Digital Marketing in Pharma (India)


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Digital Marketing in Pharmaceuticals, an India scenario based presentation.

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Digital Marketing in Pharma (India)

  1. 1. Digital Marketing in Pharma Gurpinder Singh Digital Marketing Professional
  2. 2. What is Digital Marketing Marketing of products or services with the help of Technology. Digital Marketing, also termed as e-marketing, web-marketing, onlinemarketing or Internet Marketing, e-marketing also includes the management of digital customer data and electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM) systems. e-marketing allows the placement of media along many different stages of the customer engagement cycle.
  3. 3. Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing Target Audience: Digital Marketing is an extension, can be implemented across Verticals i.e. Doctors, Hospitals, Patients & Sales Team : Health Care Professionals (HCPs): This is based on providing services, scientific data, business analytics etc. to the specialists in order to promotion of products/services. Patient’s: to ensure awareness & adherence to the therapy. Sale’s Team: To make their customer calls more interactive & upgrade their skills and motivation.
  4. 4. Increasing use of Digital Marketing As Internet gains more significance in different aspects of our lives, the world of pharma bound to have its share of Internet use gradually. As more healthcare facilities establish point of access between physicians and pharma sales reps, industry has turned to other promotional methods and is increasing use of e-Marketing. e-Detailing and online events (like webinars or webcasts) let doctors update themself when and where they choose, rather than having to meet with pharma representatives during rush hours in their clinics. e-marketing can be carefully controlled and monitored.
  5. 5. Internet Usage @ Indian HCPs Data Source - The Digital Doctor Study by VIA Media Health
  6. 6. e-Marketing Opportunities HCPs Portals Monitoring Tools Awareness Portals Business Intelligence e-Detailing Digital Marketing Social Media Email Marketing SEO / SEM eCMEs / Webinars
  7. 7. Selling Tablets through Tablets Adding immediate impact to every call Ensuring conversations are tailored to the customer segment and even individual doctor Gathering targeted customer information to enable true closed-loop marketing Detail complex products with wide range of Interactive / Dynamic Content Capture Physician Ratings, Feedbacks & Comments
  8. 8. e-Marketing Opportunities Internet is now a significant source of health information and connectivity between providers, prescribers and patients. We attend at the transformation of traditional 4Ps Operational Marketing to e-Marketing The interest in e-health as a channel for the marketing of health-related products and services increasing every day. From social networking tools and advanced physician portals to streaming video and closed loop strategies, the opportunities to open new communication channels with patients, physicians and KOL are limited only by a marketers imagination and determination.
  9. 9. e-Marketing Opportunities Medical Portal for HCPs: Doctor knowledge & networking portals are quickly becoming an easy-touse and cost effective solution to extend your service arm and register your brands.
  10. 10. e-Marketing Opportunities Medical Portal for HCP: If implemented properly, this concept benefits both companies and HCPs in a number of ways. Benefit to Companies: It reduces the overhead costs as can serve doctors centrally. Establishes parallel communication channel between the Company & Physician. Minimal effect of Vacant territory as if a Rep leaves the territory, the market learning’s are present in the digital nervous system, and this business intelligence can facilitate working of new Rep(s) Benefit to HCP: They can update and enjoy companies services at their leisure rather than having to meet with a pharma reps during rush hours. Updated information on his desktop everyday; abreast with all medical updates. Saving time on searching for information from the Internet.
  11. 11. e-Marketing Opportunities Awareness / Adherence Portal for Patients: More and more patients demand to know and expect up-to-date information on their condition and treatment, as well as alternative treatment options. The access to information via the Internet means that information on a US website can be read by a Indian patient and may include information on their branded medicine. The foundation of sustainable success in the application of e-Marketing for pharmaceutical lies the combination of strategic alliances and technological innovation
  12. 12. e-Marketing Opportunities E - Detailing Indian market is still in an early stage of adoption. The e-detailing market in India does have very few companies acting as active players. Although the sales force initially looked at e-detailing with skepticism, wondering if online promotion would render the traditional sales call obsolete, most reps are actually seeing the opposite effect: e-detail actually increases the overall time spent with the rep. Ahead-of-the-curve companies are capitalizing on e-detailing as a lowcost opportunity to increase physician engagement and improve the overall sales call quality.
  13. 13. e-Marketing Opportunities eCMEs / Webinars Hybrid meetings are events that contain both live and virtual components combined. They are also great opportunities and are one of the hottest trends in meeting planning. Live Webcasts using streaming video of the conference would allow event sponsors and hosting organizations to widen their meeting exposure to include those who follow the conference online. This is one of the cost effective method which is established well in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. Gurpinder Singh
  14. 14. e-Marketing Opportunities Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is unique to the Internet environment: 47% of web users said that the most common way they find products or information is through search engines. The top 10 results to a search query get 78% more traffic than subsequent listings, many firms use SEO to be sure their site is high on the list. SEO strategies change almost daily.
  15. 15. e-Marketing Strategies Know Your Customers Central digital nervous system of Profiling Reach Your Customers Go beyond individual channel (physical presence) Interact with your Customer Engage with Closed loop marketing channels
  16. 16. e-Marketing Strategies Closed Loop Marketing Another hot topic in pharma Digital marketing is closed loop marketing. The main objective is to avoid to leave customer communication gap open. Segmentation is giving way to ”micro" marketing, which is dealing with individuals rather than segments. To gather and continuously refine segmentation approach and ways to contact individual customers- It is closed loop. Gurpinder Singh
  17. 17. Next Step? Create Change the mindset Define Goals Digital Marketing Segment Gurpinder Singh