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Sales management accountabiity


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Sales management accountabiity

  1. 1. Charleston Gas LightSouthern Design Source Strategic Alliance
  2. 2. Leadership Marketing Money Lead ManagementConversions Leads Customer Satisfaction Generation
  3. 3. Performance Management Value for whatever you exchange to get value; Stakeholders  Customers  Stakeholders  Employees Customers Employees
  4. 4. Mission Customer Satisfaction
  5. 5. Mission Activity Customer Satisfaction
  6. 6. Mission Activity Customer SatisfactionStrategy & Reports
  7. 7. Mission Activity Customer Satisfaction ProspectsStrategy & Customers Reports
  8. 8. Mission Activity Customer Satisfaction Prospects BuyersStrategy & Customers Reports Repeat Customers
  9. 9. Key ComponentsTechnician Manager Entrepreneur
  10. 10. EntrepreneurTechnician Management Technician Consultant
  11. 11. 2009 Share Holders COO Marketing Operations Finance Sales Advertising Production Service Facilities Accounts AccountsManager Mgr Manager Manager Manager Receivable Payable
  12. 12. The Business Components
  13. 13. CGL Infancy Stage 1The conceptStart Up – Internet BasedEveryone working togetherDeciding on ProductsSetting up the sells systemsEstablishing a Brand NameEstablishing MarketsDiscovering where the profits areRealizes something has to changeif the business is to make a profit. April May Jun July August Sept Oct Nov
  14. 14. Stage Two - Choices1. Get small again2. Go for broke3. Hang in there4. Move the business through to maturity by owners being willing to learn new skills and assume different priorities for the use of his or her time.
  15. 15. Expansion$150,000$100,000 $50,000 $- $(50,000)$(100,000) S1
  16. 16. “Whether you sell gas lanterns or podcasts, the only way to differentiate your company and win in the long term is through the quality of service around those products, which comes down to delivering a great customer experience,”
  17. 17. Two Divisions – One Goal
  18. 18. Agenda Defining Success Measuring Success Lead Distribution/Processes Lead Lifecycle Maximizing Productivity/Efficiency Maintaining a High Level of Morale
  19. 19. Define Success – Sales ? Sales History
  20. 20. Defining Success Start with the end in mind Who are your Customers?  Internal – Sales/Marketing  External – Prospects/Customers How do your Customers define Success?  Quantity -X Leads/Month  Quality – Define Criteria What has been done historically?  By Territory  By Market Segment
  21. 21. What is Our Goal YTD Net Profits
  22. 22. No Really – What is Our Goal? What is the exit strategy?  How long do we want to do this?  What do we want to do. . .  Are we the best sellers of Gas Lights or  Are we the best manufacturers of Gas Lights  What do we want to become
  23. 23. Goal # 1 –Pre Determined Net Profit
  24. 24. Net Profits Pre-Determined Based on Industry History Highest Profit Product Highest Profit Target Market Most Productive Employees Productivity Training
  25. 25. Profit GaugesTotal Cost of Goods Sold Total Employee Compensation Total BurdenTotal Professional Fees Total Marketing Expense Total Insurance Running a business without profit controls is like driving a car without a gas gauge – yeah you can do it but you’re always wondering. . .
  26. 26. Organization – Debra Mitch Pat Jeb Temp Lynn Design Tax Accountant Tom Jim C SDS - Admin CGL - Admin RobComponents Accounts Payable Jennifer Tracey Accounts Receivable Open Fabricati Inventory Control
  27. 27. Cost of Goals SoldPurchases 1. Who do we buy from 2. What do we buy 3. How often do we buy 4. Can we buy cheaper
  28. 28. Inventory Reports Labor Key Parts Work In Progress Work Completed Operating Expense Account Payable Account Receivable
  29. 29. Purchase Control Reports What was Purchased?  Machinery - bids  Vendors How Much is Currently Available How Much is Currently Consumed Purchase Orders in Process Purchase Orders Completed
  30. 30. Raw Materials Reports Price Changes Purchase Patterns Bulk Purchases Inventory Stock Parts Work In Progress
  31. 31. Labor Cost Health Insurance Payroll Expenses Employee Compensation / Salaries Incentives / Bonuses
  32. 32. Measuring Success Define Individual and Team Metrics SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timeline Lead to Conversion Rates Lead to Close Rates Data Quality Dashboards
  33. 33. Stretch Objective Establish Pre-Determined Net Profit Develop Consistency Offer the Employee Ownership Structure a IPO Take On Investors Borrow from Banks
  34. 34. Insurance Liability Insurance Interest Expense License / Permits
  35. 35. Marketing Print Advertising Internet Advertising M&E Trade Show Expense Travel
  36. 36. Converting Lead Leads Converted Today Leads Converted this Month % of Leads Converted *(daily, weekly) Open Leads Open Leads Over 36 Hours Old Working Leads Overdue Tasks Dead Leads
  37. 37. Sales By Month CGL Sales By Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov DecThe first thing to establish when building a marketing plan is theseasonality of your sales. . .
