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Smart City vs. Smart Citizen - Retailing Challenges & Opportunities in Tier 2 & Tier 3 Cities in India


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Keynote presentation by G S Virdi during 'GATES India ICT Reseller Channel Summit 2016' held in Aamby Valley City, Maharashtra.

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Smart City vs. Smart Citizen - Retailing Challenges & Opportunities in Tier 2 & Tier 3 Cities in India

  1. 1. !मा$ CITY VS. SMART iसटीज़न G SVIRDI INDIA ICT CHANNEL SUMMIT 2016 RKLAXMAN’SCOMMONMAN Retailing Challenges & Opportunities inTier 2 &Tier 3 Cities
  2. 2. इस PRESENTATION , -या रखा 1? In next couple of slides you will learn- • Impact of 'Smart City' mission in India • The ‘Real Consumer’ inTier 2 & 3 Cities • Present shopping scenario in these cities  • New business challenges for the channel • Multi layered solution for buyers & the sellers   • Concept & vision of  ‘Apni Smart City Life’ • Its unique features & other key characteristics • Success story of the pilot city - Ajmer • Scope of your association with ASCL
  3. 3. सरकारी VS. हमारी SMART CITY Hon. PM, Mr. Narendra Modi has announced the plan of making 100 cities as Smart Cities. Government perspective of making smart 
 cities might be different from the perspective 
 of citizens from these proposed 100 cities. Apart from the infrastructure & other facilities mentioned in the Govt. plan, the residents want- • Better Business & Profitability • Better Shopping & Lifestyle
  4. 4. !मा$ iसटी: IS JUST A NAME-GAME? WHATEVER… 
 …our country is going through a 
 Massive Revolution and that has brought 
 to these cities- • SPEED IN DEVELOPMENT • GLOBAL ATTENTION ! …Tier 2 & 3 cities ! लोगo, मuबारक हो!
  5. 5. एक बड़ी चuनौती FOR RETAILERS Knowing the ‘CONSUMER’ in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities! • Who is he? • What are his needs? His aspirations? His characteristics? ! Is he an Alien for retailers? NO! ! Retailers don’t need to find absolutely different marketing strategies or tools for these cities.
  6. 6. ज़रा-सा DIFFERENT, काफी SAME-SAME The CONSUMER today in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities also is- • More Knowledgeable, Demanding, Empowered, Interactive,Accessible! • Engaged with multiple screens -TV, Computer,Tablet & Smartphone • Follow the same shopping pattern- Research, Experience & Buy • Driven and influenced by the content/information he comes across • Buys ‘whenever-wherever-however’ he likes and is comfortable • Loves to receive personal attention, acknowledgment & recognition
  7. 7. बस और 6या चाiहए, PROBLEM SOLVED! All retailers have to do, is- • Put PEOPLE, PROCESSES & TECHNOLOGY in place to build the 
 everlasting relationship with their customers • Be present where the consumer is looking and sourcing information about the brands- 
 Physical Stores,Websites, Kiosks, Computers, Gaming Consoles, Smartphones, Social Media • Be Innovative,Technologically updated, CustomerTracker,Adoptive • Think like a media company to give your customer the best information in the most influential way Really? बस इतना ही? 
 Smart Solutions need Smart Users… Smart Products need Smart Consumers!
  8. 8. PRESENT SHOPPING SCENARIO: एक नज़र A typical consumer in Tier 2 & 3 cities- • Confused with the latest & marketing buzz • Old generation fails to cope up with the trends • NextGen is influenced by online trends • Sits at back seat in comparison to the Metros ‘बiढ़या शॉiपग’ for these cities means- 
 shopping from Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai, Singapore or US! BUYING 
 & then BUY! Online Offline ANYTIME
  9. 9. A retailer in these cities- • Bleeding because of slow economic conditions • Dropping Sales/Profits due to competition • Online vs Structured vsTraditional retailing war • Staying aligned with rapidly evolving market • And the most importent challenge is- 
 Dealing with an Uneducated Customer! उसका नतीजा: NEW BUSINESS CHELLENGES
  10. 10. Concequences of having uneducated customer- • Technical details & jargon confuse a customer • He doesn’t know what is the ‘best product’ for him • Easily get confused & trapped by some mean sales people • Hesitates to adopt new technology/product due to 
 his past experience घोर सम!या: UNEDUCATED CUSTOMER ‘Gadgets’ 
 are part of 
 our life today but 
 the technology 
 is still Greek to 
 the consumer. 
