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Thefarm n1 15.30 p-guzman2013


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports
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Thefarm n1 15.30 p-guzman2013

  1. 1. S heep S he ep a re w hite the y ha ve g o t sho rt le g s the y ha ve g o t a sho rt ta il the y c a n w a lk the y a re my fa vo rite a nima ls S o fia n 1 1 5 3 0
  2. 2. pigs They have 4 legs they are pink they are fat Agustina N11530
  3. 3. dog the dog is an animal It is brown it can run and play Augusto N1 1530
  4. 4. horses Horses are brown. It’s a beautiful brown horse. They have got long legs. They have got long tail. They can run. They are my favourite animal. Antonina N11530
  5. 5. cow The cow is a farm animal It’s black and white It’s got milk Delia N1 1530
  6. 6. oOur favourite farms…
  7. 7. ANTONINA N1 15.30
  8. 8. AGUSTINA- N1 15.30
  9. 9. AUGUSTO- N1 15.30
  10. 10. DELIA N1 15.30
  11. 11. SOFIA N1 15.30