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Public Speaking TED Talks Week 2


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Full Sail Public Speaking Course TED Talks Assignment

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Public Speaking TED Talks Week 2

  1. 1. Amy CuddyProfessor and researcher at Harvard Business School
  2. 2. In her TED Talk “Your body language shapes who you are”Amy Cuddydiscusses hownonverbalbehavior can notonly change howothers perceiveus, but also how itdirectly effects ourbody chemistryand moods.
  3. 3. The beginning of the talk immediately engrosses that audience. Amy promises theaudience that she will possibly show them how to change their lives with two minutes ofchanging their posture. She draws the audience in by showing how many of them in theaudience are not sitting in a “posture of confidence”.
  4. 4. There are severalmultimedia elementsused throughout thepresentation to keep theaudience engaged.
  5. 5. Amy also continues to relate the talk back to real world practical use, and continues to tease the audienceabout how she will reveal how this can be used in their every day lives.
  6. 6. Real worldexamples keepthe audienceengagedthroughout thetalk!
  7. 7. Amy showed tremendous passionDynamism rating: 4 throughout the talk and was very animated with her hands and body movements. There was some room for improvement in the usage of the space given. There was not much movement from Amy’s central location on the stage.
  8. 8. Amy uses various tips fromGarr Reynolds and NancyDurate.She keeps the materialrelevant to her audienceand easy to understand.She uses variousmultimedia elementsthroughout herpresentation to keep theaudience engaged theentire time.
  9. 9. It is important to be passionate about the subject of your presentation if you wantyour audience to truly hear you. Amy shared personal experiences that happened in her life that related to her topic, and this engrossed the audience in her speech.
  10. 10. It is also importantto make surethat the material isappropriate for theAudience.Amy did a great jobof ensuringthat complexscientific researchWas explained interms thather audience wasable tograsp.
  11. 11. Amy has a very natural style of presentation, although it was obvious that she was prepared Well for her speech, it did not come across as if the entire presentation was pre-planned. Thisprovided for a very nice casual conversational feel throughout the speech.
  12. 12. In Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk there Amy Cuddy on the other hand are no graphs or data in the live TED uses several pictures and graphs talk. throughout her talk Sir Robinson infuses humor throughout Amy utilizes emotional stories to his talk. connect with her audience.Both speakers are very comfortable Both speeches did not seemspeaking in front of audiences. rehearsed, and came across as natural conversation.Both speakers use real world examplesIn order to validate their stance.Both speakers are very passionateabout their subject.
  13. 13. Tips for success: Be confident! If you are confident about your material the audience will sensethis and be more receptive to your speech. Be Passionate! Passion is crucial if material is goingto come alive to the audience.
  14. 14. Do you research and know your material! You audience wants to feel like you are the subject expert on the speech that you are presenting. Proper research is a key before any speech.
  15. 15. Amy CuddyProfessor and researcher at Harvard Business School