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Tasty Recipes for OSGi Bundles


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Introduction to the Eclipse Bundle Recipe project and how to generate OSGi bundles for any library in Maven Central or in a Maven repository behind corporate walls.

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Tasty Recipes for OSGi Bundles

  1. 1. Tasty Recipes for OSGi Bundles Gunnar Wagenknecht (@guw)
  2. 2. – Someone asking for help! „I’m trying to use this library from Maven. It doesn’t work in OSGi. How can I make it work?“
  3. 3. The
 Eclipse Bundle Recipe
  4. 4. – „The EBR project provides a library of templates and tools that can be used to create bundles for open source projects.“
  5. 5. How it works
  6. 6. Prerequisites git clone ... git://
  7. 7. Create a Recipe mvn ebr:create-recipe 
  8. 8. osgi.bnd Define what packages to export and import and how Make use of rules/macros to simplify your life
  9. 9. osgi.bnd package-version=${version;===;${Bundle-Version}} Export-Package: 
 *;version="${package-version}" Import-Package: 
  10. 10. Build the Bundle mvn clean package
  11. 11. Result • OSGi Bundle • Ready for localization • License information • Eclipse Source Bundle • Eclipse p2 meta data • Eclipse about files
  12. 12. Tips &Tricks
  13. 13. Regular Dependencies package-version=${version;===;${Bundle-Version}} 
 javax-ws-version=2.3 Export-Package: 
 ... Import-Package:*; 
 *;resolution:=optional becomes: [2.3,3)
  14. 14. Internal Dependencies package-version=${version;===;${Bundle-Version}} Export-Package: 
 ... Import-Package: 
 *;resolution:=optional becomes: [1.1.3,1.2) becomes: [1.1.3,1.1.4)
  15. 15. Re-use jersey-common-exports= 
 *.internal*;... Export-Package: ${jersey-common-exports} jersey-common-imports=*;version="[2.0,3)", 
 *;resolution:=optional Import-Package: ${jersey-common-imports}
  16. 16. Include & Override -include: ~../jersey-common/osgi.bnd Import-Package: 
  17. 17. Partial Bundles <project xmlns="" ...> <properties> <!-- only include the org.slf4j.impl package --> <recipe.includes>org/slf4j/impl/*.*</recipe.includes> </properties> </project>
  18. 18. Partial Bundles <project xmlns="" ...> <properties> <!-- exclude the org.slf4j.impl package --> <recipe.excludes>org/slf4j/impl/*.*</recipe.excludes> </properties> </project>
  19. 19. SpecialVersions <project xmlns="" ...> <dependencies> <dependency> <groupId>org.glassfish.hk2</groupId> <artifactId>hk2-api</artifactId> <version>2.4.0-b07</version> </dependency> </dependencies> <properties> <!-- the HK2 version suffix --> <hk2.version.suffix>b07</hk2.version.suffix> <!-- add special qualifier for HK2 --> <recipe.qualifier.format> '${hk2.version.suffix}-v’yyyyMMdd-HHmm </recipe.qualifier.format> </properties> </project> osgi.bnd: package-version=${version;===;${Bundle-Version}}.${hk2.version.suffix}
  20. 20. EBR 
  21. 21. Bundle Symbolic Name • Always add “.ebr”! • Helps identifying source of bundle easier.
  22. 22. MY_EBR_BUNDLES_GROUP • The Maven group identifier of recipies is just a placeholder. • The EBR project will not publish recipies to a Maven repository. • But you can!
  23. 23. No Downloads • EBR produces only recipies! • There are no bundles to download. • This is due to legal reasons.
  24. 24. EBR 
 On Premise
  25. 25. Prerequisites git clone replace group id build recipies build p2 repository
  26. 26. Contribute to EBR • Clone the Git repository • Create recipies • Push a Gerrit Review or submit a pull request
  27. 27. Get support for creating & contributing recipes!