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==== ====Golf Professional Rob Manning Has Cracked the Golf Swing ====Golfers will go...
and sprinkles - not enough cake. "Oh, Im hungry - Ill eat anything!"How is it that people that are so smart that they coul...
Creating good habits in your golf swing without you having to think about it is the first step to aconsistent golf swing. ...
because the other Monkeys are grabbing itThe Player understands the golf swing is like Corn Flakes and finds the Instructo...
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The Golf Swing Code Has Been Cracked Today


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Golf Professional Rob Manning Has Cracked the Golf Swing Code.

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The Golf Swing Code Has Been Cracked Today

  1. 1. ==== ====Golf Professional Rob Manning Has Cracked the Golf Swing ====Golfers will go to great lengths to hit the golf ball better. Many Golfers have a tendency to believejust about anybody and everybody that promises to have a Theory on a better golf swing. Andalthough in the back of your mind - you know that much of this stuff is too good to be true - yourpassion for golf overwhelms all sense of better judgment.The question is why would a person start trying to use a golf swing such as something called aStack and Tilt? Which, if you havent already heard - is just another invented golf swing that wasdreamed up by a couple of snake oil salesman preying on desperate Golfers - that somehowbecame the latest "hot" thing to do for all of about 5 minutes.However, thankfully it has now been officially thrown in the overflowing dumpster with all the othergolf fads that have passed. This new swing sensation was supposedly being used by a bunch ofPGA Tour Players - when in fact, how many of these Tour Players are using this concept today?Probably the same amount that are using another once hot fad thats in the overflowing dumpsterof new golf swings - something called Natural Golf.Thankfully as we scan the golf internet chat rooms - there is little talk of this Stack and Tilt thing -unlike 5 months ago when it was the latest and greatest. And just like much of America was in areal estate frenzy just a couple of years ago where you had to be in real estate or you weremissing something big - the gurus of the golf internet chat rooms had desperate Golfers worked upinto a similar sort of maniacal frenzy about having to try this new golf swing."I heard that Tiger is going to start using the Stack and Tilt!" My cousin has a friend that knows aguy whose wife is friends with someone that lives next to Mickelsons accountant and she saysthat Mickelson is also trying it! "I usually score around 95 and I shot a 62 my very first round usingit!"And blessedly, as GMS announced many months ago (in the December 12th, 2007 issue of GolfImprovement Weekly) that this new swing should be labeled as the Stack and Shank - it is now(18 months later) being referred to by that moniker by the same gurus who were proclaiming it asthe greatest thing since interchangeable shafts for your Driver. All those poor Golfers that gotcaught up with another golf swing fad - that wasted the last 18 months not improving, but mostlikely learning to shank the golf ball and lose distance on their tee shots.Yet, just like all other fads - it seems that there still might be some Golfers that are now juststarting to try out the Stack and Shank - kind of like the little kid that arrived at his friends birthdayparty at 4:00 pm when it really started at 1:00 pm - saying: "Hey guys, where are you going? Whyare you leaving the party already?" Jimmy, we ate the cake and opened the presents - the party isover. There is some leftover birthday cake on the table, but it wasnt very good - too much frosting
  2. 2. and sprinkles - not enough cake. "Oh, Im hungry - Ill eat anything!"How is it that people that are so smart that they could build businesses or be key personal in abusiness - people that have to deal with snake oil salesman everyday as part of their career - gethornsnaggled by a couple of golf pros touting their revolutionary golf swing?I was very lucky at the start of my life in golf - as I was able to train under a very smart GolfProfessional that said to me: "Marky, the golf swing is like a box of Kellogg Corn Flakes." To whichI answered probably like you are right now - huh?He continued - "The golf swing is like a box of Kellogg Corn Flakes. Whats inside the box neverchanges - the only thing that changes is the packaging."And what he meant was: the golf swing is the golf swing like corn flakes are corn flakes - theingredients of a good golf swing dont change, just like the ingredients of corn flakes do notchange. There are no new golf swings that will make you better. However, the packaging or in golfterms, the way of explaining the golf swing so that a Golfer can improve - can always improve.The packaging equates (but isnt limited) to: being able to continually help Golfers using improvedconcepts such as better, more effective drills that will help you to feel your golf swing. Developingtraining methods so that Golfers can better understand their golf swing, without having to thinkabout too many things on every