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About Me

  1. 1. “… Education is tohelp in discovering Dilip Umakant Vaidya 2/6,LIG ,25,Sindhunagar,Pradhikaran  Nigdi.Pune.411044 9422237439 the inborn interest of ffemission@gmail.coma child anddeveloping them Faculty of English ( Academic & Competitive)along their naturalchannels”… English for: all entrances(MBA CAT), competitive(UPSC,MPSC) and academic. A resource person for ‘Workshop for teachers and students.Dilip U Vaidya. A counselor for quality Enhancement of school ,career.Founder performance teaching , with a passion for education and a commitment toGurukul, optimizing student and success.School to Career Core Competencies ―…Carlyle says  Author :Grammar (7 books)  Designer : Foundation For―Blessed is he who  Research : Formulaic Competitive Exams.has found his work. Methodology  Counselor : (Education & Career)Let him ask no other  Founder : School to Careerblessedness‟.  Resource Person : Fear Free English Mission,Napoleon quotes Future, My Child and I „Men take only theirneeds intoconsideration never Experiencetheir abilities‟. Director: Potential Development Forum, Pune, Designer : ‘Foundation For Competitive Exams’.The secret of success Faculty of English (MBA Entrance), CAREER FORUM Dec 09 to Feb11and satisfaction is in Teacher & Rector, Jnana Prabodhini,Nigdi 1/06/2007 to31/03/2010,enhancing the Dedicated Volunteer : Manashakti, Lonavla. 1/04/2006 to 09/04/2007abilities in the field in Director : Vaidya Classes, Amalaner.(Jalgaon) 1/04/1990 to 04/04/2006which one has inborninterest. Key Contributions:“..And one who helps  Fear Free English Mission’ (could reach up to thousands of teachersin achieving the both and students of various places in Maharashtrawith all the loving  Designer of the course ‘FOUNDATION FOR COMPETITIVE , For Tilakcare…is a teacher” Maharashtra University, Pune with the six Preparatory Books  Orator and Counselor : Group counseling, elocutions, StageDilip U Vaidya. Performing and Event Management, Anchoring, Mass communication ‘Workshop for the teachers Workshop for the students  Research :‘Formulaic Methodology’ –an easy approach of learning English as a foreign language  To establish ‘Gurukul’ [School to Career] where the inborn skills of the pupils are discovered & developed through their natural channels with I.Q., E.Q., and S.Q. until their goal is achieved  Life dedicated volunteer at Manshakti,Lonavla for one year. . Education & Credentials University of Pune — M.Com.