Mad Cash Machine Scam Review | Mad Cash RARE Bonus


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A full inside review and look at Mad Cash Machine and my awesome mad cash bonus as well.

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Mad Cash Machine Scam Review | Mad Cash RARE Bonus

  1. 1. My Mad Cash Machine Review… “Chris Silver has promised us that we can ‘Set up your virtual empire and sit back.’ But is it a promise that ISN’T delivered? Keep reading below…“ Mad Cash Machine is a full detailed course that teaches anyone how to create a profitable online business using affiliate marketing and adsense. Chris Silver has spared no expense in order to create a full fledged money making course… Please Watch the Entire Video Below So, what’s included in Mad Cash Machine? • Module 1: Internet Marketing Overdrive • Module 2: Niche Selection Catapult • Module 3: Keyword Research Dominion • Module 4: SEO Tools Unleashed • Module 5: Adsense Secrets Revealed • Module 6: Video Marketing Dynamite • Module 7: Article Marketing Intelligence • Module 8: Blog Cash Cranker • Module 9: Traffic Surge Primer • Module 10: Web Hosting Turbulence Mad Cash Machine is one of those courses that does what it says it’ll do. While many courses only half deliver on their promises, MCM actually can teach you how to create an online business from scratch. But it gets even better! Order below and get over $3,000 in Fast Action Bonuses! (Offer only available to the first 25 Buyers…) “Exclusive, Limited Time Mad Cash Machine Bonus” See, I too am a affiliate marketer. And guess what? I use Wordpress blogs and free traffic strategies like they’re going out of style; mostly to dominate affiliate campaigns… Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not much of an Adwords guy, nor am I a twitter fan, but… I DO know how to get Google to like you (and your content), and you can use the methods you learn in PB, on top of what I’m about to teach you… And you can even use the author’s techniques to find profitable keywords to Rank for in Google; then use my additional strategies to actually do it! And I want to pass that knowledge on… Here’s what I’ve Done Cash Crushing Bonus #1 ($197) The Secret Art of 2 Minute Rankings…
  2. 2. I recently developed a method of getting 2 minute rankings on Google using Wordpress… That’s right TWO MINUTES… And I videotaped the proof. Undoctored, unedited and live in front of 2 of my students… I’m going to show you EXACTLY how I did it. Cash Crushing Bonus #2 ($47) My EXACT Wordpress Blog Setup… The second is another video that I taped that shows the precise plugins I use in order to achieve such rankings… Some of them paid, most of them free. But you get to see them all… You also get to see the very settings I use as well. Cash Crushing Bonus #3 ($497) Continuous Profit Cycles Here’s just a glimpse at Module 1:
  3. 3. Continuous Profit Cycles Module 1 I hope you’re prepared to make Google beg you for mercy, because the fun starts here… Find the Perfect Niche to get into and completely ANNIHILATE… Worried about making money in unpopular niches? Worry not, I’ve got a method just for the occasion… Not good at finding buyer keywords? No sweat. I’ll just tell you EXACTLY what to look for… Don’t struggle with finding the “magic key phrases” that will bring home the bacon. They all can and here’s how… Are you ready to create REAL cash-producing money pages? i hope so, because it’s about time… Not good at copywriting or creating content? Then just steal this example here… Don’t worry about what type of marketing you think you’re good at – just follow these instructions, and you’ll make money in no time… My third bonus is an entire product… Its my Continuous Profit Cycles course, and it comes with over a dozen videos that teach you how to setup successful affiliate pages, make money with them and then move on… It also comes with tons of bonus guides and extra info. Cash Crushing Bonus #4 ($147) Free Traffic Seminar
  4. 4. I did this Free Traffic Seminar which covers some of the various methods of free traffic I use in my business daily like: • Sites that rank in minutes… • How to get JUICY one way links… • Sites that require content – and how to get it quickly… • Where to get the best incoming links to your site…. I recently did a seminar with some students where I showed them various methods for getting tons and tons of Free Traffic online. The presentation covered almost a dozen traffic tactics and people ate it up… You get the PDF version of the presentation – showing you exactly how to get HUNDREDS (if not thousands) of new visitors to your site… Cash Crushing Bonus #5 ($147) Finding Buyer Keywords Training Module My Buyer Keywords Video Training Presentation This hour long video covers all the necessary aspects in order to find profitbale keywords like: • Profitable Long Tail Phrase with LESS Competition… • Words that will make the money for you…
