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Production schedule


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Production Schedule

Published in: Education
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Production schedule

  1. 1. Production schedule Date Production stage What needs to be done Who will do it Date finished by 17th February Start pre- production Organise which task each person is completing Whole group discussion 20th February 17th February Create a job role list Organise why each individual is best for each task Gurvinder 17th February Product research find out which product we want to advertise Ed 17th February Market research Find out our target market Stephanie 17th February Presentation Complete a presentation on out target market Whole group 17th February Questionnaire Complete a questionnaire to get views of customers Whole group 17th February Idea Develop our idea for the advert (what will happen during the advert) Ed 17th February Character casting Find out potential characters for our advert Stephanie 17th February Location scouting Find out potential locations and take pictures of them Gurvinder 17th February Permissions Get permission to film in the location Gurvinder 17th February Budgeting Research our potential budget and find Ed
  2. 2. out possible costs 17th February Pre-production Complete what needs to be done during pre-production Stephanie 17th February Storyboard Create a storyboard of our advert Gurvinder 17th February Location recce Find any safety concerns with the location Ed 17th February Script Write the script for our advert Stephanie 17th February Filming Complete the filming for our advert Whole group 17th February Editing Edit the advert Whole group 17th February Post production Evaluate the project Whole group