  38. 38. Professional Fees Training and Development Consultants Fees Legal Fees Total Professional Fees
  39. 39. Operating Expenses Repair / Maintenance  Sub Contract Labor Security System  Taxes Rent  Telephone Depreciation Expense  Utilities Merchant Fees  Bank Service Charge Office Supplies  Charitable Contributions Parking Expense  Dues and Subscriptions Postage and Freight  Gifts
  40. 40. SalesJanuary 2007
  41. 41. Standard Number One - Consistency YTD Net Profits
  42. 42. Standard # 2 - Leads Web To Lead Capture 800 Calls (Track All Advertising) Imported Purchased List Lead Generator Set Up to Distribute Leads by Category
  43. 43. Standard # 3 – Activity Reports
  44. 44. Standard #4 – Sales Reports
  45. 45. Standard #4 – Cost Per Lead Quarantine Database A distinguishing feature of Oasis-CRM is the process of ‘quarantining’ sales leads until they are properly qualified.Once leads are dispatched, sales personnel work, organizeand communicate with these leads in order to establishproper qualifications.
  46. 46. IntegratingMultiple Systems
  47. 47. Manufacturing
  48. 48. Standard # 5 -Consumables Office Supplies Shipping Supplies (foam / tape ) Boxes Solder Copper Valves Electric Components
  49. 49. Standard #6 – Finished Products Prototypes Samples Showroom Fixtures Finish Product (wholesale) Finish Product (ship now)
  50. 50. Standard # 7 – Campaign Management Marketing Campaigns Budget – ROI Medium to Use Creative Message Seasonal Message Target Market Target Demographic
  51. 51. Suspect to Prospects Notified of new incoming leads via E-mail Sales personnel qualify and communicate with lead When interest is established, lead is promoted to „prospect‟
  52. 52. Standard # 8 – Qualified Database Definitely Interested Interested Somewhat Could Be Interested Interested
  53. 53. Standard #9 – Qualified Prospect Quotation Generated Approval System Quotation Released to Prospect Follow-up Scheduled Task Generated Pipeline Managed
  54. 54. Standard #10 Pipeline Report
  55. 55. Information Technology
  56. 56. System Administrator Configure Name Passwords for Each email Address allowed into system During this time Oasis will allow you to put select fields so that leads can be auto sorted by sales reps, based on field
  57. 57. Sales Lifecycle Lead Router Inside Sales Bogus Info Delete Duplicate LeadMarketing Campaigns Open Leads De-Dup Current Customer Advertising Assign Follow Up Task Day 1 Current Prospect Internet Search Mass Email Day 2 Working: 0-21 days Word of Mouth Developing: follow up scheduled beyond 21 days Working / Developing Day 5 Press Call / Voicemail Email Opt Out Email No Current Merge InterestOnline Lead Capture Call / Voicemail Day 12 Archive Non-Responsive Contact Me through day 21 Lead Quality Qualified Handoff Trial Opportunity Quality Demo Account Exec Web Seminar Open Opportunities MergeManually Input New Lead Sales Cycle Archive 800 Number No Decision Lost Opportunity PurchaseImport Wizard (CSV File) Excel File Account Management Customer Support Service, Up Sell, Renew Billing Inquiries
  58. 58. The Daily Dashboard Sales and Marketing Campaign (Now) Service / Support Procedures Appointment (Agendas) Letters Sent Phone Calls Initiated Phone Calls Received Brochures Distributed Closing Rate Probability Report
  59. 59. InternalCommunications System  Annual Plan  Quarterly Update  Weekly Staff Mtg  Weekly Sale Reports Prospect
  60. 60. Marketing Campaign Manager Oasis CRM allows automated lead capture through a ‘Contact Us’ web portal. When incoming leads enter their information for dispatch, they are automatically linked to the proper marketing campaign. Prospect
  61. 61. Marketing Campaign Guidelines Marketing promotions are the primary grouping of incoming sales leads Leads are manually input, file imported, or entered from the web portal Marketing promotions are also used to track expenses, results and details related to the campaign.