  5. 5. • Words that you should NEVER go after UNLESS you like wasting time and money… I recently did another seminar with some students where I showed them EXACTLY where and HOW to find buyer keywords online. This will CUT your time to pieces, if you follow these few easy steps… Almost another hour long video of that free as well… Cash Crushing Bonus #6 ($197) 5 Steps to Profit Presentation This is another hour long presentation that I did that covers a majority of the questions I ask and steps I take in order to make money in ANY niche market… Not only that, but near the end, I give out an ENTIRE system, that you can start using TODAY to see money coming in… You receive both PDF AND Video Versions of this training set… No one else is doing this! And you get it totally Free! If you’ve been calculating those sums, it comes out to over $1,000 in Fast Action Bonuses…” But I should warn you: if you plan on trying to make money with Affiliate Marketing either by yourself or with the help of some of those “guru’s”, be prepared for a long and arduous journey. And if you don’t want the help of these free guides that I’m offering to you today, then that’s on you. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you. JUST ADDED TODAY: Ok, so the Videos were honestly the only Bonus I had for this item, but I’m so confident in benwell’s newest release that I personally am going to add EVEN MORE value to the mix… If you purchase the aforementioned course below, I’m going to include my Affiliate Juggernaut System – which I sell separately for $77 (no joke). I actually created these videos a few months back for my own product. The package sold for $77 a pop, and helped lots of people in these exact areas…. While Mad Cash is based mostly about free Traffic Marketing, my Affiliate Training videos are as well, thus I knew that these videos were the perfect compliment, and here’s why: • The Videos covers things like using Squidoo, Hubpages and So on, just like ZeroCost Profits • There’s no wasting time reading through some long, drawn out Ebook • This isn’t PLR garbage, I created these myself, and they total approxamtely a FULL Hour of Content
  6. 6. • The videos are SCREEN CAPTURE, which means you see EVERYTHING that I’m talking about • There’s even a bonus video covering some great Adwords techniques And that’s just the basis. Here’s what the system is all about: Finally! The “follow the Leader” affiliate training you’ve been Waiting for… This is where it All Begins- Your System, Your Business, Your Success! Learn the RIGHT WAY to Setup a Successful Affiliate Website… Forget what you’ve heard that hasn’t worked – Every part of this module isTried, Tested and True… Discover the fastest way to start making AT LEAST hundreds of dollars a day – Follow this, and the Rest is Child’s Play… Forget everything that you thought you knew about creating websites, blogging, presells and review pages… It’s time to do it RIGHT this time… Do you have problems successfully finding niches to infiltrate? Worry no more. I show you Step-By-Step what to do…
  7. 7. This is Brain-Dead Simple…Anyone can keep up with my easy to follow instruction. I’m sure you’ll have no problem, whatsoever… Yes! You CAN change how your future looks, and It Change in an Instant… This system is NOT for the Faint of Heart. It IS for people looking to finally live the Way THEY want… And I Guarantee That 111%! Whether you’re a Lover or a Fighter, it’s time To ANNIHILATE the Competition… THIS IS WAR! … And I Already have Your Strategy for Winning Ready… Start Making Money Today…with this system, there is no limit to when you can start making money, or how much you end up making! Abandon those old thoughts about getting FREE traffic with Outdated methods… I will Show you the way to getting TONS of Unique visitors in Minutes… Think you need money to Make Money?Sorry to tell you this, but you’re wrong! You’ll quickly see why you can make money RIGHT AWAY – regardless of your capital… No Email List to Speak of?Who Cares? I’m going to show you EACTLY what to do in the particular situation!
  8. 8. How to Create Blogs that will Make that Money…Don’t worry if you can’t evenblog your way out a paper bag- You’ll uncover the tricks of the trade… Are You Ready to Accept those Paychecks? These systems aren’t “One Hit Wonders.” But they are “Set and Forget”. Implement, then move on. It’s that easy… There’s NO WAY You can Get Lost affiliate Marketing EVER Again… I’m Going to Show you How to make Recurring profits in Minutes…. The Battle has Just Begun: How to Turn the Tide… Everything you Need is Included:I’m With You Every Step of The Way! In this Module You’ll Learn how to Push Past Your Competition! Forget the Lazy affiliates out for easy money – You’ll Race past them on Your way to Victory! Ever Tried to Conquer Google for that No. 1 Spot? I’m going show you how knock down your opponents, and even use them as leverage to climb to the top… Want Even More? You’re exactly who I’m looking for.Who wants to stop at the top? Why not grab multiple spots and Suck Google dry for Serious Profits? Not Hard at All! No joke. I had no programming or IT experience when I started, and that didn’t stop me. If i can do it, then any living, breathing person can as well…
  9. 9. Google isn’t Everything- Am I serious? Absolutely. There’s more than just ranking high – A Lot More. Once inside, you’ll see precisely what I mean… Profits as well as List Building…Yes! You can have your cake and eat it too! Learn how you can build Hundreds of new subscribers a week, and make money at the same time… No Previous Experience in Marketing OR IT in order to make this work… Everything Is Copy and Paste Simple! This is It. The Big Time. You Either Join the Winning Side or Go Back home – Tail between your Legs… The Gurus have been hiding many of these methods…for the fear that someone will Actually Use Them to take thier place… The Fastest Way to Affiliate Profits…(This module is what you have been looking for.) This is what you have been waiting for -How to Make Incredible Profits Quickly… Interested in Adwords – But Uninterested in Losing Money…I know what you mean. So am I. I was tired of Losing at the “adwords game” no matter how hard I tried. Until I came up with this method…. It’s Time for Faster-Than-Ever commissions…These methods work, and you can follow my exact footsteps to finally make the cash you’ve been waiting for… Please Don’t Read This- This is not for people that do not care. This is only for peoplewho Want To Win… How to Make Money Time and Time Again!No more talking – it’s time to start rolling in the profits…
