ONGC Offshore Projects


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ONGC Offshore Projects

  1. 1. Offshore Engineering Services, Mumbai 1 OFFSHORE ENGINEERING SERVICES
  2. 2. Offshore Engineering Services …• Offshore Engineering Services is a core group of multi disciplinary engineers responsible for execution of the offshore projects from concept to commissioning.• Offshore Engineering Services carries out conceptualization, Engineering, Tendering, Procurement, Fabrication and Installation of facilities for drilling, production, processing and transportation of hydrocarbon from offshore fields OFFSHORE ENGINEERING SERVICES
  3. 3. Role of Offshore Engineering Services• To provide specialized service for design & engineering and management of offshore construction projects with emphasis on quality• To adopt best-in-class practices in engineering and project management.• To track and adopt technological innovations for timely project implementation with cost optimization . 3 OFFSHORE ENGINEERING SERVICES
  4. 4. Facilities created by OES till date …Western Offshore: • Process Platforms : 36 • Well Platforms : 161 • Clamp-On : 70 • Submarine P/L (Kms) : 5000+Eastern Offshore: • Well Platforms :4 • Submarine P/L (Kms) : 50+ 4 OFFSHORE ENGINEERING SERVICES
  5. 5. Facilities being created … Projects Nos Value in Millions US$Projects under Execution 19 5,284Projects under Tendering 4 780Upcoming Projects 8 1,866Total 31 7,930 5 OFFSHORE ENGINEERING SERVICES
  6. 6. Offshore Projects Under ExecutionS No Name of Project Contractor Value (US$ in Millions ) 1 MHN-Process Platform & LQ M/s L&T, Mumbai 925 2 MHN-PGC Project M/s L&T, Mumbai 169 3 MHN-Pipeline Project Cons of M/s VMML & 137 M/s VML, Abu Dhabi 4 MHSR Ph-II, ICP-R Process Plf JV of M/s Afcons & 366 M/s PT Gunanusa 5 B-193 Process Platform Project Cons of M/s Sime 547 Darby & M/s Swiber 6 B-193 5 Well Platform Project Cons of M/s Swibwr & 189 M/s Sime Darby 7 B-22 Field Development Project M/s NPCC, Abu Dhabi 278 8 MHSR Ph-II, RS-12 Well Plf M/s NPCC, Abu Dhabi 162 6 OFFSHORE ENGINEERING SERVICES
  7. 7. Offshore Projects Under ExecutionS No Name of Project Contractor Value (US$ in Millions ) 9 North Tapti Gas Fld Dev Project Cons. of M/s Swiber 118 & Lamprelle Energy10 MHNRD-II 4 Well Plf Project M/s L&T, Mumbai 21611 MHNRD-II Pipeline Project M/s Swiber Offshore 14812 D-1 Field Development Project Cons. Of M/s Essar 245 Offshore & IOEC13 Pipeline Replacement Project-2 Cons. of M/s Leighton 756 & Das offshore14 NH-RC Cons. Of M/s Essar 233 Offshore & IOEC15 G-1 & GS-15 M/s L&T (Partially) 33016 NQ-Reconstruction Project M/s L&T, Mumbai 195 7 OFFSHORE ENGINEERING SERVICES
  8. 8. Offshore Projects Under ExecutionS.No. Name of Project Contractor Value (US$ in Millions) 17 Offshore Grid M/s Nafto Gaz, India 161 Interconnectivity Project 18 MNW-NF Bridge M/s L&T, Mumbai 40 19 Revamp of 26 Well M/s Sarku, Malaysia 73 Platform Total 5,284 8 OFFSHORE ENGINEERING SERVICES
  9. 9. Offshore Projects Under TenderingS.No. Name of Project Purpose 1 B-193 Pipeline Project Marginal Field Development 2 B-46 Series Well Plf Project Marginal Field Development 3 B-46 Series Pipeline Project Marginal Field Development 4 WIN Revamp project Revamp of Existing facility Total Investment - US$ 780 Millions 9 OFFSHORE ENGINEERING SERVICES
  10. 10. Upcoming Offshore Projects S Project Facilities / Scope PurposeNo of Work1 WO-16 Well Platform For exploitation of HC2 Conversion of Sagar Conversion of jack For oil & gas Samrat to MOPU up Rig to mobile processing facility production unit for Marginal Fields3 Development of 7 Well Platforms Additional cluster Exploitation of hydrocarbon4 Shallow water work of Installation of For exploitation of G-1/GS-15 Fld Dev risers, hookup, HC in East Coast pipeline testing, modification at GS- 15-4 10 OFFSHORE ENGINEERING SERVICES
  11. 11. Upcoming Offshore ProjectsS No Project Facilities / Scope of Purpose Work 5 Deep Water works of Sub-sea manifold For exploitation of G-1/GS-15 Fld Dev installation, laying of HC in East Coast flexible / umbilical, hook up, testing & pre-commissioning 6 Revamping of 39 Well Revamping of 39 Nos Revamp of existing Plfs in Mumbai High of Well platforms p/forms and Heera Field 7 Revamp of 13 WPP in Revamping of 13 Nos Revamp of existing Neelam Field of Well platforms p/forms 8 Water Injection South Revamping of Revamp of existing (WIS) Revamp Platform p/forms Project Total Investment - US$ 1,866 Millions 11 OFFSHORE ENGINEERING SERVICES
  12. 12. Upcoming OTP Projects FPSO & Deepwater Offshore ProjectsHiring of FPSO for D1 marginal field in western offshoreHiring of FPSO for Cluster 7 marginal fields in westernoffshore with separate consultancy contractDevelopment of Vashishta and S-1 fields with separateconsultancy contractTotal US$ 1,659.58 Millions 12 OFFSHORE ENGINEERING SERVICES
  13. 13. Offshore Engineering Services …In nut shell ... • ONGC envisages an investment of US$ 4.31 Billion for its offshore projects 13 OFFSHORE ENGINEERING SERVICES
  14. 14. Offshore Engineering Services …New Initiatives ... • Float over technology already implemented in one of ONGC’s recent mega projects • Part FEED implemented in recent ONGC tenders • Process initiated for empanelling consultant for complete FEED for future tenders 14 OFFSHORE ENGINEERING SERVICES
  15. 15. Offshore Engineering Services ……. Further• Past performance of bidders in ONGC projects is also being included in the BEC of all future tenders• ONGC may recover additional cost of deploying CA / TPI / Consultant in delayed projects in future OFFSHORE ENGINEERING SERVICES
  16. 16. Offshore Engineering Services …Expectations from bidders ... • Contractors / Vendors are solicited to participate in the tenders and submit clean bids • Fast track implementation of EPC Projects in timely manner »A win-win situation for both company & business partners 16 OFFSHORE ENGINEERING SERVICES