Performance Based Strategic Alliance


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  • 1: Create a Social Style GuideAgreeing on a style for outward-facing content helps solidify your company’s identity and character, and is the starting point of good social media employee training, because it puts all agents on the same page. Perhaps the biggest hurdle in creating astyle guide is to define your company’s voice.If you’re working business to business in, say, the medical field, you’ll likely want to employ a professional voice. But if you’re working with freelance web developers who spend a good chunk of time every day on FailBlog, you can relax and crack some jokes. The point is to know your audience and have agents create content with your audience in mind.#2: Define Social GoalsWhen creating your style guide, keep your goals in mind. What are you looking for from your presence on Facebook? Do you want to get users talking? Do you want their feedback so you can build a better product? Do you want them to advertise your brand for you by sharing your content?Once you establish your goals, you can amend your style guide accordingly.If your goal is to increase fan interaction, have agents create wall posts that are interesting to the community and ask engaging questions. If your goal is to seed your email list, create an incentive (like a giveaway) for signing up, and have your agents regularly announce the prizes and winners on the wall.rue21's engaging, community-relevant status update garners hundreds of likes and comments.#3: Set Parameters and Grant FreedomNo two people are the same, meaning that no two social media agents will write the same way. Having a style guide that defines voice doesn’t mean that you need to build a bank of terms and phrases for your employees to copy and paste, effectively turning them into bland robot parrots.With your company’s overall voice outlined in your style guide, encourage your agents to be creative. To add depth to your company’s presence, have agents sign off on wall posts with their first names or departments.#4: Have a Probationary PeriodPractice makes perfect, and that truth certainly holds in the world of social media. A probationary period in which new agents respond to wall posts but first submit their responses to a superior prior to posting is a great way to get agents up to speed. With direction and edits from the higher-ups, new agents will become accustomed to your brand’s style and voice quickly.#5: Mandate Social FrequencyYou wouldn’t leave a phone ringing indefinitely in your office. It’s poor customer service. For the same reason, don’t leave wall posts on your Facebook page unanswered. Unanswered wall posts are far worse than an unanswered phone call, because the customer’s request or question is out there for the world to see—with a time stamp on it. Don’t let your page’s visitors get the impression you don’t care about your customers.Make it policy for your social media agents to engage on your Facebook wall frequently—addressing all questions and concerns posted. The great thing is that this works both ways. Because your Facebook wall is public, you’ll experience increased customer loyalty when they see that your agents respond to all requests promptly.Bose demonstrates phenomenal customer service, answering a question posed on their wall within minutes.#6: Team UpOnce your employees pass through the initial probationary period, it still isn’t a good idea to have just one person responsible for your social media presence. Teams with two or more can moderate, edit and sharpen each other, giving you a refined, robust presence. Often it’s a good idea to have one person who’s more social media–savvy and another with a traditional marketing background.The social media expert can keep the marketing professional in line with social media practices, while the marketing professional can make sure your brand’s reputation and message are upheld. If content hasn’t had at least two sets of eyes on it, don’t let it go public.#7: Take Cues From the ProsIf your company is making its first foray into social media, take a look at a dozen or so of your top competitors and a few brands that do things right, like Starbucks orCoca-Cola. Take the good, leave the bad and add in your company’s unique voice. Formulating your approach as a team will take care of the training process for everyone, all at once.#8: Prepare to Answer AnythingWhether you like it or not, your Facebook wall is a catch-all for praise, requests, demands, complaints, threats and everything in between. Make sure your social media team is ready to answer every wall post, even the disparaging ones, and is able to do so with respect and kindness.Outline a procedure for agents dealing with irate fans. But don’t just prepare for the negative; be ready to capitalize on positive feedback by incorporating it in marketing materials or a “reviews” section on your page or website
  • Preliminary/Ongoing Research (Keyword Niche' Identified)Comp Set Competitive Analysis (Organic / PPC)Set up Site Bench Marked against similar sitesKey Word Research (Theme)Key Word Research (Category)Key Word Research (Long Tail Derivative)On Page Optimization (Title, Descriptions, recommended key word for writer)End of month website analytics
  • Facebook Marketing Applications (Co- op dollars)Email hosting ($5 per address per month)Call Tracking ($10 per line per month)Text Message Marketing ($100 per month)Email Database Management and Internet Marketing Analysis($100 per month)
  • Strategic Alliances work on value
