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A night in the countryside malena franco


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A night in the countryside malena franco

  1. 1. As Jack sat down, he felt something moving next to his leg. It was the fast moving of air of the door that was opened by his friends who came to play “Ouija”.The place and the hour were perfect to play this terrifying game: a big and lonely house in the middle of the countryside, given to Jack for his 18’s birthday , among big trees and a lake where strange species of animals live .
  2. 2. At 11.30 pm, while they were starting the game, the lights turned off and they heard strange voices coming from the bedroom. The boys were terrified and they left the house very quickly. They started to run, faster than ever when they realized that Dan, the youngest boy of the group wasn’t with them
  3. 3. A huge shudder went through the guys who didn’t know how to react; concerned, they decided to return to search for Dan, but when they went into the house, everything was broken and Dan wasn’t in the house.
  4. 4. They never seeDan Again…