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The Affiliate Code Review | Exclusive Affiliate Code Bonus


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Hands Down Easiest and Quickest Way to Make Money as An Affiliate:
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An inside review and in-depth look at The Affiliate Code. I also have a CRAZY bonus you HAVE TO see.

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The Affiliate Code Review | Exclusive Affiliate Code Bonus

  1. 1. The Affiliate Code Review Overview: The Affiliate Code is a free traffic marketing course by Michael Jones, author of The Clickbank Code and Adwords Manifesto. This is definitely a different step for MJ (not Jackson) as his main focus was generally about Adwords/PPC marketing. The course covers lots of cheap and free traffic methods to rank in affiliate commissions and make an income online. What Rocks: The course outlines some decent free traffic strategies, that anyone can use. Especially beginners. The course does also come with 2 pre-made products with websites that you can turn around and sell for profit. What Sucks: Nothing advanced here. Honestly. The course isn’t a “fail” but there really just isnt anything that new here. Verdict: Anyone that’s been in marketing even a few months will have probably heard most of these strategies. But if you’re brand new to the whole “online thing” then you may get something out of the course and find it useful. How I can Make this Course Even Better You can still get it by ordering below… If you decide that the product seems right for you of course! “Exclusive, Limited Time Affiliate Code Bonus” See, I too am a affiliate marketer. And guess what? I use Wordpress blogs and free traffic metods, like they’re going out of style; mostly to dominate affiliate campaigns…
  2. 2. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not much of an Adwords guy, nor am I a twitter fan, but… I DO know how to get Google to like you (and your content), and you can use the methods you learn in TAC, on top of what I’m about to teach you… And I want to pass that knowledge on… Here’s what I’ve Done Cash Crushing Bonus #1 ($197) The Secret Art of 2 Minute Rankings… I recently developed a method of getting 2 minute rankings on Google using Wordpress… That’s right TWO MINUTES… And I videotaped the proof. Undoctored, unedited and live in front of 2 of my students… I’m going to show you EXACTLY how I did it. Cash Crushing Bonus #2 ($47) My EXACT Wordpress Blog Setup… The second is another video that I taped that shows the precise plugins I use in order to achieve such rankings… Some of them paid, most of them free. But you get to see them all… You also get to see the very settings I use as well. Cash Crushing Bonus #3 ($497) Continuous Profit Cycles My third bonus is an entire product… Its my Continuous Profit Cycles course, and it comes with over a dozen videos that teach you how to setup successful affiliate pages, make money with them and then move on… It also comes with tons of bonus guides and extra info. Cash Crushing Bonus #4 ($147) Free Traffic Seminar I recently did a seminar with some students where I showed them various methods for getting tons and tons of Free Traffic online. The presentation covered almost a dozen traffic tactics and people ate it up… You get the PDF version of the presentation – showing you exactly how to get HUNDREDS (if not thousands) of new visitors to your site… Cash Crushing Bonus #5 ($147) Finding Buyer Keywords Report I recently did another seminar with some students where I showed them EXACTLY where and HOW to find buyer keywords online. This will CUT your time to pieces, if you follow these few easy steps… Almost another hour long and you get the PDF version of that free as well… Cash Crushing Bonus #6 ($197) 5 Steps to Profit Presentation This is another hour long presentation that I did that covers a majority of the questions I ask and steps I take in order to make money in ANY niche market… Not only that, but near the end, I give out an ENTIRE system, that you can start using TODAY to see money coming in… No one else is doing this! And you get it totally Free! How to Receive my Limited Bonus Because I can only afford to hand out a few of these bonus items, the limit is 25 bonus packages total…
  3. 3. I don’t want to saturate the market and I definitely DON’T want a whole bunch of competition! But, if you want this extremely limited, truly valuable bonus package, here’s what you gotta do: 1. Clear your cookies. Clearing Your Cookies Firefox Users: * Go to Tools * Go to Options * Go to Privacy and then Private Data * Click “Clear Now” * Check “Cache” and “Cookies” and then “Clear Now” * Click “Clear Private Data Now” Internet Explorer 6 Users: * Go To Tools * Go to Internet Options * In the “General” tab (default) and under “Browsing History”, click “Delete” * Click “Delete Files” under “Temporary Internet Files” * Click OK and then OK again. Internet Explorer 7 & 8 Users: * Go To Your Control Panel * Go to Internet Options * Under “Browsing History”, click “Delete” * Click “Delete Cookies” under “Delete Cookies “ 2. Order Michael Jones Affiliate Code here. 3. Forward your receipt to admin(at)gurucrusher(dot)com. I will send you access instructions. That’s it! You’ll be on your way to making money using the quickest Wordpress strategy on the market! To your success, Coty Schwabe Click Here to Reserve Both Affiliate Code AND Your Exclusive Bonus! You should know that if you buy a product through this page, I will indeed earn an affiliate commission. This is how I am able to offer such an amazing bonus package to my buyers. Also note that I cannot promise you that if you buy this today you be making thousands daily. After all, I have no way of knowing whether or not you will take action or follow the course and its bonus package. Tags:buy the affiliate code,order the affiliate code,,the affiliate code scam,what is the affiliate code,the affiliate code review,the affiliate code bonus,order the affiliate code,purchase the affiliate code,download the affiliate code,the affilaite code Secret Affiliate Code Link