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Hereby you'll find our new project McGrid. McGrid is a range of high quality notebooks. We launched McGrid-Corporate in December 2012. Now we are going to work on a permanent collection and McGrid-Individual.

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Mcgrid presentation update 2013

  1. 1. Traditional printwith digital interactivity
  2. 2. D E S I G N N O T E B O O K S Writing, sketching? We are living in a digital world and yet ... we noticed that people still like to write or sketch. In different meetings we saw a lot of people using notebooks, sketchbooks and even sheets of paper. The idea of creating a notebook was found. Not just an ordinary one (read: cheap) but a high quality book with a nice design, smooth quality paper ... and with an online interactivity.
  3. 3. D E S I G N N O T E B O O K S And this is McGrid! Yes, it looks like a book. And it’s ideal for writing or drawing. It even looks nice on your desk. Anyway, it’s NOT digital for a change. Stuffed with high quality paper (160 pages!). And filled with a grid of your choice. Or blanco ... Designed and produced in Belgium.
  4. 4. D E S I G N N O T E B O O K S 3 sales-channels 1. McGrid-Corporate = tailor made books for companies Launch end 2012 2. McGrid-Individual = people can compose their book online at 3. McGrid-Pixel = The first book in our permanent collection Sold by online-shops, museumshops, outlets
  5. 5. D E S I G N N O T E B O O K S McGrid-Corporate In December 2012, we launched the McGrid-Corporate. Tailor made with your company colours, 160 pages with an extra of 4 pages with your corporate info and individually packed in a box. Starting from 50 pcs. Ideal as business gift or marketing-tool.
  6. 6. D E S I G N N O T E B O O K S McGrid-Individual We want people to compose their own sketch- book online: choosing colours, choosing grids (lines, squares, pixels, ...) and order just 1 piece. That’s the main idea for the McGrid-Individual. = e-commerce website with an automated workflow in cooperation with our Belgian production partner.
  7. 7. D E S I G N N O T E B O O K S McGrid-Pixel We are working at a permanent collection: - McGrid-Pixel - McGrid-Line - McGrid-Square - McGrid-Web These books are going to be sold at stores for graphic supplies, design objects, art books etc. We examine also the possibilities for online sales: online shops, museumshops, ...
  8. 8. D E S I G N N O T E B O O K S Grid or blanco? We start with a few grids where you can choose from. Choose one of our grids (lines, squares, pixels, smartphone-grid for webdesigners, ...) Or leave your pages blanco.
  9. 9. D E S I G N N O T E B O O K S Technical info - format 160 x 210 mm - 160 pages - cover: Papyrus FuegoMatt 320 gr (FSC) + black hardboard 2mm - colours covers: Imperial Purple / Shocking Yellow Black / Impact Pink / Light Grey - 3D grid on cover (embossed) - soft touch lamination on cover - pages: Papyrus Shiro Echo wit 120 gr (FSC) - Grids (4): pixels, lines, squares, webgrid or blanco
  10. 10. D E S I G N N O T E B O O K S Produced in Belgium Our production partner is situated in the province of Antwerp and is one of the largest printing com- panies in this area.
  11. 11. D E S I G N N O T E B O O K S Ecological footprint Shiro Echo, our paper, is made from a minimum of 50% post consumer recyled waste, the balance with FSC virgin fibres. Our Belgian production partner has an Environmental Statement and a Charter for corporate social responsibility: this is unique in the printing industry.
  12. 12. D E S I G N N O T E B O O K S Copyright McGrid® is a brand deposited by the Benelux Bureau voor de Intellectuele Eigendom in The Netherlands.
  13. 13. D E S I G N N O T E B O O K S Up to date.HomeAbout McGrid Our website will be full responsive.McGrid-CorporateGridsPricingPictures There is no other option.BlogContact Looking good at each device.
  14. 14. D E S I G N N O T E B O O K S Promo • Merchandising • Gadgets • Display • Community artists (sketches) • Facebook • Other social media We have to work on this! Let us first launch our books.
  15. 15. D E S I G N N O T E B O O K S News! We made the shortlist Papyrus is looking for creative projects all over Europe that are printed on their new collection “Specials”. We are very proud to annonce that we are included in the European shortlist after a presentation of our McGrid-concept. We expect the final decision in early 2013.
  16. 16. D E S I G N N O T E B O O K S The designer Guy Salens Owner Salens Communicatie NV (°1991) Specialised in corporate identity twitter: guysalens Veldloopstraat 8, B-2531 Vremde (Boechout) Tel +32 3 460 34 34 • Fax +32 3 460 34 38 BTW BE 0455 300 776 Member Febelgra Member LinkedIn
  17. 17. D E S I G N N O T E B O O K S Contact: Guy Salens McGrid is a division of Salens Communicatie NV