Welcome to Cooktown!


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Images from Cooktown, Australia's most historic township. This is Guugu Yimithirr country, Tropical North Queensland - a beautiful part of the world.

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Welcome to Cooktown!

  1. 1. Wanhtharra nyundu! Welcome to Cooktown!Guurrbi Tours, Cooktown www.guurrbitours.com
  2. 2. Guurrbi Tours operates from Cooktown,in beautiful Tropical North Queensland
  3. 3. Cooktown is one of Australia’s most historic townships
  4. 4. The coastal road to Cooktown (the Bama Way) takes you through World Heritage rainforest
  5. 5. Stop and see the Bloomfield Falls with our friends from the Walker family
  6. 6. The inland road to Cooktown, the Mulligan Highway, isnow sealed all the way and a great drive
  7. 7. This is cattle country - be careful of those unfenced roads!
  8. 8. Whichever route you take you’ll see Kalkajaka, the mysterious Black Mountains
  9. 9. The Annan River marks the boundary of the Kuku Yalanji & Guugu Yimithirr nations
  10. 10. Willie is from the Guugu Yimithirr tribe
  11. 11. The Milbi Wall tells the story of Hope Vale & the Guugu Yimithirr people
  12. 12. Cooktown is in an area called Gungardie after the quartz crystals found here
  13. 13. The word ‘kangaroo’ comes from theGuugu Yimithirr word ‘gangurru’
  14. 14. Even the paving stones tell a story
  15. 15. In 1770, Wahalumbaal Birri, the Endeavour River, provided safe haven for Lt Cook and his crew
  16. 16. Cairn marking where Lt James Cook beached the damaged HM Bark Endeavour
  17. 17. James Cook statue overlooking the river he named after his ship
  18. 18. Mick the Minercommemorates the Palmer River Gold Rush
  19. 19. Cooktown’s oldest building houses the great displays of the Cooktown Historical Society
  20. 20. The Old Bank, one of Cooktown’s beautiful old buildings
  21. 21. Built in 1875, the Cooktown Hotel isknown locally as the ‘Top Pub’
  22. 22. The old convent building is now the James Cook Museum
  23. 23. The story of First Contact,James Cook Museum
  24. 24. The story of Cook’s arrival told by the Guugu Yimithirr, James Cook Museum
  25. 25. The anchor from the HM Bark Endeavour, James Cook Museum
  26. 26. The Endeavour’s cannon, James Cook Museum
  27. 27. Re-enactment of Cook’s Landing
  28. 28. The Re-enactment takes place each June during the Queen’s Birthday weekend
  29. 29. The confrontation over a turtle
  30. 30. Raising the flag
  31. 31. Sunset Corroboree
  32. 32. Movie in the Park
  33. 33. The Cemetery is a microcosm of Cooktown’s rich history
  34. 34. Under the Tree of Knowledge, Cooktown Wharf
  35. 35. Cooktown Wharf is a favourite with locals
  36. 36. The fishing here is fantastic – almost everyone catches something
  37. 37. The Endeavour at low tide
  38. 38. This is the country of ganhaarr, the crocodile
  39. 39. Cooktown is known for its magnificent sunsets
  40. 40. Grassy Hill is everybody’s favourite spot…
  41. 41. …with fabulous views it’s the perfect place to watch the sunset
  42. 42. Nature’s Powerhouse, Cooktown’s Visitor Information Centre, in the Botanic Gardens
  43. 43. Learning about crocs at the Powerhouse
  44. 44. Close encounter, Cooktown’s Botanic Gardens
  45. 45. Beautiful Finch Bay, Cooktown
  46. 46. KeatingsLagoon, Cooktown
  47. 47. Little Annan Gorge, Cooktown
  48. 48. Art & Culture Centre,Hope Vale Aboriginal Community
  49. 49. The Nugal rock art sites are located in the hills outside Hope Vale
  50. 50. Boys fishing at Elim Beach near Hope Vale. Photo: Kerry Trapnell
  51. 51. Checking crab pots, Elim Beach
  52. 52. Coloured Sands at Elim withDhiidhaarr, Cape Bedford, in the distance
  53. 53. A perfect morning on the Endeavour River
  54. 54. Cooktown waterfront in the evening light
  55. 55. Who said it’s a dog’s life?
  56. 56. Where else but Cooktown!
  57. 57. Wanhthaal-bi ngayu!We look forward to seeing you!