  • And cost to generate value
  • Performance Based Strategic Alliance

    1. 1. Performance Based Strategic AllianceInternet Marketing Consultant Charleston South Carolina
    2. 2. “We are held accountable by our ability to track your connection to your target audience…”
    3. 3. Strategic Alliance OptionsOption Minimum Time Frame FinancialsFlat Fee + No Bonus for # of new 30 Days / No shared Revenue $2,000 Set Up Fee + access to FBFriends, on Facebook / Unique Visitors Admin, and website source code( Event Marketing 90 Days - Revenue Share Option 1 $1,500 Set Up Fee + 10% of total gate 3 month contract access to FB Admin, and website source code, collateral materials% of Each Transaction 180 Days - Revenue Share Option 2 $1000 Set Up Fee + 20% @ 6 month contract Transaction + Daily Transaction Counts, Average Transactions, Sales Reports% of Gross Sales Allocated to Internet 12 Months – Revenue Share Option 3 Total online marketing program.Marketing Annual contract Minimum 1% - Recommended 1.75%% of Net Profits 2 Years - Strategic Alliance Income Statement, Net Profit History Share increases in pre-tax profits
    4. 4. Strategic Relations $75 per day $6,000 /180 = $33 day $4500/90 = $50 day$2,000 / 30 = $67 day
    5. 5. Train The Trainer• Create a Social Style Guide• Define Social Objectives, Strategies, Tactics• Establish Standards, set authority levels• Probation period for all communication specialist• Engagement as % of Total Likes• Support structure• Prepared for all answers (set up alerts)
    6. 6. Get Found On All Channels Promote Web Optimize Content FacebookMobile Tablets Blogs Measure Engagement
    7. 7. Understand the value of a “data rich” lead? Track how people provide emails Monitor “objects” that lead prospect to you Find out which phrase users are most likely to use when discussing your company / product in cyberspaceDiscover keywords, discussion points that attract the most Identify last page visited quality mobile traffic before they left your site Capture emails Address
    8. 8. Keyword Research High Volume • Many searches per month Low CompetitionDiscover sources that send • Weak sites/ pages in top 10 the most quality traffic High Value • Large Percentage of Visitors Convert to Deals
    9. 9. Web Analytics Web Marketing ToolsMonitor Campaigns That lead buyers to you
    10. 10. Web Coding Hosting / Maintenance Content Find out which pages of your site gets On PageOptimization visited the most Graphic Design Unlimited Support ecommerce Integration Social Media
    11. 11. What is The cost for One Qualified Online Lead? Track how many buyer find your website Monitor Keywords That led buyer to you Find out which pages of your site gets visited the mostDiscover sources that send the most quality traffic Identify last page visited before they left your site Capture IP Address
    12. 12. Client beginning their Due Diligence Needs More Information directed to the websitepass word protected registrationDemo, checking references, review collateral material Ready to Buy RFP Sent
    13. 13. ConversionsHow Many Do You Need?
    14. 14. VariablesMinimum Total Visitors Customers Transaction Gross IncomeInternet Value from Internet1% 100 1 $1000 $10001% 100 1 $5.00 $5001% 1000 100 $1000 $10,0001% 1000 100 $5.00 $500Percentage of Total Unique Number of Average Gross Profit SharingTotal Visitors Visitors Past Buying Sales per on thisthat buy month Customers transaction amountsomething
    15. 15. Key Performance Indicator #1 What % Convert to CustomersMinimum Total Visitors Customers TransactionInternet Value1% 100 1 $1000 $10001% 100 1 $5.00 $5001% 1000 100 $1000 $10,0001% 1000 100 $5.00 $500
    16. 16. Key Performance Indicator #2 How many new ‘qualified’ visitors per month?Minimum Total Visitors Customers Transaction Gross IncomeInternet Value from Internet1% 100 1 $1000 $10001% 100 1 $5.00 $5001% 1000 100 $1000 $10,0001% 1000 100 $5.00 $500
    17. 17. Key Performance Indicator #3 = How many new ‘internet’ customers per month?Minimum Total Visitors Customers Transaction Gross IncomeInternet Value from Internet1% 100 1 $1000 $10001% 100 1 $5.00 $5001% 1000 100 $1000 $10,0001% 1000 100 $5.00 $500
    18. 18. Key Performance Indicator #4 What is the average transaction?Minimum Total Visitors Customers Transaction Gross IncomeInternet Value from Internet1% 100 1 $1000 $10001% 100 1 $5.00 $5001% 1000 100 $1000 $10,0001% 1000 100 $5.00 $500
    19. 19. Key Performance Indicator #4 What is the average gross profit?Minimum Total Visitors Customers Transaction Gross IncomeInternet Value from Internet1% 100 1 $1000 $10001% 100 1 $5.00 $5001% 1000 100 $1000 $10,0001% 1000 100 $5.00 $500
    20. 20. Conversion TypesOrder / Reservation/ $ ValueBooking $ ValueRespond to Survey DatabaseProvide Email address $ Value
    21. 21. Types of Capture /NurtureBig Sale “Savings” / Short Window(3 Day) $ CostReduced Price / Medium $ CostWindow (10 Days) Database IIMonthly eMail Only Offers $ Cost
    22. 22. Win/ Loss Template• Team – Understanding Marketing Focus (weekly accounting)• Marketing Mission – Understanding what marketing initiatives provide quality leads / not volume• Symbiotic Marketing Materials – Website Landing Pages – Social Media Anchor Text Links to Website – Printing Materials (tracking phone number) – Online Publications / Directories – Press Releases Backlinks
    23. 23. Sales Reports• Why you won business field Drop Down• Why you lost business field Drop Down• Engagement Scores field Drop Down• Website Visitors field Drop Down• Our Features Shared field Drop Down
    24. 24. To Be Continued…843-460-5812