  62. 62. Campaign Overview Design Cutting Welding Station Components Gas Finishing Shipping Satisfied Customer
  63. 63. Marketing Promotions Defined  Target Audience Walk In  ROI Defined  DemographicMagazine Internet Ads Marketing  Cost Per Lead OASIS  Cost Per Sales Trade Referral Contact Show Us
  64. 64. Lead Router Marketing Campaigns Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign Advertising Campaign Campaign Campaign Internet Search Campaign Campaign Campaign Word of Mouth Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign Press Conversion Contact Me Request Brochures Demo – What Makes Us Different PodCast Manually Input New Lead Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign 800 Number Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign CampaignImport Wizard (CSV File) Excel File
  65. 65. Leads Are Collected From Each CampaignCampaign Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Total Total Quarter YTDWalk InMagazineTrade ShowReferralInternet
  66. 66. Marketing Report #1 -Campaign Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Total Total Quarter YTDWalk InMagazineTrade ShowReferralInternet
  67. 67. Lead Report To Sales Manager Distributed to Sales Force by  Publication  Medium  Geographic  Industry  Existing Customer Oasis will allow you to feed your most qualified sales representatives the leads that are generated by the  Quota most productive marketing campaign Or to the rep that is most  Skill Level Knowledgeable about that target market
  68. 68. Marketing Campaign Criteria Printing Expense Space Expense Desired Results (Leads / Conversion) Target Audience Marketing Materials (flyers / brochures) Approved Attachments Campaign Offer
  69. 69. Lead Management Lead Entered  Direct from Website  Manually by Sales Rep / Admin  Imported from Lead List ( Sensitive Data Entry  Name – Address - City – State – Zip  Contact Information  Specific Questions
  70. 70. PatACT! System Telephone Follow-up Call or Email #1 - How can I help you? Telephone Follow-up Call or Email #2 (Recommendation) Telephone Follow-up Call or Email #3 (Solution Offered) Telephone Follow-up Call #4 (Q&A) Must Make Direct Contact Telephone Follow-up Call #5 (Proposal) Total Qualifying Time
  71. 71. Specific Relevant Questions for Sales Reps to Engage Prospect Category  Wholesales  Retail  Other Time Zone (Territory) Type of Product Would you like to be on newsletter list Market (City)
  72. 72. Open Leads Identify Source of the Lead  Media  Geographic  Customer Type Assign Lead  Customer Service  New Residential  New Commercial
  73. 73. Secure DatabaseReps only have access to their database protected bypassword Quarantine Database Master Rep A Data Rep B Base
  74. 74. Lead Router Day 1 Open Leads Assign Follow Up Task Report 1 – Total Leads Mass Email Report 2 – Total Activity Report Day 2 Working / Developing Report 3 – Pipeline Report Call / Voicemail Day 5 Call / Voicemail Report 4 – Lead Status Email Day 12 Report 5 – Lead Quality Qualified Handoff Opportunity Quality Open Opportunities Sales Cycle Purchase Customer Account Management Service, Up Sell, Renew
  75. 75. Lead Management Reports Total By Company Total By Day Total By Hour Total By Week Total By Month Total By Quarter
  76. 76. Identify Type of Client Residential Commercial Preferred Customer Promotional Generated by Each Campaign
  77. 77. Marketing CampaignsAdvertising Internet Search Word of Mouth Trade Show Press
  78. 78. Manage Clients Expectation Identify potential problems in advance Engage Prospect Become Interactive Exchange Emails Send Postcards Make Friends
  79. 79. Lead StatusQualified RankingOpportunity Prospects Inside Sales Team New Opportunity - Ranking System A: 30 days, DM, budget, Rep 1 B: >30 days, established need C: >60 days, DM unclear, budget unclear D: Bingo, kicking the tires Rep 2 Open: Followed up on within 48 Hours Rep 3 Working: Day 1 through day 30 Developing: Scheduled follow up beyond 30 days Working Leads Archive: Non-Responsive or No Current Interest Developing Leads Non-Responsive No Current Interest Open Leads Archived Lead - Ranking System A: Real Contact, Decision Maker, Good Company B: Real Contact, Influencer, Good Company C: Real Contact, Decision Maker, Suspect Company D: Real Contac, Influencer, Suspect Company F: Suspect Contact, Unknown, Suspect company Archived
  80. 80. Closing the Sale Proposal Submitted (Request Job Number) Client Question and Answers Manage Clients Expectations / Get signed Agreement Put Order in System - Determine Position in System Contract Submitted To Manufacturer
  81. 81. Customer Service Job Status Update to Client Delivery Satisfaction Report Do not wait for bad news to contact the client – keep them informed before there is a problem – make them aware of the problem immediately
  82. 82. Customers For CGL Who Are They?
