Goodwins theory applied to indie music video


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Goodwins theory applied to indie music video

  1. 1. Goodwin Theory By Sonam Dhillon S
  2. 2. Goodwins TheoryS Goodwins theory consists of 8 main principles:1) Links between lyrics and visuals2) Links between music and visuals3) Genre characteristics4) Intertextual Reference5) Notions of looking6) Voyeurism7) Demands of the record label8) Performance based, Narrative Based or Concept Based.
  3. 3. The Smiths - PanicS <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  4. 4. Comparison to Goodwins TheoryS Links Between Lyrics and Visuals:S In the opening lyrics of this song it says “Panic on the streets of London” as the car is driving and shows you London. You notice the camera is moving rapidly as it has a first person view of a persons hand. This shows that this individual is panicking and shaky, this has relation to both the title of the song and the chorus. It also says in the lyrics “So you run down, to the safety of the town,” this is visible through the course of the music video as the individual in the first person view is constantly running to find safety. It is also important to notice the streets are empty, this emphasizes the idea of panic and to make the idea more dull the video is in black and white. The lyrics also say “burn down the disco” and you can see a photograph of a building being burned.S In this music video the lyrics and visuals follow the conventions of
  5. 5. S Links Between Music and Visuals:S The speed of the music is matched by the visuals in all aspects. Initially the camera moves rapidly in sync with the beat and rotates around the artist similarly. This is shown regularly with the exception of other scenes.S There is also a case where the artist is standing in front of a river, the waves of the river move in sync with melody yet again.S In another scene the photograph when burnt, the flames move in sync with the song and there is an image which is transparent in the background which becomes visible every time the bass drops in the track again.S The children that are the background singers “and the Deejay” are shown in the video and when they dance, they dance jumping up and down. There timing is yet again also in sync with the beat.S This is another case where the conventions are also followed from the start to finish.
  6. 6. S Genre Characteristics:S The genre is visible in the style of clothing. They are simple retro clothes as compared to pop music where a person may stand out more and have fancy jewelry and designers.S The main artist is also smoking, this also shows the genre in some formS The song in general shows genre conventions of indie with the use of guitar and drums, these are two of the most used instruments in this genre
  7. 7. S Intertextual References:S There are no intertextual references.
  8. 8. S Notions of Looking:S This is portrayed consistently. You can see the individual casted panicking from a first person view, so you grasp the idea of the camera shaking better.S This is also used when viewing the different places he mentions such as London and Leeds.
  9. 9. S VoyeurismS There is no voyeurism in this music video.
  10. 10. Demands of the Record label.S In the music industry when you are considered to be in independent music, this is often also referred to as indie music or "indie” for short. This is a term used to describe independence from major commercial record labels or their subsidiaries, this allows the artists to do all the work themselves however the benefit of this is they are able to approach it in there own way.S Based on the music video, it looks quite low budget. The reason for this could be the Independent Music idea which restricted there funds.S This could be vital in the reason for why this video does not follow all of Goodwins principles such as voyeurism and intertextual reference. These are normally tactics used by record labels to boost popularity of there music. Voyeurism attracts males and gives an idea of what women want to look like. Intertextual references are normally used to raise controversy or raise debate.S In this case “The Smiths” are of an Indie label so this allows them to make these decisions for themselves and if they feel it is not necessary to include these factors, they have that choice. This goes against the
  11. 11. S Performance based, Narrative Based or Concept Based.S This music video is not
  12. 12. ConclusionS What I noticed from studying Goodwin’s Thoery based on this music video is that the principles are important in a music videos but not all necessarily have to be used. It is possible that the lyrics don’t match the visuals or the music but this is still possible in music videos, depending on what the artist is trying to share with there audience.