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Digestion (core)


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For the IB Biology course.

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Digestion (core)

  1. 1. Digestion (Core) Stephen Taylor
  2. 2. Assessment Statements Obj. 6.1.1 Explain why digestion of large food molecules is essential. 3 6.1.2 Explain the need for enzymes in digestion. 3 State the source, substrate, products and optimum pH conditions for one 6.1.3 1 amylase, one protease and one lipase. 6.1.4 Draw and label a diagram of the digestive system. 1 6.1.5 Outline the functions of the stomach, small intestine and large intestine. 2 6.1.6 Distinguish between absorption and assimilation. 2 Explain how the structure of the villus is related to its role in absorption and 6.1.7 3 transport of products of digestion. What connections can you make with other topics? DigestionCommand terms: Assessment statements from: Online IB Biology Subject Guide
  3. 3. Enzymes review: • What type of biological molecule is an enzyme? • How do enzymes work? • How are enzymes produced through protein synthesis? • What are the effects of temperature, pH and substrate concentration on the rate of enzyme activity? • How are immobilized enzymes used in the production of lactose- free milk?
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