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i DesignX company presentation


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Published in: Education, Business, Design
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i DesignX company presentation

  1. 1. Corporate Profile
  2. 2. To be the most trusted and preferred partner for our customer’s end to end home interior needs Vision
  3. 3. Saudamini B. Arch. Member Council of Architects, India. Certificate in Project Management U.C. Berkeley, USA.Has 12 years of experience in the field if interior design. Has designed and managed corporate interior projects ranging from 10,000 sft to2,00,000 sft across the country for large multinationals like GE, Mphasis, VF, Sapient Technologies, Citibank etc. Has also designed residentialinterior projects for independent houses, apartments and villas. Saudamini has in depth knowledge and understanding of all aspects of aproject from client requirements analysis, design, material selection, bill of material, costing, vendor selection, procurement, site supervision andhanding over. She leads the customer engagement, design and project execution functions at iDesignX.S. Ramu Interior design, M.Sc. MathHas 20 years of experience in interior design, site management and project execution. Has managed a variety of projects ranging fromresidential, commercial, retail, health care and hospitality. Has an extensive knowledge and understanding of the various materials andproducts available in the market for interior works, costing, and procurement. He leads the vendor management, procurement and site co-ordination/supervision functions at iDesignX.Savitha. B.M. Architecture/Interiors, Civil EngineeringHas 12 years of design experience in residential, commercial, corporate and hospitality sectors. Has worked as a senior architect and chiefdesigner in interior design firms. She has vast knowledge and understanding of all aspects of designing, detailing and execution of interiorprojects. She leads the design, detailing, drawing and quality assurance functions at iDesignX.Vivek B. Tech IIT Delhi, MBA IIM CalcuttaHas 13 years of experience in business process, product management, project management and client engagement in a variety of businesstransformation projects. Has worked as a senior professional services manager and systems architect in large consulting organizations. He hasdeep knowledge and understanding of all aspects of business process management and organization management. He leads the businessprocess, customer service, team building and other administrative functions at iDesignX The People
  4. 4. Wood-work for wardrobesKitchen wood-workTV Unit, Crockery cabinet, Sofa, Beds and other loose furnitureCivil works and POPToilet design and remodelingLighting, fixtures and home decorAluminum doors and windowsSS railings Services
  5. 5. High level requirement analysis and ball-park cost estimateDesign – detailed drawings, material selection and costingEnd to end execution incl. procurement and vendor managementSite supervision and quality checksHand-over and self maintenance trainingPost implementation service Project Stages
  6. 6. Value from Design We design for optimizing utilization of space for your needs along withgreat aestheticsCost Control/ Value for Money We understand that you want the best value for your hard-earnedmoney. You want to make informed budget based choices and then remainwithin the budgetReliability and time-line We understand that time is money and your home schedule is interlinkedwith your other personal and professional plansQuality of Finish We believe it is essential that the quality of work matches theprofessional service that we provide Why iDesignX?
  7. 7. iDesignX Self managed - hire Hire Interior designer + Outsource to modular carpenters Contractor vendors Indicative rate for 900-1300 900-1100 1300-1500 1200-1600 ward-robes ( Rs per sq. ft.) Approx. Cost 6 6 7 8.5(in Rs lacs for 1600sft 3BHK) Designer fees 5% - 10% Nil 10% - 15% Nil Payment terms * 0% for quote Negotiate advances, Iterative * 10% for quote * 20% to place order etc. - daily headache * 30% advance for * 50% to place order * 60% milestone material * 100% before based * 70% before installation * 100% after installation installation * 100% after installation Market Comparison
  8. 8. iDesignX Self managed - hire Hire Interior designer + Outsource to modular carpenters Contractor vendorsDesign Inputs Quality High Varies from none to High Low to Medium low Customization High High High Medium Customer time For design and final Continuous daily For design, weekly For design and final delivery confirmation involvement supervision and final delivery confirmation delivery confirmation Time taken 2 months 3-6 months with the 3-5 months 2-3 months risk of abandonment Market Comparison
