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Introduction to Microsoft Azure


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Introduction to Microsoft Azure for DevTeach Oceanwide

Published in: Technology
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Introduction to Microsoft Azure

  1. 1. The Cloud for Modern Business
  2. 2. Agenda Azure overview IaaS Virtual Machines PaaS Cloud Services, Web Sites Data SQL Database, Queues, Table & Blob Storage
  3. 3. Why the cloud?
  4. 4. Why the cloud? Rapidly setup environments to drive business priorities Scale to meet peak demands Increase daily activities, efficiency and reduced cost.
  5. 5. Cloud Computing
  6. 6. On Premises You scale, make resilient and manage Infrastructure (as a Service) Managed by vendor You scale, make resilient & manage Platform (as a Service) Scale, resilience and management by vendor You manage Hosting models Software (as a Service) Business model Applications Scale, resilience and management by vendor Why the cloud?
  7. 7. Pay only for what you use
  8. 8. Azure
  9. 9. Azure footprint 15 regions worldwide in 2014
  10. 10. >57% >300k Fortune 500 using Azure Active websites More than 1,000,000 SQL Databases in Azure >30TRILLION >300MILLION storage objects AAD users >3 MILLION BILLION requests/sec >13 authentication/wk >1.65 MILLION Developers registered with Visual Studio Online
  11. 11.  Game sessions hosted using Azure  Hosted using >100,000 Azure Virtual Machines
  12. 12. Compliance:
  13. 13. Azure Services
  14. 14. Microsoft Azure Services Client layer (on-premises) Tablet Phone Games PC console On-premises On-premises service Office Add-in Browser database AD Multifactor Authentication Access Control Layer Integration layer Service Bus CDN BizTalk Services Traffic Manager Virtual Networks Express Route Application layer API Mgmt Websites Cloud Services VM Mobile Services Media Services Notification Hubs Scheduler Automation Data Layer Storage Blobs Tables Queues Data Machine Learning HD Insight Backup and Recovery SQL Database Caching StorSimple
  15. 15. Design for Cloud
  16. 16. A different mindset  Embracing errors  Design for availability, reliability, scalability  Performance
  17. 17. User Internet Traffic WAAD Service Bus Manager US West US East CDN Worker Role/VM SQL Database Worker Role/VM Data Sync NoSQL DB Geo-redundancy Cache Sample architecture
  18. 18. Demo: Azure Portal
  19. 19. Key Scenarios to get started with Microsoft Azure • Dev / Test • Full test and dev environments in minutes • VSO integration • Lift and Shift • Take existing work loads and run then in a certified instance • Storage • Archive key data in inexpensive cloud storage • Big Data • Process key data into business intelligence using Hadoop or Machine Learning • Identity • Synchronize all your identities through Azure AD to control access to Apps, Data and Services •Web Apps • Take your web apps to the cloud using inexpensive Web Sites
  20. 20. Activate your MSDN Benefits… 3 VMs for 16 hrs a day 80 VMs for 20 hour load test Up to 100 web sites + DB 89 Countries 33%off Dev/Test VMs 25%off Other Dev/Test + $150 per Month Up to
  21. 21. Get started at
  22. 22. Questions?