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Jbeil subsea brochure

  1. 1. www.jbeilsubsea.com Subsea Pipelines Flexibles & Riser Engineering Capability & Experience JBEIL SUBSEA ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. 305 - CITY ARCADE, Bendoorwell Junction, Mangalore- 575002,India P: 0091 824 4264 142 ; F: 0091-824 4264 141 E: contactus@jbeilsubsea.com
  2. 2. Capability OverviewWe at JBEIL Subsea re extensively involved inthe engineering for submarine Pipelines andSURF (Subsea Umbilicals Risers & Flowlines). Route Selection StudyWork profile includes Pipeline Mechanical De-sign, Pipeline Flow Simulation, Pipeline Allow- Hydraulic Analysisable Free Span Analysis, Bottom RoughnessAnalysis, Crossing Analysis, Riser Flexibility Mechanical DesignAnalysis, Installation Engineering like Push-PullOperations, Lay Analysis, Tie-in Analysis etc. On-bottom Stability Check Spanning AnalysisAlso, we are involved in the technical bid prepa-ration, review of specification, technical bid Global Buckling Analysisevaluation and project management activities. End Expansion AnalysisWe are very well conversant with software Stress Analysispackages like : Pipelay Analysis OFFPIPE SURF Lay Analysis ORCAFLEX CAESAR II Pile Design PIPESIM SACS Pile Drivability Analysis STAAD III AutoCAD Heavy Lift Analysis SPM Related Analysis
  3. 3. Engineering ServicesRoute Selection, pipelines are generally unable to follow the directtraight line route for many reasons, due to land/seabed obstructions,crossings, land/seabed.Hydraulic Analysis, pipeline diameter is sized for peak flow andensures that flow conditions and pressure drop are within acceptableranges. However, one must also check for low flow condition in casehis leads to laminar flow and corrosion at the bottom of the pipe willoccurred.Mechanical Design, the principle for wall thickness sizing is to make thewall thick enough to contain the maximum allowable operating pres-sure, although there are many factors to take into account which maylead to the selection of a thicker wall.On-bottom Stability Analysis, this analysis is performed to ensure thatthe pipeline is stable on the seabed under the influence of extremeenvironmental conditions.Spanning Analysis, unsupported pipeline (Free Span Pipeline) be-tween two points will be subjected to a number of loads. These com-prise bending under its self weight, loads imposed by pressure, hydro-dynamic loading, etc.Global Buckling Analysis, this analysis is performed to analyze pipe-line susceptibility to both lateral and upheaval buckling. End expansionanalysis this analysis is performed to calculate pipeline expansionsdue to temperature, longitudinal stress, etc.Stress Analysis, this analysis is performed to check pipeline systemstresses such as hoop stress, bending stress, longitudinal stress, etcagainst their allowable stress limits stated in design code.Pipelay Analysis, this analysis is performed to check layability of thePipeline in S-lay or J-lay methods. This helps to ascertain the DerrickBarge or pipelaay vessel adequacy for pipelay operation. The PipelayManual provides max. wave Hs, required tension, barge roller supportconfiguration etc for the entire pipelay operation. The analysis is doneusing OFFPIPE (Static & Dynamic).SURF Analysis, this analysis is performed using the software - Orcaflex.It determine the required lay parameters (i.e. limiting seasates, re-quired tension etc.). Suitable modifications & precautions can madeand taken to be with in Design Limits of the SURF product.
  4. 4. ExperienceThe team is being lead by Mr. K.P. Rajendra Kumar who has over 20years of experience in Subsea Pipeline Design, Structural & Geo-technical Engineering.The Installation Engineering is being guided by Mr. Yatish Yale Mwho has a rich experience in Pipeline & SURF Installation Engineeringwith leading offshore EPCI contractors.Below are some of the projects the team members have been in-volved in over the years:Macedon 20” Gas Pipeline ProjectLocation: Perth, AustraliaClient: BHPB BillitonKipper Tuna ProjectLocation: Perth, AustraliaClient: Esso AustraliaSakhalin Arkutun Dagi Pipeline ProjectLocation: Sakhalin, RussiaClient: Exxon Neftegas LimitedDesign of Outfall Subsea Pipeline SystemLocation: Cape Preston Port, Perth,AustraliaClient: Sino Iron Ore ProjectBina SPM and Offshore 48” Subsea Pipeline ProjectLocation: Vadinar, Gujarath, IndiaClient: Bharat Oman Refineries Limited (BORL)MIDIA SPM and Offshore 40” Subsea Export PipelineLocation: Black Sea, RomaniaClient: Media Marine Terminal SrlRavva Additional Pipelines Project – IndiaLocation: Kakinada, IndiaClient: Cairn Energy, India48” Diameter Offshore Pipeline and SPM projectLocation: Kochi, IndiaClient: Leighton Contractors (INIDA)
  5. 5. Contacts usJBEIL SUBSEA ENGINEERS PVT. LTD.305 - City Arcade,Near Bendoorwell Junction,Mangalore- 575002,India : +91 (0)824 4264 142: +91 (0)824 4264 141 : contactus@jbeilsubsea.comMr. Rajendra Kumar K PC.E.O : +91 990 2020 285 : +91 (0)824 4264 142 : kumarrajendra@jbeilsubsea.comMr. Yatish Yale MDirector - Pipelines & SURF : +91 998 0222 095 : +91 (0)824 4264 142 : yyale@jbeilsubsea.com