 He is comfortable with any product if he has NOT 
 to deal with the technology behind it.
  11. 11. इसका SOLUTION >! We offer 
 people in these cities 
 a unique guide of 
 SMART SHOPPING & LIFESTYLE in the benefit of both- ! the Consumer
 & the Retailer.
  12. 12. यह MULTI LAYER SOLUTION > Helping the CONSUMER in shopping by- • Educating people in these cities from 
 ‘How to choose’ to ‘How to use’ a product • Influencing & making them Comfortable • Introducing them to the Latest Trends & Buzz • Shopping Tips (from the Business owners mouth) • Making aware of ‘What is’ available in their own city
  13. 13. जी हा?, यह SOLUTION आपB भी काम का > …And we help the RETAILER in business- • To reach to the Local & National customers • An Smart way to spread the word for 
 Latest Products, Launches, Offers etc. • Brands can share their Philosophy, 
 Strategies and Values to the Society • Unique, Interactive & Innovative platform 
 (multi-media capabilities) to offer exclusive deals
  14. 14. आपB फायD - CONTINUED… …And we help the RETAILER in business- • Showcase their Complete Catalogue on the medium their consumers are most comfortable • Push the ‘SALE’ during season and festivals • Even a Small Home Business Owner can 
 utilise it to reach their prospective customers • Bringing back consumer’s Trust in local shopping by giving the most profitable shopping experience
  15. 15. COOL ना? HERE’S HOW… ! First of it’s kind in India, every city’s own- ! Smart Shopping & Lifestyle WebZine…
  16. 16. ! शॉप Smart. Live 9मा:.
  17. 17. HOME Eज…
  18. 18. …और यह MOBILE PHONE FRIENDLY >!
  19. 19. THIS IS HOW IT IS POSITIONED ! Smart City’s people’s own, Unbiased guide for Smart Shopping & Lifestyle WebZine available 24x7 on your PC, Laptop, Tab & Phone- absolutely FREE!
  20. 20. WWW.APNISMARTCITYLIFE.COM VISION Helping citizens in these proposed Smart City to-
 A) Grow their Business / Profitability B) Improve their Shopping / Lifestyle 
 It is aligned to Hon’ble PM, Mr. Modi’s vision of-
 - Making 100 cities as Smart Cities and, - Promoting the usage of Hindi language
  21. 21. MISSION • Publish everything what a consumer from these cities always needs to know • Help him to pick the best product or service for the best value for the money he spends • Guide him to upgrade his lifestyle and to make him stand in the front row of the latest trend • Improve local market situation to help the business owners WWW.APNISMARTCITYLIFE.COM
  22. 22. WWW.APNISMARTCITYLIFE.COM 5 UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS (USP) • Smart Shopping: A common platform for 
 a Consumer & a Retailer • GLocalisation: All smart cities have their own 
 city specific local edition with Global visionary • Language: Hindi- preferred language of people in 
 these cities that too in layman’s standards • Focus: Articles related to Shopping & Lifestyle only - 
 No Politics / Bollywood /TV / Sports / Crime news! • Medium: PC / Laptop /Tab / Smart Phones
  23. 23. AUDIENCE PROFILE (SMART CONSUMER) • Gender: Male & Female • Age Group: Youth/Mature/Old (15Yrs - 65Yrs) • Economic Stats.: LIG/MIG/HIG classes • IQ: Educated/Tech Savvy & Smart • Access Point: PC / Laptop /Tab / Smart Phones • Geo. Stats.: Uttrakhand, Haryana, Rajasthan, 
 Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Delhi including Mumbai & NRIs WWW.APNISMARTCITYLIFE.COM
  24. 24. AUDIENCE PROFILE (RETAILERS) • Owner: Local Shop/Showrooms/Supermarkets • Business: Dealers/Distributors/Retailers/ Franchisee/Manufacturers/Vendors/Suppliers • Others: Various Service Providers • Size: Complex to Small Home Business Owners WWW.APNISMARTCITYLIFE.COM LOYAL 
 are not those 
 who come back to 
 you again, they 
 are not those who recommend you 
 but they insist
 others to come 
 to you.
