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Why donate


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Why donate

  1. 1. A Humble Effort, ATiny Initiative, A Small Amount Of Pain.. TO SAVE A LIFE.. Why Should We Donate Blood By Saransh Gupta
  2. 2. Lets BeginWithAn Story
  3. 3. There was this guy..
  4. 4. He Had This House..
  5. 5. AndThis OneToo..
  6. 6. He OwnedThis Car
  7. 7. Just kidding
  8. 8. This Car
  9. 9. AndThis Girl!!!! AndThis Lady
  10. 10. And then.. He also had an..
  11. 11. The guy broke 20 bones, tore 5 ligaments, lost 3 litres of blood.. ACCIDENT
  12. 12. And that’s what it took him to realize.. That when you go up, when you die.. Your money, your fame, neither your car..nor your wife..
  13. 13. And that’s what it took him to realize.. That when you go up, when you die.. Your money, your fame, neither your car..nor your wife.. there’s Nothing to say when the gods shall decide.. Whether you go to heaven or hell that night.. Thus, its better to do good till you perish.. Make someone’s life, have them cherish..
  14. 14. Moral of the story???
  15. 15. There is no moral.. BUT There’s a Question..
  16. 16. WhatWill ItTake UsTo Realize that??
  17. 17. One pint of blood can save upto 3 lives..
  18. 18. How much are you willing to share??
  19. 19. Your blood could save a baby, a child, a mother, a father, a grandfather or a grandmother. It is a gift we all have inside of us to give to those who are injured, sick, or in need. Those are the best reasons to donate blood. Not everyone can save a life. But you have an opportunity to. Don't waste it.
  20. 20. Who can donate the blood? Donor should be between 18-55 years of age with a weight of 50 kg or above with pulse rate, body temperature and blood pressure should be normal. Both men and women can donate. There are only few conditions in which donors are permanently excluded. The donor with history of epilepsy, psychotic disorders, abnormal bleeding tendencies, severe asthma, cardiovascular disorders, malignancy are permanently unfit for blood donation.
  21. 21. Who can donate the blood? Donors suffering from disease like hepatitis, malaria, measles, mumps, and syphilis may donate blood after full recovery with 3-6 months gap. Also people who have undergone surgery, blood transfusion may safely donate blood after 6-12 months for woman donors who are pregnant or lactating blood is not taken as their iron reserves are already on the lower side.
  22. 22. How much blood can be taken? Our body has 5.5 litre of blood of which only 350 ml - 450 ml of blood is taken depending upon weight of donor. Majority of healthy adults can tolerate withdrawal of one unit of blood. The withdrawn blood volume is restored within 24 hours and the hemoglobin and cell components are restored in 2 months. Therefore it is safe to donate blood every three months.
  23. 23. Blood Group Compatibility Recipients can receive plasma of the same blood group, but otherwise the donor-recipient compatibility for blood plasma is the converse of that of RBCs:plasma extracted from typeAB blood can be transfused to individuals of any blood group; individuals of blood group O can receive plasma from any blood group; and type O plasma can be used only by type O recipients.
  24. 24. Modern Blood Transfusion: Modern blood transfusion basically deals with the optimal use of one unit of blood. One unit of whole blood is separated into components making it available to different patients according to their requirement. Thus one unit of blood is converted into packed cell volume, fresh frozen plasma, platelet concentrate, cryoprecipitate and granulocytes concentrate before being transfused.
  25. 25. Myths Vs Facts Myths Blood donation leads to weakness. Government hospitals prohibit blood from private Blood Banks. Blood Bank is a commercial and profit making activity. Women and girls cannot donate blood.
  26. 26. Myths Vs Facts Facts Blood donation never leads to weakness it moreover brings in new energy. According to the NOC issued by the Government of India, government hospitals can take blood from any licensed Blood Bank. Blood Bank is completely a no profit, no loss service. Any healthy person, weighing more than 45 kgs. and in the age group of 18 to 60 can donate blood irrespective of their gender.
  27. 27. Instructions to blood donors Take light refreshment / food before blood donation. (2 hours before) Person who had undergone major surgery should avoid blood donation for 6 months After donating blood, do not get up from the bed immediately. Lie down for next 5 minutes. Sit up for sometime and if you do not feel anything unusual, get up and proceed to the refreshment area Please keep the arm of blood donation raised for 10 minutes with firm pressure at the site of donation. After blood donation, Please go to the refreshment room and have the refreshment
  28. 28. Any Questions?? Any Confusions??
  29. 29. So this time, my dear friends, ‘Donate Blood’ and give somebody a GIFT OF LIFE. UpcomingNear-to-you Blood Donation Camps- Kailash Hospital Sharda Hospital Rotary Blood Bank Delhi