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Published in: Technology, Business
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Software presentation.pptx

  1. 1. Software: Acquiring, Off the Shelf, and Custom Michael Zysman Frank Hyun
  2. 2. Acquiring Software -Refers to the several methods by which software can be purchased or accessed Ex: Off-the-shelf, custom-designed, or Web- based
  3. 3. Different methods of storage • CD/DVD • Once was floppy disk • USB • Web server
  4. 4. System Requirements • Always check to make sure the software matches up with your computer • Not all software works on all computer systems
  5. 5. Off-the-shelf • Refers to software that is mass-produced for use by the general public and is made available through online outlets or retail stores
  6. 6. Off-the-shelf • Provide convenient and fast access to high quality software • Usually purchased for personal computer use
  7. 7. Off-the-shelf • Gets its name from being available for purchase right off a stores shelf • Also available online
  8. 8. Off-the-shelf • Common computing activities benefit from this • Ex: word processors, media players, and spreadsheet software
  9. 9. Shareware • Marketing method allowing users to access software for free for a trial-period • Way for customers to see if the software works for them • Hopefully you get some happy customers
  10. 10. Subscription Model • Pay an annual fee for the length of time you wish to use the software • Do not have to pay a one time fee when you first receive the software
  11. 11. Subscription Model • Ex: Virus Protection, Web-site articles(ESPNinsider) • Trend of the future
  12. 12. Custom-Designed • Software created to meet a unique need • Typically used in business, allowing the business to have a competitive edge
  13. 13. Custom-Designed • Used when business needs a specific software • Off-the-shelf software is not specific enough • Meets unique needs • Essential in a business’s competitive strategy
  14. 14. Custom-Designed Value-Added Software Vendor -third party software firm -develops or modifies a software program to meet the needs of a business
  15. 15. Contract Software • A specific software program developed for a particular company or organization • These programs are created by the value- added software vendors
  16. 16. Custom-Designed Service oriented architecture -uses a method of software development that focuses on business processes -software services that communicate with each other, sharing data and activities to accomplish business tasks
  17. 17. Custom-Designed • Some companies develop software in order to provide their primary service to the public • Ex: Google, Facebook, Hulu, Twitter • All designed their own software to meet their specific needs
  18. 18. Custom-Designed • For the companies like facebook and google, the software designed IS their service and product • Software is not purchased or installed • Software is available strictly over the web
  19. 19. Conclusion • Despite the large amount of off-the-shelf software, there are many more custom- designed software available • More companies in need of specialty software
  20. 20. Conclusion • World economy depends on innovation in the software being built today • Technology continues to evolve, as does software being used