  25. 25. SELF MARKTING & USER ENGAGEMENT Facebook • Teasers on various FB pages & groups • Regular ShoppingTips • Tips for Startups Whatsapp • Two-way Interaction on various groups • Members can post about their business, services & offers Twitter • Regular tweets • Regular Announcements 
 & shopping tips
  30. 30. SUCCESS STORY OF PILOT CITY AJMER Launch: May 2015 • Well Received & Liked by locals in 4 months • 1.5K fans on Facebook Page / Group • Queries & Solutions started on individual level • People got addicted to ‘Daily Shopping Tips’ • People wait for Friday to check Offers, 
 Exclusive Deals, Discounts and 
 fresh Articles on Smart Shopping & Lifestyle
  31. 31. FACTS & FIGURES FROMTHE PILOT RUN After the launch of • 100 Page Likes and 6000 Reach within 6 hrs! • 50,000+ Page Hits on ASCL in 6 months! • Top Rank on Google (among 4.5 lakhs pages) 
 if ‘Ajmer Smart City Life’ is searched! • Statistics of just a single article: Viewed by 6.8K users, Link Clicked 900 and received 200+ Likes.
  32. 32. अगH 6 महीI J GROWTH PLAN To repeat the same success in Other Smart Cities • Launching 9 City Editions in Aug 2016 
 to reach to all Hindi speaking 12 States- 
 Uttrakhand, Haryana, Rajasthan, Bihar,
 Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, 
 Punjab, Maharasthra including Delhi & NRIs 
 who prefer to read in Hindi. • Launching Video Guides on Smart Shopping & Lifestyle in Hindi by Aug 2016. EVERY CITY, 
 no matter how 
 small or big it is, divided into two- the city of POOR 
 and the city of RICH & there are early adopters 
 and followers 
 in every city.
  33. 33. GRAND LAUNCH OF 9 CITY EDITIONS मKय LDश राज!थान उOर LDश महाराPQ गuजरात iबहारजोधपuर अज(र जयपuर कानपuर पटना इ/दौर नागपuर मu/बई हiरयाणा iहमाचल LDश पTजाब छOीसगढ़ अहमदाबाद !माट% &सटी अपनी LifeLife शॉiपग आपकी(हनत हमारी बचत आपकी This AUGUST REACH IN 12 STATES !माट% &सटी अपनी LifeLife we will reach in 12 Hindi Speaking 
 States of India! उOराखTड झारखTड iद[ली
  34. 34. !माट% &सटी अपनी LifeLife ‘>मा? iसटी लाइफ’
 फeसबuक Eज लाइव! ! Look for <your city> 
 Smart City Life 
 on facebook and 
 start discussion now!>मा? iसटी वालo की >मा? शाॅiप/ग अाैर
 लाइफ>टाइल Jबज़ीन 60 शॉiपग आपकी(हनत हमारी बचत आपकी म"य $%श राज*थान उ.र $%श महारा01 गuजरात iबहार जोधपuर अज(र जयपuर कानपuर पटना इ/दौर नागपuर मu/बई अहमदाबाद iदLली पuणe सOरत वड़ोदरा राजकोट भावनगर गाRधी नगर भोपाल Sवािलयर जबलपuर इलाहाबाद लखनऊ वाराणसी झाRसी उदयपuर कोटा लuiधयाना अमYतसर पiटयाला जल/धर गया मuज़Zफरपuर अ/बाला गuड़गाRव फरीदाबाद िशमला हiर[ारहरा]न न^नीताल जम_दपuर राRची धनबाद `ड़की पानीपत भरतपuर बीकाaर फ़cज़ाबाद ग़ािज़याबाद मथuरा आगरा नाiसक और/गाबाद जOनागढ़ रायपuर hदराबाद ब/गलui कोलकाता व^शाली iबहार शरीफ भागलपuर साRची झारख9डछ.ीसगढ़ कन@टक Bल9गाना Dपर वGH भiवJय आओ बचाए1 iसटी j 
साथ-साथ यहाR 
पर रहa वालo को 
भी तो बनना होगा">मा? iसटीज़न हरयाणा प9जाब iहमाचल $%श उ.राख9ड प. ब9गाल 60 100 मोदीजी j! िमशन k भागीदारी! iहदी भाषा का उपयोग! iडिजटल इ/iडया! >मा? iसटी ✓ ! 60 Cities 
 15 States
 committed towards our readers. We will do our best to make this webzine the best source of information related to
 Smart Shopping & Lifestyle.
