Wtf An Editor Can Do


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Wtf An Editor Can Do

  1. 1. WTF an editor can do?
  2. 2. Understanding of Business of Content  Target audience & its needs analysis  Customization/versioning of content for the specific audience/clients  Understanding of pre-press & production  Understanding of P&L for the magazine  Utilization of resources in cost effective manner  Financial projection  Publication documentation  Publication positioning  Dummy or sample issues for sales pitch Better Photography, PhotoImaging, CHIP Specials, Smart Computing Series, Digit, Nikon Booklet etc.
  3. 3. Competitive Research & Analysis  Competitive product researches  Ad-Edit analysis for various media product  Critical editorial content analysis  Product Post Mortem  Designing & Analyzing Readers' Research Survey  Keeping eye on Indian Magazine Market  Critical Review on New Releases  How to create an identity of your magazine based upon the study on covers from various publications Better Photography, Smart Computing, 50 Hindi Magazines, Overdrive, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Various new launches etc.
  4. 4. Product Conceptualization & Launch (or Re-launch)  Product structuring  Product creation & launch  Redesigning or repositioning the existing product  Publication documentation  Making editorial floor plan  Dummy preparation & dry tests  Creating editorial traits of the product Better Photography, PhotoImaging, Smart Computing, CHIP, Overdrive, Digit Hindi, Dummy for CHIP Hindi etc.
  5. 5. Content Presentation & Product Positioning  Conceptualization of a product right from scratch  Defining the Personality of the Product  Philosophy for making the covers for magazines  Creating Identity of the Product  Final Packaging for the POP Special magazines, Pocket Guides, Customized booklets, Interactive DVD, Packaging for Anniversary/Special issue etc.
  6. 6. Vision, Planning & Execution  Setting editorial goals  Day-to-Day plan with minute details  Setting timeline for execution to meet the goals  Thinking out of the box  Innovative ideas for special issues  Product launch plan  Annual editorial plan  Getting entire business chain informed to synchronize it with the editorial plan Multi-layer working model, Winathon, Buying guide special, Aerial photography contest, Nikon Booklet, Team Photographs, Editorial marketing etc.
  7. 7. Developing & Implementing Systems & Process  Work Flow Design  Editorial Guidelines  Style Sheets for Writers-Designers-Desk  Deploying Strategy  Editorial Structure Manuals  Time Lines  Product Testing Benchmarks  Evaluation for the process implementation  Getting entire business chain in sync with edit plan 10 commandments, Guide lines excel sheets, Better Photography, PhotoImaging, Product testing methodology, Smart Computing, CHIP, Overdrive, Digit Hindi etc.
  8. 8. Product Redesign & Documentation  Face Lifting  Product Differentiation  Product Repositioning  Competitive Lead  Creating USP for existing Product  Defining & Creating Detailed Style Sheet Overdrive, Better Photography, PhotoImaging, CHIP, Smart Computing, Digit Hindi etc.
  9. 9. Product Post Mortem & Improvement  Micro level post mortem on regular basis  Regular tweaking of content based upon Industry Dynamics- Feedbacks-Surveys-Readers Forums Forbes, Entrepreneur, Overdrive, Better Photography, Smart Computing, Careers 360, Femina, Aha Zindagi, Naukriguru etc.
  10. 10. Corporate Communication & Direct Marketing  Business Proposals & Presentations  Communication & Mailers for Distributors-Readers-Subscribers  Business Tie-ups for Content Syndication with various main stream newspapers Newspaper Technology Supplement, LG phone booklet, Internal Business presentations for launching new products, Content syndication with newspapers, Editor letters to readers/distributors etc.
  11. 11. Team Building & Training  Hiring the Right Talent  Induction  Editorial Training  Internal Workshops  Editorial Exercises & Surprise Tests to Keep Team Sharp & Updated 101 Make Your Magazine Better, Writing effective head lines, Secrets of making great covers, Best editorial practices, Language session for Mediaone etc.
  12. 12. Writing for Print, Online & Multimedia  Knowledge sharing through mailers-Writeups  Articles for other magazines  Internal magazines  Web pages & blogs  Concepts for Interactive CDs for magazine  Content proposal for Yahoo  MSN and ZDnetIndia for their Hindi editions Souvenir, Rotary journals, Infomedia Connect, Digit, MediaJunction, MacWorld etc.
  13. 13. Passion for Content  Content Structure for Lifestyle Digital Technology Supplement for Hindi News papers  360 degree content solution based upon YOGA  Content structure & guidelines for STAR TV's fortnightly magazine  Knowledge Sharing  Online Blogs  Online Social and Professional Networking  Post Mortems & Critiques on various Publications  Dummies & Concept notes for News Papers  Unique TV Chat Show, TV News Hour…! Working on dream project!
  14. 14. BTW I edit magazines too! What else do you expect from an editor? G.S.Virdi Editor