Xyron xrn900 9 inch creative station multi function crafting system


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Xyron xrn900 9 inch creative station multi function crafting system

  1. 1. Xyron XRN900 9-Inch Creative Station Multi FunctionCrafting SystemProduct Featureq Perfect for memory crafters, schools, office use, and home projectsq Make stickers and magnets from photos, fabric, leather, ribbon, fancy papers and greeting cardsq No electricity or heat requiredq Apply edge-to-edge adhesive, laminate and make magnets up to 9-inches wideq Measures 15-6/7 by 8-6/7 by 8-1/5 inches; 1-year limited warrantyq Read more Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating 4.6 out of 5Product DescriptionCreate stickers, magnets or laminate items in the amount of time it takes to turn the handle on the XRN900 9-inchCreative Station. Interchangeable cartridges pop in and out in seconds and store easily when not in use. Perfect forcrafters, parents, schools, office use, group projects and in-store promotions. Make stickers and magnets up to 9-incheswide. Keep recipes, business cards, IDs and more from getting dirty or bent with the laminate. Laminate adheressmoothly and evenly to both sides without the use of electricity or heat. Stickers can even be made out of intricateitems like lace doilies. The adhesive sticks to the design without leaving a residue in the cut out areas. Combinationrefill cartridges allow for applying laminate to one side of a project and magnet or acid-free adhesive to the other sidewithout heat, warm up time, or any sticky mess. Also available is an acid-free repositionable adhesive cartridge whichallows you to place, remove and re-place items on any project. For smaller projects look for the XRN510 5-inch CreativeStation and for larger projects choose Creatopia by Xyron which works with items up to 12-inches wide and up to1/2-inch thick. Read moreProduct DescriptionCreate a Better Way with the Xyron 9-inch Creative StationMake any flat item into a sticker, a magnet or laminate with this one easy to use machine!The Creative Station is the perfect tool for crafters, parents, teachers, professionals and anyone with a desire to create.This multi-function machine comes loaded with twenty-five feet of acid-free, non-toxic permanent adhesive, allowingyou to begin creating the moment you take it out of the box. Operation is safe and simple, heat-free, odor-free, anddoes not require batteries or electricity.Xyron adhesive is perfect for working with intricate die cuts and embellishments. The edge-to-edge application ensures
  2. 2. your corners wont curl up. The unique application process eliminates the mess of glue, the unpleasant smell of sprayadhesives, and the danger of burns with a hot glue gun. Your machine will come loaded with acid-free, non-toxic,permanent adhesive for a high tack hold.How are people using this?Specialty Invitations - Save money and create something you can be proud of for weddings, showers, birthdays, or anyother important event in your life!School projects - Posters and presentation have never been easier for you and your child!Home DIY projects - Customize your design on whatever you want!Additional refills of permanent adhesive are available in a forty foot length. Refill cartridge is item AT905-40.Machine Use1-2-3 Easy Steps1. Fold down the entry tray and lay a flat item up to 9-inches wide face up on the tray until you feel it meet the roller.2. Gently guide item forward while turning handle clockwise. Cut paper backing by sliding the cut blade across the cut bar.3. Give your item a rub, remove the protective plastic film, peel your sticker from paper backing and apply to project.You are now ready to create!To switch cartridges:1. Open cartridge compartment by lifting up on the latch on top of unit2. Pull cartridge up and out of machine3. Guide cartridge into compartment using tracks on the side of the machine. Place material flap between rubber rollers4. Close lid by pressing down until it clicks into position
  3. 3. Machine Features and Available CartridgesRepositionable Adhesive FeatureRepositionable adhesive cartridge contains forty feet of acid-free, non-toxic, repositionable adhesive. Item AT906-40(sold separately)This is a great option when you may need to readjust placement of items as you are creating your project. You canplace, remove and reposition your items without leaving any sticky residue. This works best when working with children,for use in stenciling or temporary décor projectsHow are people using the repositionable adhesive?School ProjectsScrapbookingCard makingCreating personalized stencilsLaminate FeatureDouble sided lamination cartridge contains forty feet of laminate. Item 0902-01-40 (sold separately)Cold lamination is a great option for the home and small office user. Once you have this lightweight, portable, easy touse machine available, youll be surprised how many things you find to laminate! The cold lamination process allowsyou to trim items virtually anywhere without having the laminate lift and separate. The lamination refill cartridgeapplies permanent laminate to both sides of flat items, to add protection and durability.How are people using the lamination cartridge?Preserve awards, artwork, recipes and moreCreate signs for office and school wallsPrinting or cutting out images and ideas for learning materialsCreating unique bookmarks or luggage tagsMagnet/Laminate FeatureMagnet/Laminate cartridge contains ten feet of material. Item LM907-10 (sold separately)Imagine being able to turn your favorite photos, quotes and images into beautiful magnets. Now you can with the 9"Creative Station and the Laminate/Magnet Refill cartridge. A thin layer of magnet material is applied to the back of theitem and laminate to the front. Trim to size and your item will now adhere as a magnet.How are people using the laminate/magnet cartridge?
  4. 4. Create inspirational messages for refrigerators or metal file cabinetsSend magnetized "save the date" cardsDisplay artwork cleanly, without the clutter of additional magnets to hold it upCreate personalized magnet calendarsAbout XyronXyron was founded in 1996 in Scottsdale, Arizona and has grown within the creative marketplace to become aworld-class provider of transformation tools for creative individuals both in the home and office.Xyron is an Esselte company, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of office products. Esselte offers a wide range ofinnovative solutions for your work environment through such well-known brands as Pendaflex, Oxford, Ampad, Xyron,Rapid and Leitz.Xyrons products include award winning adhesive tools, unique handheld dispensers, and patented cold laminationproducts. We offer solutions for all your adhesive needs ranging in size from glue sticks up to wide format machines forprofessional use. Xyron helps you create a better way.Read moreYou May Also LikeXyron Acid-free Permanent Adhesive Refill Cartridge for the XRN900 9-inch Creative Station, 40-feetXyron XRN900 Lamination Refill for 9-Inch Creative Station, 40-FeetXyron Laminate/Magnet Refill Cartridge for the XRN900 9-inch Creative Station, 10-feetXyron Acid-free Repositionable Adhesive Refill Cartridge for XRN900 9-inch Creative Station, 40-feetXyron Permanent Double-Sided Laminate Refill Cartridge for XRN900 9-inch Creative Station, 40-feet