 It gives an opportunity to the Retailers 
 in smart cities to reach our readers and 
 convert them into their customers by offering 
 the best deals & exclusive discounts to them.” ! - G S VIRDI
  36. 36. 26 YEARS OF PASSION & ACHIEVEMENTS 16+ Years in media & content business 350+ Magazines critically reviewed 20+ Magazines/Editorial consulting 10+ Consumer magazines launched 10+ Custom magazines published 10+ Blogs & websites up & running 12+ Topical bookazine published 3000+ Articles edited & published 10+ Years in IT & Software training ABOUTTHE PUBLISHER
  37. 37. ☑️ Business of Content & Trade Secrets Great understanding of target audience & its content needs, Customisation of content for the specific audience/clients, Sense of product P&L, Cost effective utilisation of r ☑️ Competitive Research & Analysis Critical competitive product analysis, Designing & analysing Readers’ research survey, Ad-Edit analysis, Critical content analysis, Keeping eye on Indian magazine industry ☑️ Product Conceptualisation & (Re)Launch Publication documentation, Product positioning, Content structuring, Editorial floor plan, Dummy preparation, Creating editorial traits of the p ☑️ Content Presentation & Putting it Together Conceptualisation right from scratch, Defining the personality of the product, Philosophy for the making of covers, Creating identity of the product, Final p ☑️ Vision, Planning & Execution Editorial goal setting, Day-to-Day plan with minute details, Timeline for execution to meet the goals, Out of the box thinking, Innovative ideas for special issues ☑️ Development & Deployment of System & Processes Work flow design, Editorial guidelines, Style sheets for writers- designers-Desk, Deployment strategy, Getting entire business chain synchronised with the editorial plan, Process evaluation ☑️ Product Improvement & Quality Assurance Micro level post-mortem on regular basis, Regular tweaking of content based upon industry dynamics-feedbacks- surveys-readers forums, Ensuring editorial quality controls ☑️ Product Redesigning & Revamping Face lifting, Product differentiation, Product repositioning, Competitive lead, Creating USP for existing product, Defining & creating detailed style s ☑️ Corporate Communication & Content Marketing Business proposals & presentations, Communication & mailers for distributors-readers-subscribers, Business tie-ups for content s ☑️ Team Building & Editorial Training Hiring the right talent, Induction, Editorial training, Internal workshops, Editorial exercises & Surprise assessment to keep the team sharp & u ☑️ Writing & Editing for Print and Digital Articles for various magazines, Internal/Custom publications, Online blogs, Knowledge sharing though mailers/write ups, Online social media and professional networking, Website ☑️ Passion for the Content & its Business Post-mortems & Critiques on various publications, Dummies & concept notes for newspapers, TV magazine, Unique TV Chat show, TV News Hour, Reviewed G S VIRDI ☑️ Computerisation & IT Implementation Customised Software development for various institutions / organisations, IT Implementation, Putting system & p in place to accommodate computerised operations ☑️ IT Training in Govt/Non Govt./Public Sectors Basic computer training programmes, Certification tie-ups with various computer training companies & u Ltd, Makhanlal Chaturvedi University of Journalism etc. ☑️ Mass Influencing through National Hindi Dailies Technology content creation in Hindi for spreading computer awareness, Helping people to adopt technology at grass root level, Content syndication with various n
  38. 38. CONSUMER M िलए ASCL Pबज़ीन M 10 वा% 1. Introduces the Latest Products /Technology /Trends to them 2. Gives them Unbiased Information they need 3. Empowers them with knowledge 4. Offers them Accessibility - anytime and anywhere 5. Gives them Confidence to make own purchasing decisions 6. Educates them about HOW-TO (Use, Maintain, Repair etc.) 7. Gives Comfort with the language they prefer and love to interact in 8. Gives them option to Share their feedback via platform they are on 9. Builds better Relationship with retailers 10.Helps to create a valuable Ecosystem 01
  39. 39. *माR PARTNER बS, *माR NATION बनाए9! “We can help you to reach to the customers… we are continuously educating and informing them about your brand & services. ! You can support us by getting associated with us, be our partner in big mission of making Smart Consumer, Smart Cities, Smart Citizens and Smart Nation.”
  40. 40. Contact us for business tie-ups & advertisements enquiries कोई शक?