  10. 10. THIS Is What You Have Been Waiting For… And You can Be a Part of It! “And This is Just the CORE SYSTEM…” And I could stop right there… But I’m not done. If there’s anything I’m known for, it’s OVER-DELIVERING on my promises… Look for yourself…. ATTENTION!! FAST ACTION BONUSES ONLY For The Next100,72, 47 Who ACT NOW… The Traffic Killer $97 Value (Included FREE) Inside this FREE bonus Blueprint you’ll learn over 65 valuable methods of getting MASSIVE amounts of traffic… The Adwords Domination Package – $297 Value (Included FREE) Within this COMPLETE 3 part package, you’ll discover everything that you need in order to finally SUCCEED with Adwords,
  11. 11. and stop throwing your money away on wasted PPC Clicks… Top Affiliate Questions Answered $167 Value (Included FREE) These 2 Audio Clips combined equal over 2 Hours of GOLD affiliate content. Have a question about Affiliate Marketing, it’s 90% likely it’s answered here… Bonus 4 – Hidden Affiliate Secrets $489 Value (Included FREE) These tactics were so effective, that they almost didn’t even make it into the Affiliate Juggernaut package… That’s PRECISELY why they’re an extra bonus for the next 47 people… These Will Not Last Long… So You NEED to Act Now! All of these items are real items, worth real value… Over $3,000 in Real Value,as a matter of fact… No Private Label Rights or Master Resales Rights garbage here… “Thanks for following through on your promises…” Hey Coty, Thanks for following through on your promises. I’m so sick and tired of the gurus throwing me crumbs while I keep on starving. You’ve got guru know-how, but youre letting the cat and her kittens out of the bag! This is a complete moneymaking system, just like you said it would be. But heres what really impresses me — you are speaking from real experience, you are laying down really solid practical useful stuff right and left. For example, since i am into video marketing, I was thrilled to learn which video hosting sites are REALLY worth getting on, as well as a site i never heard of to upload my videos — for f-r- e-e… plus i must have used the same Big Expensive Video Uploading site as you did, because they didnt do anything for me either — anyway, point is you laid out the solid street smart stuff, all that i needed, and nothing i didnt need, while making it all as simple and easy as possible. If i sound too hypey, im sorry — i cant help it, its made my day to find an im expert for once who really is sharing the hard core insider stuff that works, who is NOT playing games, who IS sharing his Good Stuff (vs. trying to get me sucked into some 10K sellathon seminar!). Thanks again.
  12. 12. Take care,David in San Francisco To get these *Exclusive* Items WITHOUT paying for them, just follow the easy directions below. You’re just a stone’s throw away… 1. Clear your cookies. (Directions on how to do this are below) Clearing Your Cookies Firefox Users: * Go to Tools * Go to Options * Go to Privacy and then Private Data * Click “Clear Now” * Check “Cache” and “Cookies” and then “Clear Now” * Click “Clear Private Data Now” Internet Explorer 6 Users: * Go To Tools * Go to Internet Options * In the “General” tab (default) and under “Browsing History”, click “Delete” * Click “Delete Files” under “Temporary Internet Files” * Click OK and then OK again. Internet Explorer 7 & 8 Users: * Go To Your Control Panel * Go to Internet Options * Under “Browsing History”, click “Delete” * Click “Delete Cookies” under “Delete Cookies “ 2. Order Mad Cash Machine Below 3. Send me your purchase receipt – forward it to – and I will send you access instructions to these awesome video supplements (and everything else…), as soon as I have confirmed your order.
  13. 13. Click Here to get Silver’s Mad Cash Machine AND get my Affiliate Marketing Package (RRP over $3,000) But if you want this incredible package, you’re going to have to act fast because I won’t be including this bonus package forever… And if you miss on both the Mad Cash Machine guides and these exclusive bonuses, you’ll lose your edge on the competition. I guarantee it… Remember that these Marketing starter videos are only available from this web page; no-one else is offering this, and no-one ever will; which means you have a massive advantage over people who have “Mad Cash Machine” but don’t have this extensive bonus, AND a massive advantage over those who don’t even own either at all… Look, I could go on with meaningless text, but really from this point it’s all up to you… You really only have 3 options from here on: 1. Order the course from no one and get nothing in return… 2. Buy Mad Cash Machine from some guy giving “thousands of dollars” worth of resellable ebooks (probably mostly garbage) 3. OR, you can order it from me, and get some stuff you ACTUALLY WANT and WILL USE… The choice is yours… It’s time to make a decision. Coty Schwabe Order Mad Cash Machine PLUS my $3K Bonus by Clicking on the Image below! PS. The product itself has a 60 Day, Money Back, No Questions asked guarantee – so you basically get to try the product for FREE for 2 whole months! So there is no risk! PPS. Did I forget to mention that I’m only giving 25 of these bonus packages away? Well, I am. I sell these products for my own income, so I won’t be handing out an unlimited amount of them…. Which means if you’re going to take advantage of this offer, you need to do so now, by clicking on the link below before I pull this offer for good…. >>> Order Mad Cash Machine AND get my Affiliate Training Package – FREE <<<