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Introducing a new offering that will bring families closer to a getaway atmosphere within the confines of a residencebrings another master-planned project that is, Alegria Palms.

Alegria Palms is situated in the serene southeastern coast of Mactan Island boasting of its abundant marine resources. This part of cebu is famed for several beach resorts drawing foreigners and locals alike all-year round.

And because of the natural orientation, Alegria Palms will let you experience the blissful balance of mundane and vacation.

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  1. 1. Location: Alegria, Mactan Total Area: 4.8 Hectares Types of Development:Middle Market Subdivision • Accessible to Beaches and Resorts, Schools, Sports Complex, Public Market, and Airport
  2. 2. M od el U n i t s
  3. 3. H e r m o soGr a n d e
  4. 4. H e r m o so
  5. 5. HidalgoR oy al e
  6. 6. Tu r r i a n o
  7. 7. P a l a ci os Gr a n d e
  8. 8. A m o r so l oCl a ssi c
  9. 9. Project Highlights: Good Location • in the Path of Growth as Alegria Palms is along the National Tourism Highway,where Premier International tourist resorts are newly sprouting like Imperial Hotel and soon- to–be’s like the 7-star Coral Reef Hotel & Lava Island Resorts. • Prestige has already been established as Alegria Palms is neighboring middle to high-end communities• Alegria Palms is also in close proximity to natural tourist spots such as the marine sanctuaries of Gilutungan and Nalusuan. Add to that the famed beach resorts like Plantation Bay, Shangri-la and Maribago Blue Waters, Cordova Reef to name a few.• Convenience is also not a question as Alegria Palms is only minutes away from the international airport, hospital, mall, school and other landmarks.
  10. 10. Project Highlights:Positioning Alegria Palms as a vacation home near the beach is also very fitting as Cebu is among the Top Ten Paradise island destinations by Conde Naste Travel Magazine since 2007 up to 2010. Mactan Island in itself is continually a favorite among real estate prospects. This fact has been proven by these interesting news:• International direct flights to Cebu doubled, with only 72 in 2009 and increased to 172 just in the first part of 2010 • Economic zones have also been expanding, from both industrial and tourism sectors • Cordova is the site of the upcoming RORO port that will connect the island to the Philippines National Nautical Highway making it accessible to the neighboring islands in the Visayas and even to North Mindanao
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