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Valuation for early-stage

Two slides on how to determine valuation and how much can be raised by on current metrics

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Valuation for early-stage

  1. 1. Valuation for early-stage Valuation = Feasible Round Size / Expected Post-Money Dilution
  2. 2. Feasible Round Size Fundraising Round Monthly Revenues Expected Round Pre-Seed <€10k <€500k Seed >€10k & <€50k >€600k & <€2,000k “Valley of death” >€50k & <€100k >€2,000k & <€4,000k Series A >€100k & <€300k >€5,000k & <€15,000k Many entrepreneurs believe they can raise more (or less) than the current market trends, enabling longer than usual fundraising rounds and unreasonable valuations