetworkingFinding Mr. Harbridge..… BlogTalkRadio! Mr. Mancini Vet Connections See/Hear Meet Contact Info Follow Arch??
  8. 8. Tools: LinkedIn Demo• A centerpiece for my SM• Useful Functionality – Profile – “Connections” (Contact directory, tagging) – Messages, “Answers” – Documents (via Box and/or SlideShare) – Discussion Groups – Status/Activity – Events
  9. 9. Tools: Twitter Demo• A “micro-blogging” application• I have about 130 followers/following• Quick to use and scan• Value – News feeds (viz. Mashable, Harvard Bus. Review) – Resource links caught by others (“retweets”) – New contacts, relationships – #ECMjam, #smtechleap831 - topical discussions• Example: alert to latest conference speakers
  10. 10. Tools: TypePad Blog: Demo• Doubles as blog and web site• Main content notes/links from BTR shows• Occasional content per events, opinion• Needs “makeover”: – Separate busy content into blog and web site – Word Press as possible new blog platform – More “tips” (e.g. SharePoint Governance) – Consider SP as future website (Office 365)
  11. 11. Other Tools• What about Facebook? – More personal info – but also helpful – For me, secondary to LinkedIn• Skype – Cheap, easy to use phone application – Free PC to PC, small charge to other phones• Video: – More impact, YouTube – Examples: Vaughan SUGDC, Harbridge SM, TechLeap, Mancini PPT with video
  12. 12. SM Management• Email: alerts, feeds, sigfile• Cross-posting to other SM sites• “Delicious” demo - shared bookmarking• Dashboards: e.g. Hootsuite web demo, Tweetdeck desktop app• Issues: many apps, spam, security, brevity, transparency…”time sink”A daily SM discipline helps (1 hour?)
  13. 13. SM Tools for Job Search• Expand LI profile (e.g. header, skills, rec’s)• Post resume on LI via Box (or SlideShare)• Participate in LI, Twitter discussions• Follow companies, agencies• Check LI job boards• Use LI status updates• Expand LI connections, use “Answers” filter searches• Build on personal networking: e.g. Meetup IT DC
  14. 14. Measuring Benefits• Basics: – Your Google search ranking (name…photo!) – Blog and Box document “hits” – Hits on LinkedIn profile – BlogTalkRadio audience (live and recorded) – Twitter followers, your “mentions”• More advanced – Google Analytics, etc.
  15. 15. Special Community: Govloop• Founded 2008…young profile• Social Network for Government• Groups, blogs, events, news, jobs (“Daily” email)• “Friend me, I’m Awesome”• Mostly Virtual• 45,000 membersMany other IT communities: e.g. AIIM re ECM
  16. 16. Another Tool: BlogTalkRadio Demo• A live web radio and podcasting “network”• Simple interface, phone connections• Demo Schedule Show, Archive, Switchboard• But rely on BTR server, quality…ads!• Need interviewer skills, script• BTR Value: – Means to reach key experts in field, plus Q&A – 2 shows (30 min) a month, 3 hrs/mo. prep time
  17. 17. Tips for “Newbies”• Invest in a professional photo• Expand your profile on Linkedin• Experiment with Twitter – quick and easy!• Try a simple blogging site• Start small, then build (LI contacts)• Get involved in IT users groupsDefine your personal use case and SM “system”!
  18. 18. Online SM Resources• My “Delicious” links on social media – Articles – How to use examples – Key resources• Jeff Porter’s Audio and other Tools• AIIM Social Business Virtual Conference, 9/8Most Social Media Resources are free!
  19. 19. Thanks!Gary Vaughan, PMPSharePoint Governance AdvisorProgram Governance, User Adoption, and Enterprise Content ManagementCompany: Worldwide Information Network Systems, Inc.Email: glvconsulting@hotmail.comTwitter: @glvaughanProfile: LinkedInBlog: "Collaboration Times"Cell: 703-899-9940 BlogTalkRadio Show: Collaboration TechTalk Next BlogTalkRadio Show: “Social Media Enterprise Solutions for SharePoint, “ 10:00 A.M. EST, Friday, 9/23
  20. 20. Additional Slides…• a
  21. 21. Personal Branding• An optic to “package” and “differentiate” your online presence• Applying Personal Branding* – Exploit 3 Ps: personality, positioning, promise – Use a strategy: leadership, visibility, consistency – Impact of see, then hear, then content. – Your brand sets expectations – Examples: photo, sigfiles, LI headers, multi-media – * Per Resource: Marva Goldsmith (free assessment)
  22. 22. My IT Second Career Focus Foreign Affairs Expertise Project Management Enterprise Content Management SharePoint “Governance”Event/Team Social MediaFacilitation
  23. 23. My Next Steps in SM• Reassess my “brand” – too conservative?• Line up web radio interviews, promo card• Do mobile radio interviews at conferences• Update blog entry/slide show re my SP skills• Expand SM audience and metrics• Download iPad and Android apps!
  24. 24. Demo Links in order of presentation• Gary Vaughan’s Social Media Sites: – LinkedIn Profile – Twitter Profile – TypePad Blog – Delicious – Hootsuite – GovLoop Blog – BlogTalkRadio Show