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endeavor china luxury guruconnector

  1. 1. Proudly Presented by David Hall
  2. 2. Selection of the right aircraft for your needs is an art all by itself, as each manufacturer has designed aircraft for differentmission requirements. The importance of choosing the right organization to represent your personal and corporate travelneeds is crucial when time is of the essence.Endeavor Global Group’s Aviation specialties:• On-Demand Charter• Aircraft Transactions – Sales & Leasing• Aircraft Finance• Aircraft Warranty Program• Avionic Upgrades• Cabin Refurbishment• Placement of aircraft for Part 91 or Part 135 management• Fractional Placement Determining the right form of private travel can be a difficult choice, the Endeavor Global Group provides annual analysis of travel and budget to formulate which form of private aviation is best suited for your needs. Aircraft Selection Airbus | Beech Jet | Boeing | Citation | Challenger | Falcon | Global Express | Gulfstream | Hawker | King Air LearJet | Legacy | Pilatus | Phenom
  3. 3. The tranquility of a luxury yacht is an ideal environment which provides continuous changing scenery which can serveAs a home away from home. Making the selection of the ideal yacht to meet your demanding requirements can only beDone by a team with experience. The evaluation of your requirements and utilization will determine if a purchase orChartering is best to fulfill the time of use. Ownership of a yacht is a great way to see the world, can also serve as aRevenue generating asset to offset fixed costs while keeping the vessel running in top condition Yacht Services Available: • Yacht Transactions •Yacht refurbishment • Yacht Management • Custom Yacht Construction • Yacht Charter • Yacht Transportation • Entry into service program Custom Yacht Manufactures: Christensen | Ferretti | Azumat | Benetti | Choey Lee | Feadship | Lazzara | Managusta | Oceanco | Sunseeker Millennium Yachts | Trinity | Baia Yachts Length’s available from 70 feet to over 250 feet
  4. 4. Ownership of a second residence or selection for a week long villa or private island rental requires an eye for perfection. TheEndeavor Global Group works side by side with Luxury Realty specialists providing access to premier luxury propertiesCoupled with an unmatched level of service and knowledge to locate the ideal property.Building a custom home can be the only way to fulfill all of your needs and hand select home builders that can create an idealfloor plan along with customization of home theaters, kitchen, bathrooms or an elaborate backyard for entertaining to be createdby design experts to maximize space. A personal design assistant will be your go to person for each and every step of the way tosee that perfection is achieved to ensure you are completely satisfied with the end result.Second residence can be a great asset to build wealth, but turning it into an exclusive rental property can make it pay for itself.The properties are maintained by an elite staff to provide a premier level or service while twenty-four hour security is in place. Oneof our luxury property experts will provide you with a series of scenarios to better select the ideal property or approach to sell aProperty for top dollar. Luxury Real Estate Services Available: • Estate Management • Island Management • Villa or Private Island rental • Custom Home Construction • Real Estate Transactions • Home Renovations • Home Security
  5. 5. Exotic & Luxury automobiles are always evolving and the selection of the right one for either being chauffeured or an exhilaratingdrive through the mountains at speeds above 100 mph. If you are looking to purchase new, lease or join an exotic car club,Endeavor Global Group provides you with the connection to premium automobiles and relationships with dealers that can customorder the perfect automobile to meet your needs.Traveling provides limited availability of automobiles which are similar to what you are used to driving or chauffeured in, Endeavorprovides you with a broad network of rental automobiles consisting of Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin andmany more depending on your location. Luxury Automobile Services Available: • Luxury Car Transactions • Transportation • Rental Exploring the country side of Italy in a Ferrari or the Bavarian cities via 911 Porsche Turbo can all be arranged with our exotic automobile network. These tours are coupled with five-star accommodations along with gourmet restaurants as well as exhilarating roads and breathtaking scenery
  6. 6. The busy world we live in creates time limits on what we can do in a 24 hour period. The Endeavor Global Group will pry yourschedule open with our concierge team who will provide you personalized assistance as well as access to exclusive offers andaccess to private events around the world. Maintaining the affluent lifestyle requires a dedicated individual to accommodate anyneed around the clock. Different levels of assistance are required depending on your lifestyle; Endeavor can provide you with atemporary, full time or virtual assistant to assist you in fulfilling your schedule. Affluent Concierge Services Available: • Travel Services • Personal Assistant • Virtual Assistant • Personal Shopper • Event Planning • Anything else you may desire Endeavor Concierge is staffed twenty-four hours a day to accommodate your request and provide the five-star service at an unmatched value. As a member of the Endeavor Global Concierge you will receive monthly newsletters as well as weekly promotional services. As your full-service travel specialist, Endeavor can provide you with private jets, yachts, villa’s, private island and other five-star accommodations to create an unforgettable vacation or maximize a business trip. Gaining access to premier social and sporting events can be a challenge, but the red carpet does not just roll out… it opens a level of access you would expect. Relationships that exist with the Endeavor Global Group provide the red carpet around the world.
