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  1. 1. EnvizonTN ID : TN-In-IN-BA-2013-5287
  2. 2. Job Description• Public Relations in Brazil• Writing Content and Translation• Making proposals and documenting work• Write a press release occasionally• Translate press releases in portugese and havecontacts with press in portugese speakingcountries
  3. 3. EP Learning Points• Department of Work : Sales and Marketing• Working in the Public Relation space for aninternational market space• Work in a multicultural environment• Understand the techniques used in a differentcountry for PR
  4. 4. Work InformationField of WorkBusiness AdministrationCommunication & JournalismWorking HoursFrom 10:00 To 18:00With a total of 48 hours per weekSaturday work SometimesPaymentWebsiteSalary in US $