swing, along with understanding how to fix it quickly after a badshot. And then training Golfers to practice their golf swing more efficiently using a PLAN based ontheir Strengths and Weaknesses as opposed to just beating golf balls like the Monkeys on therange.There will never be a new golf swing that will be invented that will help Golfers to improve their ballstriking (the actual corn flake doesnt change). However, Golf Instructors can improve theircommunication skills and knowledge of the golf swing so that we can teach the golf swing in asimpler manner. Yes, there are varying degrees of talent amongst Instructors - yet, there are nonew golf swings.Yes, there are many movements in the golf swing using all the different parts of your body. MostGolf Instructors will teach you all those movements. And unfortunately many Golfers think that justbecause an Instructor talks about all those movements - that must mean this Instructor is a goodInstructor. On the contrary - an Instructor that needs to talk about all those movements is a weakand ineffective Instructor who probably doesnt have many Golfers that improve. Yet, they maybeheld in high esteem just because they talk like they know what theyre doing.For years (and still today), many less informed Golf Instructors will teach a Golfer to turn theirshoulders and turn your hips and to shift your weight. Three things that most Golfers have beentaught and try to do on every golf swing - yet, more times than not; fail to accomplish doing iteffectively - thus resulting in an errant golf shot.On the other hand, a talented Golf Instructor can have you doing all three things without youhaving to think about doing all three things every golf swing. We help you to do all of the abovewithout thinking about it. Talented Golf Instructors help you by formulating drills that will have youdoing all those things naturally - meaning without consciously thinking about it.
  3. 3. Creating good habits in your golf swing without you having to think about it is the first step to aconsistent golf swing. And when you can do that - youll swing smoother and youll hit the golf ballbetter and more consistent.The Golf Instructor that feels the need to teach you everything about the golf swing is like thesports hero being interviewed on TV that uses big, fancy words to hide the fact that he graduatedhigh school only because he was a star athlete. So hell use fancy words to make him appearsmarter and/or more talented - although many times he wont even use these words correctly."You have to make sure that you use a one piece takeaway so that your swing path starts slightlyto the inside while making sure you maintain the proper posture. As youre doing this, your clubwill be starting on plane as your shoulders turn 90 degrees to the target, hips 45 degrees and thatyou have 55% of your weight on your right foot and 45% of your weight on your left foot. Then youmust ...."Oh, that guy sounds like he knows what hes talking about. I need to listen to what hes teaching!"The skill of a fabulous Instructor is to take all those movements and find a way to wrap them up forthe Golfer into one movement. For example: If you ever see a Golfer thats struggling with theirgame - do they have more or less swing thoughts than someone thats playing well? Of course -they have way too many swing thoughts. "Oh, this is terrible - I have so much Im thinking about onevery swing."And then this Golfer will go take a golf lesson to improve their golf swing and lo and behold, whatmight that Golf Instructor do? If its like most golf lessons - the Golf Instructor gives this alreadyconfused Golfer even more to think about. Why? Because many Instructors want to prove to youhow much they know about the golf swing. And theyre going to prove it to you that they know a lot- if you like it or not.And more times than not - that Golfer walks away more confused, playing worse and swearing tonever take another golf lesson again. Which is unfortunate because there are some reallyexcellent Golf Instructors available.On the other hand - when you speak to a Golfer thats hitting the golf ball great and ask them whatthey were thinking about on that last shot, it often is: "I dont know, I was just trying to make asmooth golf swing."So if thats the case - its no wonder why most people get worse after the typical golf lesson.Because the typical Golf Instructor talks about all these little movements and you try to do as yourInstructor says and then you struggle on the golf course. Yet, the talented Instructor knows how totake all those movements and have you make all those movements without you having to thinkabout it.A truly great and talented Golf Instructor doesnt care about being perceived as intelligent - all wecare about is that our Golfers are improving.The Monkey grabs the new, latest and greatest vine that all the other Monkeys are grabbing just
  4. 4. because the other Monkeys are grabbing itThe Player understands the golf swing is like Corn Flakes and finds the Instructor that knows howto package specifically for their golf game.Go ahead, Be a Player!Regards,Marc Solomon - Your Instructor For Lifehttp://www.GolfMadeSimple.comArticle Source: ====Golf Professional Rob Manning Has Cracked the Golf Swing ====