  83. 83. Under $15,000 Under $20,000 Under $3,0000Under $10,000 $ Under $5,000 Under $2,000 Sales By Dollar Amount
  84. 84. Commercial Account $ Distribution 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 $5,000.00 $10,000.00 $15,000.00 $20,000.00 Over $20,000
  85. 85. A B C Qualified D Opportunity Qualified Leads Archived Lead - Ranking System Account Executives A: Real Contact, Decision Maker, Good Capitalize on Archived AE 1 A C C DOpen Company Leads DatabaseLeads B: Real Contact, Influencer, Good AE 2 C A C D $ Company Remarket utilizing email drip C: Real Contact, Decision Maker, campaigns. Sale AE 3 A A B A Suspect Company D: Real Contac, Influencer, Suspect Build targeted prospect lists based Company upon: quality, opportunity size, Sales Cycle F: Suspect Contact, Unknown, Suspect create date, last activity, geography company A A Lost Opportunity No Opportunity B B No Decision C C D D F F Archived
  86. 86. Productivity / Efficiency Define, Document, and Share Best Practices – Training / Processes Implementation Rules of Engagement De-Duping Effective, On-Target E-Mail Templates Repeatable Training
  87. 87. Customer Care Center The Sales Rep Must Understand theManufacturing Process and Communicate it to the Customer
  88. 88. Maintain a High Level or Morale Define and Communicate Career Opportunities are affected by Customer Service Monthly and Quarterly Incentive Recognition Promote Healthy Competition Mentor Staff
  89. 89. Creating a Ticket (Job Jacket) Enter New Customer Access Existing Customer New tickets are generated directly from a quotation once it has reached the “Sales Order” (See CRM) status Tickets are be created from each sales order.
  90. 90. Work Order Management New Item (Prototype / Certification) Service Issue Accounting Issue New Order New Vendor Customer Care Issue (CGL is a customer of SDS)
  91. 91. Customer Care Standards Assigned to a Specific Person Set Priority Level Establish Service Calls Pricing / Standards Sales Order Back Up Technician Assigned Who filed the Work Order (Issue) What Products are involved
  92. 92. Work Order Management Identify Resources  Design / Development  Cutting  Welding  Components Inventory  Gas / Electronic Installations  Finishing  Packing & Shipping Identify Technicians – Accountability Tech Notified by eMail
  93. 93. Work Order The „Work Order‟ function allows the user to print out a work order at any point, during initial assignment, while working an issue or after closing an issue. This can be used to take on a site and includes any parts and supplies and service entries.
  94. 94. Dispatch Work Orders Forward Work Order (Issue)  SDS  Winter House  Other 1  Other 2  Other 3
  95. 95. Work Order Update Customer History Inventory Parts Entry Service Time Entry Scheduling Technicians Time Scheduling Service Time Recording all Communications Entries Printing History of Work Order / Status
  96. 96. Inventory Parts Usage Product Type Category (Wall, Post, Hanging) Manufacturer Warehouse Model Description Photo (Optional)
  97. 97. Parts Tracking Work Order Number Primary Components (Inventory Control) Accessories Required Parts Required Labor Required / Budgeted Inventory Status (Reorder Alert) Photo (Optional)
  98. 98. Billing Work Orders Automatically Billed based on previous input  Billed to Customer  Billed to Seller  Billed to Third Party Vendor  In House Cost
  99. 99. Service and Time Entry Start Date Entering Start and End dates & times Due Date will automatically calculate Billable time. Technician Assigned Issue (Work Order) Budgeted Time Rate Total Labor Cost
  100. 100. Advanced Billing Options Overtime Override Set Billing Rate Adding Surcharges Eliminating Charge from Invoice Applying Charge to Invoice
  101. 101. Customer Portal Option Allows for technicians to communicate to a customer using the self-service portal. The technician can post the service entry and choose the „Yes‟ radio button to send an automatic email notifying the customer contact to which the issue is assigned The email will contain a link directing login to the portal to review the issue The customer can also post a reply back using the self service portal which will send an automatic email to the technician assigned.
  102. 102. Work Order Cost Savings List all Parts / Component Needed for Job Tracks All Parts Against Inventory Alerts when inventory is below standards Assigned Specific time to specific tasks Produces Daily Status Report on each Work Order Automatically Notifies QuickBooks to send invoice
  103. 103. The End. . .Or Shall We Say The Beginning. . .
  104. 104. Knowledge Base Article Details of Work Orders  Create “how was this issue resolved” article for Customer Service Center File is maintained and accessed by the Customer Service Representatives