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How To Get Referrals From Current Clients


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Published in: Business, Education
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How To Get Referrals From Current Clients

  1. 1. How to Get Referrals From Current Clients 1) Before the sale and during the sale a) What is a referral b) Why get referrals c) Controlling the ghost 2) Ask for the referrals a) Check if the customer is satisfied b) Remind the customer that he was a referral and why c) Have the referral sheet out d) Have gift #1 out e) Tell customer what you will do for his referral and how you intend to follow-up f) Work the referral sheets g) Ask customer to prioritize h) Get customer to participate and make the calls to all the referrals i) Make appointments NOW for all referrals j) Have Gift #2 for the completing the referral sheets
  2. 2. k) Have Gift #3 ready for completion of application l) Have customer fill out referral card m)Ask for testimonial 3)