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Fear free


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Fear free

  1. 2. Fear Free English Mission
  2. 7. come came come coming go went gone going eat ate eaten eating sit sat sat sitting write wrote written writing Verbs ik`xyaapado Action words Fear Free English N01 I We You He She It They Ram Seeta Tiger/fan v 1 v 2 v 3 v 4 Fear Free English Bayamau@ta [Mga`jaI
  3. 9. Let’s try Everyday What do you do everyday ? Everyday Use of ‘and, then, after, after + ing wake up brush take read tea bath break fast get ready go work come watch do lunch exercise I Fear Free English
  4. 10. Verbs Action = ? Come Come Come Come Come Come Come Come Go Play words Go Go Go Go Go Go Go in in the morning to learn back out with me with your uncle out away ahead back slow through after money Fear Free English
  5. 11. come I We You They Boys He She Ram go play write come s go es s/es Fear Free English
  6. 12. mahtvaacao Sabd am/is/are was/were shall be/will be have/has been had been Fear Free English Aaho haotaao, taa,taI,tao Asaola,Asaona (AiQakx kxaLapaasaUna) Aaho (AiQakx kxaLapaasaUna) haotaao
  7. 32. Dilip U.Vaidya