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  1. 1.  Its easy to think of computers as machinery.. like buttons, screens and parts that work together. The problem with WINDOWS computers is that most of us don’t speak that language.  They are understood only by the computers called binary digits. (0’s and 1’s).
  2. 2.  We need a translator or something that can understand our needs and put the computer to work for us. The translator is called software, it makes the computer respond to us.  By adding software the computers become more alive by helping us do all the activities we need.  There are 2 basic kinds of operating system and software programs.
  3. 3.  The operating systems perform basic operations of a computer like saving files, using mouse and fixing problems. The operating systems do the same things with all the computers such Windows, Mac and Linux. WINDOWS MAC LINUX
  4. 4.  Computer Software is a collection of computer programs or instructions that perform a particular operation on the computer system.  They are instructions or programs that enable a computer to perform a function.  Computer software are mostly created by computer programmers using a programming language.
  5. 5.  The programmers write commands in the programming language that are similar to what someone might use in everyday speech. These commands are called source code.  Another computer program called a compiler is then used on the source code, for transforming the commands into a language that the computer can understand. The result is an executable computer program, which is another name for software.
  6. 6.  System software are programs that allow the hardware to run properly. System software helps to run the computer hardware and computer system. A device driver is a file that lets the computer know the configuration and specifications of a certain hardware device. Some examples of devices that need drivers are hard drives, DVD drives, and PCI cards. DEVICE DRIVER
  7. 7. An Operating system is an interface between hardware and software in a computer system. The OS is responsible for the management and coordination of activities and the sharing of the limited resources of the computer. OPERATING SYSTEM
  8. 8.  An application software is a program that helps us perform specific operation in a user friendly way.  They interact with our machine and we use them to get things done.  If you have ever used Word, Excel or PowerPoint from Microsoft, then you know what an application software is.
  9. 9.  Web browsers are also application software that we use on a regular basis. The most popular ones are Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Another well known application software is the anti-virus.  Multiple applications are bundled together as a package and are sometimes referred to as an application suite.
  10. 10.  Programming software provides tools to assist a programmer in writing computer programs and software using different programming languages in a more convenient way.  Computer programs can be compiler, debuggers, interpreters and text editors.
  11. 11.  A compiler is a set of programs that transforms (Executable Form) source code written in a computer language into Compiler another computer language mostly machine language. To create an executable program. Source Code Object Code (0’s and 1’s)  E.g. Borland C Compiler Java SDK
  12. 12.  An interpreter is an efficient program that (Executable Form) executes the source code directly or that which Interpreter translates source code into some efficient intermediate representation (code) and immediately executes it. Source Code Object Code (0’s and 1’s)  Perl, MATLAB
  13. 13.  A Text Editor is a type of program used for editing plain text files.  A program that's used to create or modify a file that contains only plain text. This may to used to create or modify the source file for a Web page.
  14. 14. A Text Editor can perform all sorts of formatting and editing.
  15. 15.  Computer softwares are user friendly and interactive by helping the users to perform their tasks in a faster and efficient way.Editor can perform all sorts of formatting A Text and editing.  Computer Softwares not only help us create data files but also stores data for other softwares to use.  They can also be customized according to our needs.