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Cold fusion 2


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Cold fusion 2

  1. 1. Cold FusionBy Luke Robinson and Gurdeep Dhillon
  2. 2. PlotThe title of our film is Cold Fusion. Cold fusion is thecondensation of hydrogen to replace nuclear power.The plot of the film is when a cure is found to replacefossil fuels and has been uploaded on to a microchipwhich results in the tracking down by third parties(Timothy Olyphant) Once the secret initially escapes. Thefilm is in constant motion as Elizabeth (ScarlettJohansson), who is an MI5 Agent, that has sworn toprotect the chip, and therefore results in a continuouschase across the world (Budapest).
  3. 3. Todorov theoryEquilibrium – a cure has been found to replace thedecreasing resources of fossil fuels.Disruption – there is a constant chase from the villains toobtain the microchip for corrupt purposes.New Equilibrium – the chip is under MI5 security and isbeing used to enhance the worlds energy resources.
  4. 4. Propps TheoryThe hero = Scarlett JohanssonThe villain= Timothy OlyphantHelper= Michael caineDispatcher= MI5The Hero – a character that seeks somethingThe Villain – who opposes or actively blocks the hero’s questThe Dispatcher – who sends the hero on his/her quest via amessageThe Helper – who aids the hero
  5. 5. Target audienceThe target audience of the film will be aged from 15 to 45as most action spy movies usually cater to a large targetbase, this is evident in previous film such as Hitman andSalt.The film will have elements of Male Gaze as the leadcharacter will be a female and therefore the male genderwill be enticed to watch the film.
  6. 6. Release date & Cost/ProfitWe have decided to release this particular film duringSummer 2012 as this will enable us to tackle all of ourtarget market as children will be on holidays and thereforegive us the opportunity to maximize our sales revenue.As a action film we have decided on a high budget of£80,000,000 and therefore are hoping to have a largegross of £150,000,000 as previous film of this similargenre have produced an estimated £190-£210 millionsuch as Salt and Tomb Raider.
  7. 7. InspirationsThe inspirations that have influenced this particular film are similar feature filmssuch as Hitman, Salt with elements of National Treasure (Tomb Raider). This isdue to the features and elements of technology and sophistication of the deliveryof action.
  8. 8. Director The director that we have decided to chosen to create this film is the renowned director Xavier Gens which is famous for previous film such as Hitman and Frontier which hall posses elements of action and advance technology. He could be closely described as creating films similar to the Bond trilogies.
  9. 9. TITLE SEQUENCEWe have decided to create the title sequence from the prospective of the chipand therefore gain a different view point rather than witnessing the sequencefrom a person prospective. This has been heavily influenced from Lord of waras that particular title sequence shows the manufacturing and life on a bullet.We will also show the journey that this chip will endorse on and it will finally endin the most unusual place…a school library. This scene will end with the bookbeing inserted into a rack of books and blacking out the screen leaving an idealopportunity for the film to begin.