  7. 7. Structuring a business deal can be quite a challenge and requires a team of knowledgeable individuals that like the team Endeavorhas put into place to help you facilitate and analyze a plan of action. Many companies, if not structured properly can line themselvesup for failure; this is why it is imperative to have a strong board of advisors that can guide your organization no matter the level ofdifficulty . Selection of a board is crucial, by hand picking successful business people can be a challenge as this detailed processprovides the key to success when implemented correctly. Area’s of Expertise: • Banking & Finance • Aviation • Technology • Maritime • Real Estate The experts that specialize in these area’s have years of experience as well as graduates from top universities such as Harvard, Yale Oxford, Princeton and many more. Erecting a team on a per task basis allows for a custom approach to be taken each and every time to create the ideal environment for an unmatched level of success.
  8. 8. Protection of yours and your families well being is number one priority which requires a detailed analysis of a security teamthat not only knows what to look out for, but protect in time of uncertainty. The security analyst will evaluate your requirementsat the same time perform background checks on people you will be encountering as well as identifying all possible escape routesif things go south.The times that matter most is when you need a plan in place that will help you escape harms way; these plans can be formulatedto protect when a kidnapping takes place, threats to you and your family, evacuations from a disaster zone or terroristic activitiesanywhere in the world.Area’s of Protection:• Home Security• Traveling Security• Armed drivers• Kidnap protection• Evacuation planning
  9. 9. Having the right amount of funding behind you and your company can make a world of a difference, as most companies fail dueto being under capitalized. The resources Endeavor Global Group bring forward are a select group of very wealthy individualsthat have the ability to fund promising ventures. Start ups are not the only ones that require additional funding, many companieshave been in the spot light for a long time and now are ready to make the next move. Key ingredient to expansion is funding,Endeavor has the capability to infuse capital through our contacts from as little as $1,000,000 to well over $100,000,000.Endeavor can arrange funding for more than business purposes;private needs such as funding for a new home, automobile, yachtor private jet can be handled. Financing can last for as little as12 months to 5 years, depending on size.Area’s of private financing:• Business Expansion• Corporate Buy-out• Real Estate Purchase• Yacht or Aircraft Purchase
  10. 10. Endeavor’s Elite Card provides you the ease of use of services and the ability to speak with a luxury consultant twenty-four hoursa day. Not only does this card give you access to series of services but preferred pricing on Private Jet Charter, Yacht Charter aswell as Luxury Automobile Rentals.Three Levels of MembershipLevel 1 –24 hour concierge to arrange services and access to on demand services around the world. No membership or Initiation Fee.Level 2 –Frequent traveler’s that require spur of the moment service to arrange last minute Jet Charter services, Hotel arrangements,Transportation. This card requires a minimum of $50,000.00 USD on account which is kept in escrow, remaining balance isrefundable. Benefit of availability of access to empty legs when available.Level 3 –Elite traveler who frequently travel’s more than once a month via private jet as this card requires a deposit of $250,000.00 USDon account and guarantees two upgrades along with benefits of Level 1 & 2.To set up your Elite Card please contact;Be sure to ask for your Luxury Specialist – David HallContact Information: David@EndeavorGlobalGroup.com Direct: +86 13485310129| Office: 1-866-986-8555 | Fax: 1-866-352-2124 | Website: www.EndeavorGlobalGroup.com