  9. 9. iDesignX Self managed - hire Hire Interior designer + Outsource to modular carpenters Contractor vendorsPost implementation High None None to Low Medium service Key Advantage Hassle free/ cost/ Cost/ Customization Design/ Customization Hassle free/ finish/ design/ finish/ time time Disadvantage On Site Customization Daily hassle, No Expensive, Design Risk Expensive, Payment may be limited for design inputs, Quality before delivery, Low modular products Risk, Delivery risk design inputs Completeness of Complete incl. lighting Self managed Complete incl. lighting Only ward-robes and interiors fixtures, small fixtures, small bathroom kitchen bathroom fixtures, etc. fixtures, etc. Market Comparison
  10. 10. Openness and TransparencyCustomer Focus and FlexibilityDesign and InnovationSite Supervision and Project control Operating Excellence
  11. 11. Openness and Customer Service Site Supervision Design and Innovation Transparency and Flexibility and Project ControlValue from * We explain the * We understand that * Our site * You are the expert in dreaming and Design reasons behind our you know best what supervisor as well stating how you want your home. We design and material you want, when and as designer closely are the experts in best fulfilling your suggestions with what budget monitor the site dreams within your constraints * We openly discuss the work on a * And we use innovation in design, pros and cons of the frequent basis to material selection , sourcing as well as choices you need to ensure that the execution to achieve the same make work is as per design and theQuality of * We continuously share * We always quality of finish is * Our extensive experience in interiors Finish work in progress with welcome / encourage supreme and our thoughtful choice of contractors you either through site you to review the gives our team the eye for detail that visits or site pictures work and suggest will give you a final result where course corrections, if attention to detail is paramount any is required Operating Excellence
  12. 12. Openness and Transparency Customer Service Site Supervision and Design and Innovation and Flexibility Project Control Cost We offer a detailed itemized Sorry, we are the Constant site supervision We are not fixed to anyControl/ break-up of the cost tough guys when it helps us identify major specific contractor,Value for comes to cost design/ cost deviations supplier or material and money control that can then be are free to and actually addressed in time do continuously look for better deals for you.Reliability We keep you informed of We try to work with Constant site supervision As time is money, at the and every step along the way. In your schedule helps us ensure smooth very start we set atimelines the worst case scenario, if constraints co-ordination of all timetable with realistic there is schedule deviation we work. It also helps deadlines and goals. will share the news with you identify schedule We ensure that all third early and transparently so you deviations that can then parties work according have time to make adjustments be addressed to our schedule to your plans Operating Excellence
  13. 13. A few images from our projects to give you an idea of our capabilities and experience Projects Portfolio
  14. 14. 3BHK Penthouse, Bangalore2,500 sft Projects- Residential Interiors
  15. 15. Projects- Residential Interiors
  16. 16. Projects- Residential Interiors
  17. 17. 3BHK plus Study Apartment, Bangalore1900 sft Projects- Residential Interiors
  18. 18. Projects- Residential Interiors
  19. 19. Projects- Residential Interiors
  20. 20. Projects- Residential Interiors
  21. 21. Projects- Residential Interiors
  22. 22. Projects- Residential Interiors
  23. 23. 3BHK Apartment, Bangalore1600 sft Projects- Residential Interiors
  24. 24. Projects- Residential Interiors
  25. 25. Projects- Residential Interiors
  26. 26. 3BHK Apartment, Bangalore1750 sft Projects- Residential Interiors
  27. 27. Projects- Residential Interiors
  28. 28. Projects- Residential Interiors
  29. 29. Projects- Residential Interiors
  30. 30. Projects- Residential Interiors
  31. 31. 2BHK Apartment, Bangalore1200 sft Projects- Residential Interiors
  32. 32. Projects- Residential Interiors
  33. 33. Projects- Residential Interiors
  34. 34. Projects- Residential Interiors
  35. 35. HP Mphasis, Bangalore20,000 sft Projects- Corporate Interiors
  36. 36. Projects- Corporate Interiors
  37. 37. Projects- Corporate Interiors
  38. 38. Projects- Corporate Interiors
  39. 39. Sapient Technologies, Bangalore80,000 sft Projects- Corporate Interiors
  40. 40. Projects- Corporate Interiors
  41. 41. Symphony Marketing Services, Bangalore1,20,000 sft Projects- Corporate Interiors
  42. 42. Projects- Corporate Interiors
  43. 43. Projects- Corporate Interiors